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How to create an interactive world map for Wordpress


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Presentation on how to add an interactive world map to your wordpress website, easely and customizable. See Interactive Maps in action at: - You can create as many maps as you want for your wordpress website with this plugin.

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How to create an interactive world map for Wordpress

  1. 1. HOW TO CREATE ANINTERACTIVE WORLD MAP FOR WORDPRESS Easy way to display a map of the world to display coloured countries or place markers in specific locations with interactive features.
  2. 2. Why would you need a worldmap? Show location of your offices Display countries where you operate Show countries you have content about Many other applications!
  3. 3. How to create the map? Use Interactive World Maps Plugin
  4. 4. Features You can add active colored regions to the map, and display them in 2 different ways:  As Regions – It will color the whole region, for example a continent, subcontinent, a country, a country province, or a US state.  As Markers -It will display a colored bubble in the chosen location.
  5. 5. Interactive You can add interactivity to the active regions:  A Tooltip- A tooltip will be displayed by default on hover with the information you provide.  An Action – You can set up diferent kinds of action for when the user clicks in an active area. You can make a new URL open, or simply display a message. Advanced users will be able to create their own Javascript functions for customized actions.
  6. 6. Customizable You will be able to costumize the visual of your maps:  Background color;  Box border width and color;  Inactive regions color;  Individual colors for each active region;  Markers size;  Width and Height of the map;
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