A visual guide to custom landing tabs on Facebook Pages.


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Facebook can be a sea of sameness. Look at what's possible on facebook when you customize the landing tab to add personality and tell your story. This deck looks at examples and points out the goal behind each tab's design.

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A visual guide to custom landing tabs on Facebook Pages.

  1. 1. Distinctive Facebook PagesStand out with custom Facebook tabs
  2. 2. Custom Facebook Tabs Custom tabs set your page apart from the “sea of sameness” on Facebook. Design your tab with a goal in mind. •What do you want viewers to “know” when they see the tab. Make it simple, so the purpose easily comes through to viewers. Installation of custom tabs can be done yourself, if you are handy with code. If not, hire a programmer. •You supply the artwork, programmer installs it. •I use Tammy at Social Heavy for my clients.
  3. 3. Facebook Tab Examples Following are custom tab examples and the message they convey. Note: Tabs shown are tabs I think are good examples of what is possible. They aren’t clients. Some tabs could be improved, sure. But they show what’s possible.
  4. 4. Red Bull goal: convey “energy”, create a stampede offans. Get viewers to notice the other custom tabs andexplore. Simple artwork achieves a lot. That’s hard todo, make sure your artist is hugely talented.
  5. 5. RedBox’s goal: Show Fans what movies are available now.
  6. 6. The US Army goal: (landing tab) let people know where they caninteract with The Army
  7. 7. The US Army goal: (Other Pages tab) helps fans find an Armyconnection on Facebook for their unit.
  8. 8. Emerson Salon goal: set the mood of the salon; grow fanbase.
  9. 9. Patagonia: show people doing astonishing things with MotherNature.
  10. 10. Optimal Body Chiropractic goal: inform people that thespine is related to overall health.
  11. 11. Body Wrap Coach goal: convey product info and results theywill get.
  12. 12. The Rolling Stones goal: promote the latest book
  13. 13. Logitech goal: give people a reason to use their webcamsthis winter.
  14. 14. Eat Mor Chikin Cowz goal: Get fans (you know cows can’tspell, right?)BTW-this is how to have fun w/ your brand. Thx Chik-fil-A
  15. 15. Capriotti’s goal: (landing tab) Make you hungry.BTW- The Bobbie rocks.
  16. 16. Cranium: show how much fun real people haveplaying the game.
  17. 17. SocialPie: build our fan base.
  18. 18. SocialPie www.CarlaBobka.com We help clients talk to people online. carlabobka@carlabobka.com