My Confession


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My Confession

  1. 1. Mr. Scott’s Daily ConfessionFather God in Heaven, according to your word: Come for my words,1 forgive mefor all my sins and cleanse me from all unrighteousness, by the Blood of JesusChrist.2 In the authority as a disciple of Jesus Christ,3 I command you at yourword4 that it cannot be reversed.5 I present my body a living sacrifice unto youHeavenly Father, being transformed by your word with a renewed mind.6 I thankyou Father for giving me new mercies daily with the rising of the sun.7 Bless myfood, my bread, and my water and take sickness away from the midst of me,8 byJesus’ stripes I was healed.9 I am more than a conqueror through the love ofChrist, from which nothing can separate me, God loves me.10 I have faith in God.11No weapon formed against me shall prosper, and any tongue that rises againstme (including my own) in judgment, Thou Salt condemn.12 Lord, You are mySheppard, goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life.13 I amprotected, You are my refuge.14 Strengthen me by your Holy Spirit, increasingyour power that worketh in me. Christ dwells in me and my heart is rooted andgrounded in love. Understanding the great love of Christ and being filled with thefullness of God, blow my mind with your blessings and your power.15 Bless methat I may be a blessing.16 I’m putting all my trust in you Father, guide my pathclearly so that I will not miss it to the left nor the right.17 Give me wisdom Fatherby the Holy Spirit.18 I humble myself under your mighty hand Father, casting allmy cares upon you.19 I am of born God, overcoming the world.20 I’m forgetting1 DANIEL 10:122 I JOHN 1:9-10,2:13 LUKE 9:1-24 ISAIAH 45:115 NUMBERS 23:206 ROMANS 12:1-27 LAMENTATIONS 3:22-238 EXODUS 23:259 I PETER 2:2410 ROMANS 8:37-3911 MARK 11:22-2512 ISAIAH 54:1113 PSALM 2314 PSALM 9115 EPHESIANS 3:16-2016 MALACHI 3:1017 PROVERBS 3:5-618 JAMES 1:519 I PETER 5:6-720 I JOHN 5:4
  2. 2. those things behind me, pressing toward the mark for the prize of the highcalling of God in Christ Jesus covered and protect by the Blood of Jesus.21 Youhave guaranteed your promises by the Spirit of Promise, and they will manifest inmy life now.22 Bless people who bless me with a hundredfold return, Bless mewith a hundredfold return when I bless people.23 Cause my gift to make room forme, and help me develop it to it’s fullest potential.24 Your anointing abides in me,and teaches me all the things, and will bring all things to my remembrance,whatsoever Jesus has said to me.25 Father, multiply my seed sown as I ministerethseed to the sewer.26 Thank you for remaining mindful of me Lord God, continueto increase me, and my future children, blessing me, continuously.27 With YouFather God in who I believe, all things are possible.28 Christ is in me, everincreasingly so,29 and because Christ is in me, my God shall supply all my needs.Prosperity in over-abundance is one of the needs to represent you to the fullest.30Keep changing me into your image Father, that people can see your light in me,31I am redeemed from the curse of the law of sin and death by Christ Jesus.32 Ibelong to Christ, and am Abraham’s seed, and an heir according to the promise.33I walk after the Spirit, not the flesh. I am made free from the law of sin and deathby the blood of Jesus Christ.34 I am a new creature in Christ Jesus,35 greater is Hethat is in me, than he that is in the world.36 Complete your work you began in meuntil the Day of Jesus Christ. These things I ask in your name, and believe in myheart I receive by faith, that they manifest now, that You do it37, In the Mighty,Matchless, Marvelous, Majestic, Miracle Working name of Jesus Christ ofNazareth, and by His precious blood, AMEN21 PHILIPPIANS 4:13-1422 EPHESIANS 1:1323 GENESIS 12:1-324 PROVERBS 18:1625 JOHN 2:27, JOHN 14:2626 II CORINTHIANS 9:1027 PSALM 115:12-1528 MARK 10:2729 COLOSSIANS 1:2730 PHILIPPIANS 4:1931 II CORINTHIANS 4:432 GALATIANS 3:1333 GALATIANS 3:2934 ROMANS 8:1-235 II CORINTHIANS 5:1736 I JOHN 4:437 MARK 11:24, JOHN 16:23, JOHN 14:14, PHILIPPIANS 1:6