Special report go negosyo


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Special report go negosyo

  1. 1. SPECIAL REPORT By: Carlito T. Galamgam, Jr.
  2. 2. What is GoNegosyo? Gonegosyo believes that the Filipinos Can address poverty in the country by engaging in entrepreneurship and developing an optimistic, passionate, creat ive and innovative, resourceful, dilig ent and persevering character.
  3. 3. The Man: Joey Concepcion III
  4. 4. Caravans and Summits  Awarding of respected and accomplished entrepreneurs from the local area or sector, to serve as role models and icons  Talks and Forums featuring established entrepreneurs and business experts, to inspire and provide knowhow in starting a business  Exhibits/Exhibitions of various products and services, to provide examples of business models and stimulate innovative thinking  Breakaway Seminars on special topics of interest, to help spur more ideas for business opportunities
  5. 5. KAYA MO! TV  Every Saturday and Sunday, 8:00 – 8:30 AM at QTV Channel 11 with replays every Sunday, 8:00 PM at NBN 4  Broadcasted in GMA’s international channels GMA Pinoy TV and GMA Life TV  It is a 30-minute two-part tele- magazine show that features successful entrepreneurs and business gurus who share their experiences and business knowhow.  It gives budding and established negosyantes their weekly dose of practical business advice and the latest
  6. 6. NEGOSEMS  One-day seminar on the how-to’s in entrepreneurship that aim to help micro and small negosyantes become more innovative, strategic and smart.  The seminar is an opportunity to learn or revisit key principles in entrepreneurship, from mastering self and the opportunities around to continuously generate relevant innovations; to mastering the enterprise – from set-up, product development and marketing, to finding sources of capital and
  7. 7. ANGELPRENEURS  GoNegosyo Angelpreneurs, who are experienced entrepreneurs, seasoned business lecturers, professional speakers, and GoNegosyo mentors, who have the heart to educate and guide existing and budding entrepreneurs in their entrepreneurial
  8. 8. Joey Concepcions50 Inspiring Entrepreneurial Stories  The first book features stories of accomplished and remarkable entrepreneurs and business personalities such as Tony Tan Caktiong, Socorro Ramos, and Henry Sy.  It instantly became the number one non-fiction
  9. 9. Joey Concepcions50 Inspiring Stories of Entrepreneurs (CelebrityEdition)  This book is a compilation of stories featuring celebrities from show business and the fashion industry, who have fulfilled their entrepreneurial dreams.  Featuring artists such as Judy Ann Santos, Aga Muhlach, Ding Dong Dantes, Angel Locsin, Abbygale Arenas-de Leon, Tin-tin Bersola- Babao, and Anthony and Maricel Pangilinan.  This book hopes to encourage Filipinos to develop an optimistic and entrepreneurial mindset to
  10. 10. Joey Concepcions55 Inspiring Stories of Women Entrepreneurs  Behind every successful woman is a story.  This book shares the stories of successful "womenpreneurs" such as Zenaida Tantoco of Rustan’s, Milagros Yee and Clarita Go of Goldilocks, Elizabeth Lee of Universal Motors Corporation, Myrna Yao of Richwell Trading Corp., and Vivian Sarabia of Sarabia Optical.
  11. 11. 21 Steps on How to Start Your OwnBusiness  This book contains tried-and-tested formulas in starting, sustaining, and succeeding in a business.  Just like the previous books, this book inspires and induces a fist-pumping “I- can-do-it-too” moment from its readers.  But this book goes a step further and answers the question: “Now what do I do next?” Dean Pax Lapid of the Entrepreneurs School of Asia, and self- help guru and motivational speaker Ping Sotto combine their vast experiences and share the formula to business success in this user-friendly workbook.
  12. 12. 100 Inspiring Stories of SmallEntrepreneurs  This fifth book celebrates the success of all small entrepreneurs who have succeeded in beating poverty.  It presents 100 stories of inspiration from all over the country.  Learn how these entrepreneurs triumphed and never gave up despite the burdens and trials that would have beaten others of weaker character.
  13. 13. 8 Simple Secrets to RaisingEntrepreneurs  Thissixth book presents concepts and a simple formula for parents and educators to help children not only develop an entrepreneurial mind but also acquire the success factor.
  14. 14. 50 Inspiring Stories of YoungEntrepreneurs  This seventh book features negosyantes who are below 40 years old and have made their way to success with hard work, determination, and passion.  The foreword of the book was written by Edgar “Injap” Sia II, who revolutionized the fastfood industry with Mang Inasal, the most popular barbeque fastfood in the country. Injap’s Mang Inasal is also the main feature of the book, as Go Negosyo unravels the story of his journey and how Mang Inasal came to be.
  15. 15. Q & A with The Man Answer by Joey ConcepcionQuestion 1 IIIWith your advocacy to Poverty is such a big problem in this country, and I want Filipinos to bealleviate poverty in the equipped with the means to fight it. I truly believe that entrepreneurship is the waycountry by engaging to do so. By being entrepreneurs, theyFilipinos in are not only helping themselves and their families, they are also contributingentrepreneurship and with to the country. I know how anyour slogan “Sagot sa enterprising spirit can be very empowering and can be the key toKahirapan”, how do you achieve great success. I wish for othersenvision our country to to experience this same kind of empowerment, so that they may takefinally surpass poverty? control of their destiny and work hard for a better life.
  16. 16. Q & A with The Man Answer by Joey ConcepcionQuestion 2 III One of the first steps a person must do in order to succeed in life is toIn China, the question normally change his or her mindset. This is what Go Negosyo is here to do, to help gradually instill the correct mindset among Filipinos so that we mayis: "What do you sell?" But, in have a more positive and enterprising culture.the Philippines, the query Go Negosyo, through our community of successful entrepreneurs, is here to educate, train, inspire and mentor. This past year, we havenormally asked is: "Where do upgraded our Negosems, so that they are not only more educational, they can also reach out to a wider audience. We already have seven books to date, and our latest, 50 Inspiring Stories of Youngyou work?" Obviously, China Entrepreneurs has just been launched. Just like our Negosems, our books are both inspirational and educational.and other countries for that Apart from our books, we have also partnered with Vibal Publishing, andmatter have a more we are helping them create educational materials about entrepreneurship, so that we may educate the youth more aboutentrepreneurial mindset. Why negosyo. All these are tools that we hope will effectively change the mindset of Filipino people.isnt the Philippines like that?What will it take to change theprevailing mindset here in thecountry?
  17. 17. Q & A with The Man Answer by Joey ConcepcionQuestion 3 III Apart from the prevalent problem of poverty, GoTransparency.org states that Negosyo was also inspired out of the negativity that wethe Philippines, according to sensed plaguing this country. Whether this negativity is brought by corruption or the political situation or by theits corruption index, is one of individual’s economic circumstance, it does not matter. We know that this negativity is the very impediment tothe more corrupt countries in the success of many Filipinos.the world. Since this is the We had to instill in people that we have to stop blaming the government and everything else for ourcase, do you think a budding situation. What is important is how we respond to the situation andnuse it as an opportunity to grow. In theentrepreneur can succeed end, its still a matter of having the right attitude and mindset, even if we are surrounded by corruption. Ifhere in this country even in theres a will, theres a way.the absence of a level playingfield?
  18. 18. Q & A with The Man Answer by Joey ConcepcionQuestion 4 III While I do agree that our entrepreneurs still need a lot of support,The Philippine government seems especially our micro and small entrepreneurs, I think that the government is really trying to help develop entrepreneurs, especially with theto be following the U.S. by trying to Department of Trade and Industry. In fact, there has been a strengthening of a Public-Private Partnership to expedite the growth ofgenerate more jobs to uplift the underdeveloped business sectors. For the past years, we have been partnering with theeconomy. There seems to be no DTI in bringing entrepreneurship education and training even in remoteevident support from the areas in the country through our provincial caravans. We’ve visited places like Antique, Mati, Dipolog, Tuguegarao, Lucena, and Bukidnon.government (aside from GoNegosyo Through our partnership with the DTI, we have made our Negosems much more accessible to thousands of Filipinos.of Philippine Center for As citizens of this country, it is our own duty to serve others and to helpEntrepreneurship) given to in building our nation. We have to stop depending solely on the government. The government is there to provide the right businessentrepreneurs. Given this scenario, climate, and it’s up to us to make the most out of it. We believe that the private sector should also do its part in nation-building, especially thosedo you think that a Filipino should with the capabilities and resources to do so. And as we try to develop an entrepreneurial country, it would be much more fulfilling if eachstill engage in entrepreneurship enterprise is addressing a specific problem through CSI.considering the apparent lack ofsupport from the government?Why?
  19. 19. Q & A with The Man Answer by Joey ConcepcionQuestion 5 III It is through DTI that the government is dedicated toIn relation to the immediately developing and promoting the business sector andpreceding question, Filipino entrepreneurs. The DTI has a lot of projects lined up through the entire term of President Aquino.assuming that the Just to cite an example, in the MSME summit organized by the DTI-BSMED, several privategovernment suddenly wants corporations pledged its support to the government’s SME Development Agenda for the next five years, thatto help entrepreneurs, which is to increase thegovernment agencies should SME sector’s contribution to 40% of GDP, with over 2 million employed in the SME sector. The public-privatebe streamlined? What partnership is one way to bridge the gaps in developing entrepreneurs, and also through the help ofprocesses should be NGOs and rural institutions and MFIs that give access to resources to small entrepreneurs in remote areas.abridged and improved inorder to help the Filipinoentrepreneur?
  20. 20. Q & A with The Man Answer by Joey ConcepcionQuestion 6 IIIThe Philippines, given its The One-Town One-Product (OTOP) project of DTI is probably the bestphysical landscape, has rich example of how a group ofnatural resources. If a fellow entrepreneurs can take advantage of thefrom the countryside would industries that flourish specifically in their town and its available resources.want to become an Through the cooperation between localentrepreneur, what government agencies and local entrepreneurs, each town offers itsindigenous products should specialization in a product, or its producthe trade in? What can he that presents a real competitiveextract from nature which can advantage in the market. This project not only maximizes the potential of anbe a dynamic of a viable area, but also creates a form ofbusiness? livelihood for locals.
  21. 21. “I have always believed that adopting an optimistic and entrepreneurial mindset will drive this nation away from poverty.” … Joey Concepcion III