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Full CV Caetano ENG


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Full Resume Caetano English

Published in: Technology, Business
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Full CV Caetano ENG

  1. 1. CARLOS CAETANO DE ALMEIDA Birthday: 06/27/1976 Single +55 19 3266-7169 / +55 19 99188-4313 E-mail :- Skype: ccaetanoa Full Resume on Linkedin: Brazilian - Campinas - SP OBJECTIVE: MANAGEMENT POSITION IN ENGINEERING / R&D / IP / INNOVATION / ENTREPRENEURSHIP / BUSINESS RELATIONS / GOVERNMENT RELATIONS QUALIFICATION • R&D Project Management. • Team Coordination of Engineers (hardware, software and mechanical). • Strong technical and administrative formation, Advanced English, Spanish Intermediate and Libras. • Development of products applying computational graphics resources, through CAD systems (NX Siemens, Autocad, Pro-Engineer, Mechanical Desktop, Catia, SolidWorks and Inventor), CAE (Ansys, Cosmos e Pro- Mechanica) and CAM (GibbsCAM) for machining of parts CNC. • Implementation, support and maintenance of quality and productivity, using techniques of quality management and production management as PDCA, FMEA, TPM, Ishikawa, Histogram, Kaizen, JIT, TOC, S&OP, MRPII, Lean Manufacturing, Lean Logistic, Six Sigma, Kanban and Manufacturing cellular. • Programming of Mitsubishi Robot, Motoman Robot, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC Siemens STEP 7 and HI CLP), Microcontroller 8051, Microcontroller PIC Assembler, C++ Builder, PHP, Matlab, HMI, Clipper, Pascal, Delphi, Embedded systems and Cobol. • Management and Administration of Contracts. • Maintenance of integrated systems: Electronics, electropneumatic, electrohydraulic, embedded electronics, computational, mechatronics and mechanical. • Knowledge of plastic molding, mold design, plastics design, welding, stamping, GD&T, metal forming, design of tools and devices, injection molds and specification of structural steel. • Experience in teach technical training. • Conditions identification of integrated systems SCADA, ERPs (SAP, MAGNUS) and MES (Manufacturing Execution System) with information systems. • Enhancement of existing products to improve their performance and satisfy customer needs. • Knowledge of TCP / IP and IP addressing, router configuration, VLSM, VLANs, VTP, OSPF, EIGRP, SSID, Frame Relay and WAN technologies. • Knowledge of industrial networks Fieldbus, Profibus and WAN, LAN, Wireless, VLAN, Ethernet and VPN. • Programming and operation of machinery and automated systems manufacturing (CNC lathe Fanuc 21i, Siemens 810D Machining Center). • Developing systems for signal acquisition, digital processing and control. • Specification, development and maintenance of telecommunications systems in the areas of switching and transmission. • Development of dynamic websites to Internet with Dreamweaver, Javascript, Flash, HTML and MySQL database systems for LINUX and Windows. Knowledge of DRUPAL and JOOMLA. • Implementation of productivity project to avoid waste, reduce costs and improve quality. • Proactive, great relationship for teamwork, responsibility and professional ethics. • Interface between suppliers and internal customers. • Project coordination of product launches including financial analysis and risk and ability of suppliers. • Development of suppliers and development of new products. • Negotiate pricing, terms and conditions of payment. • Excellent relations in working team, responsible and professional ethics. • Decision capacity, initiative, versatile, communicative and facility of relationship with people. • Assembling, maintenance, installation and configuration of computer equipment and software. ACADEMIC BACKGROUND DOCTORAL INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY COURSE Judge Business School - University of Cambridge
  2. 2. MSc, MASTER IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING: ROBOTICS AND COMPUTER VISION University of Campinas - UNICAMP / FEM - 2015/02 MBA, PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION MANAGEMENT, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Fluminense Federal University - UFF - 2015/05 MBA, ENGINEERING AND INNOVATION WITH EMPHASIS IN PROJECT MANAGEMENT AND PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT Universidade Aberta Integrada de Minas Gerais - UAITEC/UNISEB - 2015/04 CONTROL AND AUTOMATION ENGINEERING - MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING - ROBOTICS University of Campinas - UNICAMP / FEM CHEMICAL ENGINEERING University of Campinas - UNICAMP / FEQ - former undergraduate student SPECIALIZATION IN COMPUTER AIDED MECHANICAL DESIGN ( DESIGNER ) University of Campinas - UNICAMP / CTC SPECIALIZATION IN QUALITY AND PRODUCTIVITY MANAGEMENT University of Campinas - UNICAMP / CTC SPECIALIZATION IN PCT – TECNOLOGICAL CAPACITATION PROGRAM - Nº 03514 Eldorado Institute - MOTOROLA / UNICAMP / CTC UNIVERSITY EXTENSION COURSE IN THE DESIGN FOR PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT National Commercial Training Service - SENAC TELECOMMUNICATIONS University of Campinas - UNICAMP / CTC MECHATRONICS TECHNICIAN SENAI - Roberto Mange – Campinas COMPUTER SCIENCE TECHNICIAN Baptist School of Campinas ELETRO-ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN University of Campinas - UNICAMP / CTC CISCO CERTIFIED NETWORK ASSOCIATE – CCNA - ID 6418516 Cisco Networking Academy - Bradesco Institute of Technology CISCO CERTIFIED NETWORK ASSOCIATE SECURITY – CCNA SECURITY - ID 3815923 Cisco Networking Academy - Bradesco Institute of Technology PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 13/01 - Current DMC / UNICAMP - Department of Computational Mechanics R&D&I Project Manager Intellectual Property and Innovation Management, Research, Development and Innovation of new engineering methods, University-industry partnership, Management of R&D&I Projects, R&D Funding Programs (FINEP / PRIME / FIPE / FAPESP), Experience in co work with Universities and Research Centers, New structures for R&D activities, Private and Public Partnership, Studies of technological forecast and assessment of potential Innovation opportunities, Funding for innovation projects. 10/08 - 13/01 Sr R&D Engineer Development of autonomous robotic vehicles, Machine Design, Development of optical systems applied to quality control, testing uniaxial compression assisted by Moiré, Modal Analysis, Signal Processing, Image Processing, Microcontroller and Applied Mechanics.
  3. 3. 12/06 - 12/11 SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS R&D Project Coordinator / Innovation & Intellectual Property Coordinator R&D Project Management, Team Coordination of Engineers, Innovation in Technology management, Prospection of new technologies related to ITS, Development of tools for the intranet of Samsung to allow management and execution of innovation and administrative tasks and processes, Management of R&D projects with software development partners, Contract Management, Innovation & Intellectual Property Coordinator, R&D administrative activities according to IT Law requirements, Initialization of new research projects, R&D Annual Report Elaboration, Elaboration and analysis of patents, Business technology Intelligence, Find out the local technology strengths and trends of new technology development through the analyses of top IT companies, universities and R&D institutes, Sensing Engineer, Find out strengths technologies that are possible to be applied to the business field and the R&D field, Find out the trend of the standardization in technologies that is being developed in the local market, MCTI Report: Process elaboration concerning the expenses for R&D activities according to the IT Law requirements. 11/08 - 12/06 PL Development Engineer / R&D Project Management Team Coordination of Engineers (hardware, software and mechanical), R&D Project Manager, MCT (Ministry of Science and Technology) Report to Brazilian Govern, Design and development of notebook circuit, mechanics and unit/parts, Participates actively and understands in product design process, Interacts closely with product development team members to collaborate, Define test cases and control quality of the products, Usability skills in UG/NX, Understanding of Hardware Circuit and Mechanical Parts and Unit technology, Prototyping, Instructor training, Support in recruitment, Development of new suppliers, PC CAD: ECAD (Mentor Graphics) & MCAD (NX), Development and management of common part of notebook and printer including following area, Integrate the processes of mechanical and electrical design, Ability of design and development of circuit, mechanics and unit/parts integration, Data exchange between ECAD printed circuit board (PCB) and flexible printed circuit (FPCs) layout software and NX digital product development applications, Create part and assembly models of the PC board and components, NX 3D assembly model of part of the printed circuit board and components from ECAD, Effective verbal and written communication skills, team work and ability to take initiative. 08/01 - 12/10 SENAI ROBERTO MANGE Technical Training Engineer / Instructor Technical Training Engineer in Mechatronics and Continuing Education in the areas of CAD, CAE and CAM, Development of products applying computational graphics resources, through CAD systems (Autocad, Pro- Engineer, Mechanical Desktop, SolidWorks and Inventor), CAE (Cosmos and Mechanica ) and CAM (GibbsCAM) for CNC component machining, Development of Technical Material, Prototyping, CNC, Logical Programmable Controllers (CLP Siemens STEP 7), C++ Builder, Applied Mechanics. 00/03 - 11/08 BC / RU / BAENET / IMECC / IEL / PREFEITURA / FEM - UNICAMP Mechatronics Engineer Embedded systems, Mitsubishi Robot programming, Robot Motoman, Logical Programmable Controllers (CLP Siemens STEP 7 and CLP HI), Microcontroller 8051, Microcontroller PIC, Assembler, C++ Builder, PHP, Matlab, IHM, Clipper, Pascal, Cobol, Electropneumatic and Electrohydraulic circuit assembling, Mechatronics Engineering, Installation Configuration and Linux Fedora Systems Maintenance, Script Programming, Support to Users, Computers Net Implantation, FTP Server and WEB Server, Telecommunication Sites Development, PHP programming, Dynamic Site Development in MySQL Data Bank, Javascript, Flash and DreamWeaver, Computer Maintenance, Tool Quality Implantation, Software testing and maintenance of equipment. 01/01 - 01/08 CEPROCAMP – CENTER OF PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION OF CAMPINAS Instructor of Computer Assembling and Maintenance Computer network installation and configuration, ftp server, web server, windows and linux, Technical support in computer science, Linux, Computer Science. 94/12 - 97/12 Anglo Campinas / COC Marketing Analyst (Freelancer) reporting to the Marketing Manager Supervise the development of promotional programs and manage the budget for this, Competitive intelligence, Market research, Promotions and business programs, Develop and recommend pricing strategies and management programs, Develop and implement marketing plans and working with the Sales area to provide support to the implementation of these plans, Collect, interpret and integrate data, Sales propaganda and promotion, product research, telemarketing, personal interview and responsible for the discount group.
  4. 4. 89/05 - 95/03 GE-DAKO (Current Mabe Appliances) Software Developer Automation of industrial processes and administrative, Design and development of software for product engineering, export, purchasing, inventory control heliographic, RIAI control and control of waste, Programming in C++, Clipper, Pascal and Cobol, Hardware evaluation and opinion issue, cost estimate and follow-up, Assembling, maintenance, installation and configuration of computer equipment and software, Technical support for computer science in processing engineering areas, pcp, cpd, exportation, assembling, quality engineering and technical assistance, Responsible for the heliographic sector, operation and maintenance of heliographic machines, product stock and mechanical drawing archives control, Product structure development (BOM) and exportation check-list’s, Phase-in/out analysis and checking, solicitation table generation and exportation product options, items register by family and MRP models, Responsible for GE-DAKO, SINGER and WHITE-WESTINGHOUSE products structure auditory, UNIX Operating System. INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE • South Korea - SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS – R&D ENGINEER - Suwon - 2011/11 • United States of America - BURGER KING CORPORATION - Cut Off, LA - 2008/12 to 2009/03 • United Arab Emirates, Austria, England, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Spain, Switzerland, Vatican, Bolivia, Paraguay, Colombia - CULTURAL EXCHANGE PRESENTED SPEECHES • Voice on IP, QOS and emerging technologies UNICAMP / CTC • Interference types in telecommunications UNICAMP / CTC • Optic Fibers UNICAMP / CTC • Safety in Computer Nets UNICAMP / CTC • Client centered administration and person valorization UNICAMP / CTC AWARDS • 1st place (gold medal) at Inova SENAI 2007/FIESP Computer Category • 1st place overall at MBA, Administration Management, Public Administration Management, Business Administration - Fluminense Federal University - UFF (Angra Polo 2013) • 1st place overall at Fluminense Federal University - UFF / CEDERJ (Angra Polo 2006) • 1st place at Telecommunication course - UNICAMP/CTC • 1st place at Specialization in Quality Management and Productivity course - UNICAMP/CTC • 1st place at Eletro-eletronics course - UNICAMP/CTC • 1st place at Technology in Computer Systems - Fluminense Federal University - UFF / CEDERJ (Angra Polo 2006) • Highest score on the redaction (60/60) in the vestibular UNICAMP 2006 a total of 46,195 candidates. - UNICAMP - Campinas State University • Top 1% profiles on Linkedin among most viewed in 2012 (200 million members) CURSES OF SPECIALIZATION 1. International Seminar one Science and Technology in Latin America 07/04 UNICAMP 2. Congress on Computer & Market 08/01 UNICAMP 3. Pedagogic training for instructor – CPSI 07/08 SENAI 4. Labview 10/08 CONDECA 5. Matlab Programming 11/06 MECATRON 6. Superview - Supervisory System Software 04/09 NOVUS 7. CLP and IHM Programming (Men-Machine Interface ) 05/07 HI Tecnologia 8. Share Market, from Investor to the Speculator 04/07 MECATRON 9. Workshop on Knowledge and Information Technology: Digital Inclusion and Distance Education 04/04 UNICAMP 10. Creative Logistics UNICAMP 11. Workshop on Enterprise activity: Franchise and Business Planning 03/04 UNICAMP 12. Special Jet – Technical Automotive Training Center 08/03 BOSCH 13. PHP Programing 10/02 UNICAMP 14. Flash MX 12/02 UNICAMP
  5. 5. 15. Teleduc – Internet To Distance Course Development 11/03 UNICAMP 16. Free Gnu Software – Richard Stalman 03/01 UNICAMP 17. Administrative Solution and Integration Week – SISA 08/03 UNICAMP 18. Libras – Brazilian Signal Language 03/03 UNICAMP 19. Managing the Inevitable Changes Business 08/99 SENAC 20. Market Aggregate Values: How to compete on prices 08/99 SENAC 21. Housekeeping – Cost Reduction and Improvement 10/99 SENAC 22. Human Resources ( Employability ) 06/99 SENAC 23. Brain Performance I and II UCLA 24. PCP / Magnus Engineering 08/92 DATASUL 25. Just in Time 01/92 GE-DAKO 26. Kanbam 03/94 GE-DAKO 27. Language for Architecture 04/95 ANGLO 28. CIPA 06/91 GE-DAKO 29. Novell Academics ( Netware ) - Lan University 08/99 ETEC 30. CA-Superproject for Windows 07/93 MAXIPLAN 31. Lotus 1.2.3 06/92 PEOPLE 32. MS-DOS 04/92 PEOPLE 33. Basic I e II 03/90 S.S.I 34. Heliographic Machines Operator 11/90 OCÉ-BRASIL 35. Stress and Change Management for Quality of Life 01/01 SENAC 36. Career Self-Management and Quality of Life 01/01 SENAC 37. Environment and Biosecurity 04/03 UNICAMP 38. Training of Teachers 04/08 SENAI 39. Public Speaking 11/10 UNICAMP 40. Distance Education 03/04 UNICAMP 41. Postage 04/04 UNICAMP 42. Humanization of Care 06/04 UNICAMP 43. Knowledge and Information Technology: Digital Inclusion 04/04 UNICAMP 44. Inova SENAI – Software Category 08/07 SENAI 45. Teaching and Technology: Use of Media 09/04 UNICAMP 46. Methodology of Intellectual Development 05/93 INTELECTOM 47. Mechatronics Offices 12/04 SENAI 48. Technology in Health Care Facilities 09/04 UNICAMP 49. Applied Safety in Hospital Environment 07/99 SENAC 50. Medical Waste - How to Conduct 08/99 SENAC 51. NX - NX Essentials for NX Designers 09/11 SIEMENS 52. NX - Intermediate NX Design and Assemblies 10/11 SIEMENS 53. NX - NX Freeform Modeling 10/11 SIEMENS 54. NX - NX Drafting Essentials 10/11 SIEMENS 55. NX - NX Sheet Metal 10/11 SIEMENS 56. NX - NX PCB Exchange 11/11 SAMSUNG KOREA 57. Introduction to the Finite Element Method - CAE 01/12 NCE 58. NX - NX Motion Simulation 01/12 SIEMENS 59. NX - NX Advanced Simulation Processes - CAE 01/12 SIEMENS 60. NX - NX Advanced Simulation Solutions - CAE 02/12 SIEMENS 61. NX - NX MoldWizard 02/12 SIEMENS 62. Moldex3D - CAE 03/12 FITSO 63. Mentor Graphics - Board Station 03/12 MENTOR GRAPHICS 64. Mentor Graphics - Design Architect 03/12 MENTOR GRAPHICS 65. Mentor Graphics - Library Management System 03/12 MENTOR GRAPHICS 66. Strategic Marketing Management, Sales and Services in IT 03/12 GRUPO TREINAR 67. Mentor Graphics - HyperLynx Advanced Highy Speed PCB Analysis 04/12 MENTOR GRAPHICS 68. Mentor Graphics - HyperLynx Analog 04/12 MENTOR GRAPHICS 69. Mentor Graphics - HyperLynx Power Integrity Analysis 04/12 MENTOR GRAPHICS 70. Mentor Graphics - HyperLynx Signal Integrity Analysis 04/12 MENTOR GRAPHICS 71. NX – VIS VSA 06/12 SIEMENS
  6. 6. 72. Investment in R&D in response to Information Technology Law (No. 8.248/1991) 03/12 IVALDO&KENJI CONSULTORES 73. Ansys LS-Dyna - Explicit Dynamics 06/12 ESSS 74. Ansys Mechanical 06/12 ESSS 75. PRO3M + 5S3R 06/12 SAMSUNG 76. Systemic Thinking in Practice 09/12 SENAC SP 77. Patent Training 09/12 DIBLASI 78. Management of Technological Innovation 10/12 IETEC 79. Opportunities and Challenges for Innovative Enterprises 08/12 USP 80. Importance of Intellectual Property for Entrepreneurs 08/12 USP 81. The Power of Innovation in a Collaborative World 08/12 USP 82. Characterization of plastic materials 03/12 VARIENT 83. Market innovation for the electronics industry 03/12 VARIENT 84. Technological innovation in motors fiat 08/12 USP 85. Innovation management and the Balanced Scorecard 08/12 USP 86. Intellectual Property and Searching in Patent Bases 10/12 INOVA UNICAMP 87. NI Days - Technology Conference about Graphical System Design 05/12 NATIONAL INST. 88. Stock Market, of the Investor to Speculator 04/07 UNICAMP MECATRON 89. How to make a pitch 03/13 INOVA UNICAMP 90. Beginners Investors 04/13 TOPE UNICAMP 91. Introduction to the study of networks with Pajek 04/13 TOPE UNICAMP 92. Workshop for generating business model and lean startup methodology 04/13 INOVA UNICAMP 93. NI Days - Technology Conference about Graphical System Design 2013 04/13 NATIONAL INST. 94. Supervisory HIscada Pro 05/13 HI TECNOLOGIA 95. Abaqus / Isight - CAE 07/13 SMARTTECH 96. Abaqus / Ansa - CAE 08/13 SMARTTECH 97. Crack the Case 08/13 BOSTON CONSULTING 98. Abaqus/CFD - CAE 08/13 SMARTTECH 99. How to become a strategic reader and enhance your learning 08/13 UNICAMP 100. The strategies of the Professional Lecturer 08/13 Roberto Shinyashiki 101. Appraiser Congress of Applied and Computational Mathematics 09/13 SBMAC 102. Speak in Public UNICAMP 103. Productivity Workshop UNICAMP 104. Sales Workshop UNICAMP 105. General Astrophysics MCTI 106. Technological Meeting Brazil-Germany ( Inovar-auto Program ) BOSCH 107. Scientific Publishing: Insights into what authors, editors and journals want ELSEVIER 108. Workshop Business Model Canvas INOVA UNICAMP 109. NI Days - Technology Conference about Graphical System Design 2014 NATIONAL INST. 110. Personal Prep FUNDAÇÃO ESTUDAR 111. Logical Method to Scientific Writing UNICAMP 112. LabX: Innovation and Leadership FUNDAÇÃO ESTUDAR