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Chapter 9 of Renovation of the Heart Class

Slides for chapter 9 from class and discussion about Dallas Willard's Renovation of the Heart.

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Chapter 9 of Renovation of the Heart Class

  1. 1. Renovation of the heart: Putting on the character of Christ Chapter 9 Transforming the body
  2. 2. What do you think about when you read the sentence below?  The body lies right at the center of the spiritual life.  …spiritual transformation is the process of forming the inner world of the human self in such a way that it takes on the character of the inner being of Jesus.  One result is the “outer life” becomes a natural expression of Jesus and His teachings.  The essential role of the body in spirituality is the one most likely to be overlooked in understanding and practicing growth in grace.
  3. 3. Two questions…  What is the body?  Our body is a source of potential energy.  What is the body’s main function in relation to the individual?  My body makes it possible for me to be (a physical being) and to do.  I use my body based on the influence of ideas, sensations, and emotions.  How do you know the character of a person?
  4. 4. How do you know the character of a person?  Our bodies communicate  Body language, “ tells “, eye contact  The body is central to our identity and the course of a person’s life.  Galatians 2:20  Philippians 3:10-11
  5. 5. The Profundity of Paul  The role of the body in the life of a Christian  Colossians 3:1-5  Christians are recipients of a different life, one not of the earth.  Romans 5-8  Sin reigned over (or governed) human life. Death reigned because of sin, which came into the world by one man (Adam). But, through Christ a new reign has come.
  6. 6.  Romans 5:17  Sin has reigned, and flourished, but grace has and will flourish even more.  Romans 6:12-13, 19  The parts of our death-bound body are not mere physical things, but now carry in them a life that is not of them.  Romans 8:11  Spiritual formation requires the transformation of the body. The Profundity of Paul (2)
  7. 7. The War Within  Transformation of the body is essential because outside of Christ the body is formed in sin, and as a result our character and body are set against God and God’s ways.  When our heart (will, spirit) comes to new life in God, the old “programs” are still running contrary to our new heart, and for the most part they are “running” in our body and its part or members.  The sinful nature still dwells within, but there is now another life that is also in me, the gift of God’s spirit.  Paul writes in Romans 7 while the spirit is willing (I desire to follow Christ), the flesh is weak. I may find myself doing the things I hate (Romans 7:15). But it really is no longer I who is doing it, but the sinful functioning in the members of my body.  This is a transitional state.
  8. 8. We Must Take This All Very Literally  Evil(sin) does influence our body and what we do.  Formation outside of Christ produces tendencies or inclinations to do wrong, that become habits.  Habits…a person may act or speak without thinking.  Examples: James 3:5, Proverbs 6:17-18  “ I lost my temper “
  9. 9. Christ Delivers My Body From Hatred  The war within produces body hatred.  What is your understanding of the concept, body hatred?  Sees there is a problem, concludes the body is evil, not that evil is influencing the body.  For usual human beings in the usual circumstances, their body runs their life…their time and energy is almost wholly, if not entirely, devoted to how their body looks, smells, and feels, and to how it can be secured and used to meet ego needs such as admiration, sexual gratification, and power over others.
  10. 10. The Body Betrayed  Worship of youthfulness  Making the body central to life explains many problems: Anger at being fat, old age, death and dying Sexualization, abortion, eating disorders, racial, and other discriminations  …taking the body to be the person and depriving ourselves of the spiritual perspective of the person
  11. 11. My Body is Not My Property  “ My body is not my own. “  Because we are essentially social beings and what is done with our body strongly affects others around us, I do not have exclusive say over what happens in and with my body. It is not mine to do with as I will.  As a mature and competent individual, I am responsible for the care of my body and it is the center of all the other responsibilities I have. But that does not imply that I and I alone have the right to say what is to be done with it, or in short, that I own my body.  1 Corinthians 6:19-20
  12. 12. The Only Reasonable Use of Our Body  For Christians…Romans 12:1-2  The mark of the renewed mind is what it will “not even think.”  The bodily tendencies (habits) of the living sacrifice no longer incline us or start us toward evil without thinking…
  13. 13. Taking Steps 1. We must actually release our body to God. 2. No longer idolize your body.
  14. 14. Taking Steps 1. We must actually release our body to God. 2. No longer idolize your body. 3. Do not misuse your body. 4. The body is to be properly honored and cared for.
  15. 15. And That Is Sabbath  Is Sabbath something you think of for your life? Why or why not?  Sabbath in human life is really celebration of God.  The body must be weaned away from its tendencies to always take control, to run the world, to achieve and produce, to attain gratification.  The meaning of Sabbath…to take our hands off our world.  The primary mark of the condition of Sabbath in the body is rest.
  16. 16. And That Is Sabbath  How much sleep do you get each night (on average)?  Is that enough?  To rest does not mean we sleep our way to sainthood.  What are some problems with not being rested?
  17. 17. The Body Spiritually Adorned  God has made every provision for the body we actually have to serve us and Him well for His purposes in putting us here on earth.  1 Peter 3:3-4
  18. 18. Matters for Thought & Discussion 2. How is the body “wrongly positioned” in life on our own? 3. In what respects are my life and identity inseparable from my body? 4. Is it possible that much of our character consists in what our body is “ready” to do without “being told”? 8. What is the source of body hatred, and how does Christ deliver us from it? 9. Is my body my property to do with as I wish? Why or why not? 11. What does Sabbath mean to your body? 12. Can the body have a spiritual beauty? In what way?