SHANGRI-LA HOTELS & RESORTS                      (Events Management Checklist)WhoFor Events Management Staff internal use ...
EVENTS MANAGEMENT CHECKLISTContract is Signed                  Function Room Setup     Menus                      Signage ...
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  1. 1. SHANGRI-LA HOTELS & RESORTS (Events Management Checklist)WhoFor Events Management Staff internal use onlyWhatThere are many detailed requirements in a single event, and the various departments in thehotel mainly rely on the Events Management Staff to provide these details in order to makepreparation to ensure the success of the event. Prior planning in obtaining the suitableinformation is essential and important in minimizing the number of changes during the actualevent.How to UseUpon receiving the event enquiry / lead, the Events Management Staff are to:- Review the type of event and its requirements- Use the checklist and tick “4” the items that the hotel requires from the organizer in order to prepare for the event- Coordinate with the organizer and cross out “8” the items upon obtaining the information required- Note that requirement for each event is different. Therefore, a new checklist is to be used for each event / fileHotel to NoteNote that the list indicates general requirements of an event, therefore there may be otherspecial guest request based on individual event organizer.Eventschklist.doc Template updated on 25.6.2002
  2. 2. EVENTS MANAGEMENT CHECKLISTContract is Signed Function Room Setup Menus Signage WordingsReview Guest / Function Shrinkage U-Shape Type of Menu Selected Directional signageFollow-up Pre-Payment Theatre Chinese No. of Easel StandsSend Introduction Letter Classroom Western Electronic SignagePre-Convention Meeting Fish-Bone Buffet Door-card Signage Hollow Rectangular OthersGuest Room Checklist Banquet Round Type of Service TransportationRooming List Others No of vehiclesGuest full name Stage Setup Coffee Breaks Vehicle numberName of Sharer Back-Drop / Banner Flexible Mix & Match Schedule / TimingArrival & Departure Dates Risers Theme Coffee Break Driver Name / ContactFlight Details / Timing Floor-plan AM & PM Timing Reserved lots for VIPRoom Category AV Requirement Car-park couponsSingle / Twin / Double Bed IT Requirement Food Arrangements Complimentary / chargeableRoom Rate Quantity to prepare OthersEarly Check-in Linen Special Dietary Required Tent-cardsLate Check-out Tablecloth Venue to be Served NametagsExpress Check-in / Check-out Napkin Timing to be served Type of Flowers* Nationality Seat Covers / Tassels Program during meals Plant Groupings* Credit Card Bev. Arrangements Seating Arrangement Event Itinerary* Passport details A la Carte Print menu-cards Event Contractor Beverage Package Ice CarvingSpecial Rm Requirements Billing Instructions VIP Requirements Telephone LinesSmoking / Non-Smoking Venue to be Served Extension LineAdditional Bed Timing to be served Billing IDD LineGolden Circle Member VIP Requirements Authorized Signatory ISDN LineSpecial Amenities Guaranteed Attendees ADSL LinePool / City View Banquet Event Order Expected Attendees BroadbandHealth Facilities Group Resume Billing Address Thank You LetterComplimentary / Up-sell Rooms Amendment Sheet Credit Arrangement Post-Event Critique Giveaway to OrganizerOther Requirements:____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Eventschklist.doc Template updated on 25.6.2002