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Whither Midwinter? Future Directions for PARS F2F and Virtual Conferencing


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Poster created by ALA Emerging Leaders 2012 Team D.

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Whither Midwinter? Future Directions for PARS F2F and Virtual Conferencing

  1. 1. Whither Midwinter? Future Directions for PARS F2F and Virtual Conferencing PARS PROJECT OBJECTIVES SURVEY RESULTS RECOMMENDATIONS1. Determine what PARS members’ value about Recommendation 1: PARS should hold all in- conference attendance. person committee and IG meetings at the ALA Annual2. Investigate how other professional associations Conference with other meetings held virtually. 94.3 % 87.5 % have restructured their conferences in response to reduced travel funding, of PARS members of PARS members surveyed surveyed Recommendation 2: Midwinter activities should3. Develop a proposal(s) for how PARS can conduct be minimized and hybridized to include in-person its business and fulfill its mission while shifting its have participated support PARS and virtual options. focus to one conference. in a virtual meeting at only4. Recommend transition steps that could be taken conference one ALA conf. Recommendation 3: PARS should offer and to implement the proposal(s). support more options to members for virtual participation at the Annual conference with the goal METHODOLOGY of eventually having all PARS activity at Annual offered in a hybridized F2F/virtual environment.1. Survey the membership to determine what PARS members value about conference attendance and if creating alternative meetings would be a viable Recommendation 4: PARS should offer more “Committee work is often done via opportunities for networking and educational solution for the organization.2. Gather information from other professional conference call or email. Continuing sessions at in person conferences, including those education and vendor contact is key held with other groups. organizations on how conferences and meetings are being held, what technologies are being used, at Annual.” –PARS member survey and how their members are adapting to new Recommendation 5: PARS should host a virtual formats. Annual Preconference with an education focus. Or,3. Review the professional literature to see how PARS should hold education and networking current conferences are being studied, improved, opportunities at virtual meetings held at various and modernized to adapt to the economic points throughout the year. downturn and budget cuts.Total number of responses: 168 PARS members Recommendation 6: PARS should explore/furthersurveyed , 19 other organizations interviewed. develop options for social networking groups “There are a lot of conferences out specifically for PARS members, to build a strong online community. there and attendance isnt enough to get institutional support.” –PARS Recommendation 7: All virtual and hybrid events member survey and meetings should be assessed via survey after the event/meeting. FOR MORE INFORMATION Access the full report , survey data, and links to useful resources here: ACKNOWLEDGMENTS TEAM PARSNIPSTeam PARSnips would like to thank ALCTS PARS for giving us Kathleen Burlingamethe opportunity to complete this project. We would like to Erica Findleyspecifically thank Tara Kennedy and Anne Marie Willer for Sheli McHughtheir feedback and support as well as Charles Wilt and JulieReese for their assistance in circulating the survey to the Carli SpinaPARS membership. RESEARCH POSTER PRESENTATION DESIGN © 2011