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Ambient Intelligence and City of Tomorrow : My Vision for services and uses of a connected city.

February 2013

A city is a place where human beings gather to meet their daily needs of life.
A city is a place of life and it is itself alive. A city develops itself over time, A city grows and becomes more complex.
In the city there are multiplicities of needs: uses, services, flows, which are diversified: housing, education, mobility, culture, health, environment, safety, energy, waste management, communication …
Each city is changing in its own context and at its own pace. Those are themselves diverse and evolving. Contexts can be of different natures: cultural, geopolitical, historical, religious, human…
Those contexts also shape many of the city’s characteristics.
In any case, vital human needs are to be met. Indeed, mankind always looks to meet new needs to ensure a better quality of life, a better comfort and progress.

In our vision, our cities, in fact are Complex Systems… The City will go towards transverse, open, scalable, adaptive ecosystems, allowing mankind to blossom.

Why is a city a complex system?

Because a city is alive, A city, like any living, changes over time.
The city we know today will not be the city of tomorrow and it is different from yesterday’s.
The city has a metabolism and many rich ecosystems. The city is very heterogeneous. Like any complex system, we never have a global view of how it evolves. The city is fragile and must adapt to changes all the time.
For us, the city must be described as complex systems with a decomposition into many systems, many subsystems and many components. Their interactions dictate their dynamics, their global behavior, their actions now and in the future.
Therefore, urban planning is limited by the own nature of its complexity.
In any complex system, its development is driven by the action of two vectors: necessity and chance.
In the city, needs are uses and functions, chance is hazard and risk.
In the city these vectors of complexity are constantly present and growing. The city is in permanent movement; In fact, the city is fragile, very fragile. Fragility is one of its features
At any time and everywhere in the city many unexpected events of all kind are happening. They demand us to react. They can also be very seriously affecting lives, practices and services.
Resilience is the major key to ensure continuity of services in the city during time of crisis.
In our vision, city has to adapt, learn, grow, be strong, independent, self repairing, and self breeding.
In our vision, in order to develop the city and manage this complexity, new paradigms and news practices are needed. For us AMBIENT INTELLIGENCE is the paradigm.

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  • Smart cities 2012 (en)

    1. 1. La passion d’entreprendreUne vision du futurAmbient Intelligence and City of Tomorrow : My Vision for services and uses of a connected city Professor Carlos MORENO Scientific Advisor of the COFELY INEO’S CEO GDF SUEZ Twitter
    2. 2. The City of Tomorrow : A multiservices and multi uses’approach GREEN CITY MOBILITY WELL BEING SAFE CITY HEALTHFUL CITY CITY Renewable Energy Traffic Management CCTV Energy Management Risk M anagement Senior Citizen Electric Vehicle Hotspot Grid Management Management Interactive Information Situation Management Assistance Medical Center Education Smarter cities : adapted to modern lifestyles and ready to respond to the urban stakes cities : adapted to modern urban stakes 2Professeur Carlos Moreno COFELY INEO, Groupe GDF SUEZ
    3. 3. Our Paradigm : Ambient Intelligence Digital World Da ta Int eg rat ion T AMBIENT nh i is g INTELLIGENCE get n it ar no Semantic Integration Real Physical World Modeling the World 3Professeur Carlos Moreno COFELY INEO, Groupe GDF SUEZ
    4. 4. Internet of Things - Network Centric - Business Intelligence 4Professeur Carlos Moreno COFELY INEO, Groupe GDF SUEZ
    5. 5. Ambient Intelligence & City of Tomorrow :Connected Objects : Any Devices - Any Where - Any Time Risk Management Video - CCTV Public lighting Battery loading, Parking Management Alert to the population, mass notification Energy performance Detection intervention Access control 5 5Professeur Carlos Moreno COFELY INEO, Groupe GDF SUEZ
    6. 6. Ambient Intelligence & City of Tomorrow : Ubiquitous Computing : Adaptability to the environment Nuclear , Solar panel, Wind radiological and turbine… chimical equipement Risk sensors (NRBC) Cameras, Noise, ( water level, SVA gas, chemical, seismic sensor…) Bounds, message panels, message EV Broadcast… Infrastructure, trace, PO I RFID, tags… Actimetry, biomotion, health sensor Multi fluids Access control m eters, gateways, /Intrusion, lam ps, lighting, biometrics, pole… tracking Weather, Pollution, Traffic, 6Professeur Carlos Moreno COFELY INEO, Groupe GDF SUEZ
    7. 7. Ambient Intelligence & City of Tomorrow :Ontology : Context Aware – Multi Modal Interaction – Uses Cases Citizen Operator/Maintenan Administrator Public services ce Human Energy Environmental Logistics Safety Mobility & Efficiency footprint Infrastructures Civil Security Social Services Valuation of the services dedicated to the CITY Data collect, mutualization of the systems and infrastructures Network of Energy electric Public District Water Road Information supervision and network lighting heating network network network communication network network citizen 7Professeur Carlos Moreno COFELY INEO, Groupe GDF SUEZ
    8. 8. Our approach : OPENControl Heuristic Platform OPEN ARCHITECTURE CONTROL FOR COMPLEX SYSTEMS 8Professeur Carlos Moreno COFELY INEO, Groupe GDF SUEZ
    9. 9. OPENControl : Monitors & Manages city services Intelligent Building Smart Energy Management Outdoor Monitoring System Management 9Professeur Carlos Moreno COFELY INEO, Groupe GDF SUEZ
    10. 10. Systems of the Systems Architecture NEW BUSINESS MODELS– NEW SMART CITIES SERVICES Grid Management – Global risk Management – Health & Social - Executive Dashboard PUBLIC DATA CITY DATA SGBD OPENControlAvailable by and from citizens Dedicated data OPEN DATA format Unified Monitoring Platform SKILL DATA HOMELAND ENERGY BUILDING ENVIRONMENT SECURITY & UTILITIES & SITES MOBILITY 10Professeur Carlos Moreno COFELY INEO, Groupe GDF SUEZ
    11. 11. Systems of Systems Architecture for… Energy & Centralized Environment Intelligent Building management Mobility Information & Services Management management Tactil display Battery-driven vehicles Ride Sharing Remote work station Parkings & washings Social services Borders & batteries Hypervision Convenience Services Shared Transports Associations & Neighbourhood Hub logistics 11Professeur Carlos Moreno COFELY INEO, Groupe GDF SUEZ
    13. 13. Example on smart energy application 13Professeur Carlos Moreno COFELY INEO, Groupe GDF SUEZ
    14. 14. Example on street lighting control ECOLighting 14Professeur Carlos Moreno COFELY INEO, Groupe GDF SUEZ
    15. 15. Example on video protection system Paris Cannes 15Professeur Carlos Moreno COFELY INEO, Groupe GDF SUEZ
    16. 16. Example on risk management system SEVESO SITES 16Professeur Carlos Moreno COFELY INEO, Groupe GDF SUEZ
    17. 17. EV parking loading use case Car Sharing ZenGo Places libres: 3/5 Bornes disponibles : 3/5 Réserver une borne Places libres: 6/10 Bornes disponibles : 0/2 Réserver une borne Places libres: 2/5 Bornes disponibles : 2/3 Réserver une borne 17Professeur Carlos Moreno COFELY INEO, Groupe GDF SUEZ
    18. 18. Health Monitoring Recorder : Chronology of the epidemic Virus Class 1 Virus Class 2 Virus Class 3 Virus Class 4 18Professeur Carlos Moreno COFELY INEO, Groupe GDF SUEZ
    19. 19. R&D ProjectsSMART’EO Headquarter INEOs Marseille, Nice, Velizy SMART ZAE, Toulouse, - PIA UNIVCLOUD - PIA COOL IT - FUI European « SEEMPUBs » - PCRDSMART CAMPUS – EUREKA Ile de France 19 Universities Green Data Center Building & Public Spaces (Turin)(Versailles St Quentin University) Digital EntropyProfesseur Carlos Moreno COFELY INEO, Groupe GDF SUEZ 19
    20. 20. La passion d’entreprendre Une vision du futur Professor Carlos MORENO Scientific Advisor COFELY INEO’s CEO GDF SUEZ Twitter : @CarlosMorenoFrProfesseur Carlos Moreno COFELY INEO, Groupe GDF SUEZ