14k aquamarine ring 


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14k aquamarine ring 

  1. 1. A Smart Way toExpress You Love?Give the Gift of a Superb 14k Aquamarine Ring!
  2. 2. A 14k aquamarine ring is an exquisite idea if you wantto "impress and express": impress the one you loveand express your feelings at the same time. Natural Aquamarine and Diamond Ring in 14k White Gold - 56.68% Off! This gorgeous 3 stone aquamarine and diamond ring is set in lustrous 14k white gold with one 8 x 6 mm oval shaped aquamarine in the center and two 4 x 4 mm round shaped aquamarines asides.
  3. 3. Pave set diamond on the ringshank add sparkles to thisbeautiful aquamarine anddiamond three stone ring.Three stone ring representingPast, Present and Future makesthis 3 stone ring a perfect jewelryfor your wedding anniversary.Express you love to your specialloved one today with thisgorgeous three stone aquamarineand diamond ring!The band width of this 3 stone ringis 4.5mm. Ring Size 7 and 8 areavailable. It can be re-sized (fromsize 5.5 to 9). Save $615 this Incredible 14k Aquamarine Ring!
  4. 4. Pink Tourmaline, Diamond Ring in 10k White Gold, 1.25 cttwThis gorgeous Natural Aquamarine, Pink Tourmaline and Diamond Ring is beautifullyset in 10K White Gold with a 8 x 6 mm oval shaped light blue natural aquamarineas the center stone surrounded by vivid pink tourmalines.
  5. 5. Round cut diamonds studdedgorgeously on the ring shank addssparkles to this aquamarine ring!Birthstone jewelry is also one of thegreat personalized jewelry for yourselfor your loved one.Add this gorgeous aquamarine andpink tourmaline ring to your jewelrywardrobe today!This ring can match well with most ofour aquamarine jewelry. The widestpart of the band is 4.5mm.The amethyst and diamond rings sizeis 6.5. This ring can be re-sized (fromsize 5.5 to 8) with the free ring sizing Click Here to Buy this 14kservice available on the web site. Aquamarine Ring at 56.99% Off!
  6. 6. Natural Tanzanite andAquamarine 3 Stone Ring
  7. 7. This gorgeous Natural Tanzanite andAquamarine 3 Stone Ring is beautifullycrafted in lustrous sterling silver. Thecenter stone is a 6 x 6 mm cushion cutAquamarine with 3 round shapeTanzanite on each side.There are 2 more 5 x 5 mm cushioncut Aquamarines aside to complete thegorgeous look. Aquamarine is thebirthstone of March.The elegant and classic design of 3stone ring makes this ring a perfect giftfor any holiday occasion.This ring can match well with most of Click Here to Get this Awesome 14kaquamarine jewelry. The band width of Aquamarine Ring – 71% Off!the ring is 4mm.
  8. 8. Incredible Low Prices! *Click Here To See An Entire 14k Aquamarine Ring Collection!