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Us map for wordpress


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This is a small tutorial on how to create a US clickable map for your Wordpress Website, with the Interactive World Maps premium plugin available at

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Us map for wordpress

  1. 1. US MAP FOR WORDPRESSHow to Build a Map of the US with the Interactive World Maps Plugin
  2. 2. Install PluginGet the plugin at the official website:
  3. 3. Install PluginUpload the Plugin to your Wordpress site and activate it.
  4. 4. Create New Map • Region to display: United States of America - States
  5. 5. Insert States Information• Insert the data for each state. The Action value will depend on the action you choose. If it’s to open a new URL, you place the URL in the action value. In this screenshot we inserted HTML content to be displayed after the user clicks a state.
  6. 6. Use Shortcode• After you save the map, you’ll have access to the shortcode you need to use. In this case [show-map id=“49”] . And then you just need to place this shortcode on your post or page where you want it to display.
  7. 7. Final ResultGet the plugin at the official website: