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The Project Unit 2 Db


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The Project

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The Project Unit 2 Db

  1. 1. The Project<br />Carla J. McCoy<br />Unit 2 Discussion Board – MGT110<br />March 31st, 2009<br />American InterContinental University<br />Plan for Windows Project Planning Tool<br />The first Project Planning Tool I found useful is Plan for Windows which is a highly functional project estimation tool and can be used both as a viewer for Microsoft Projects as well as a stand-alone project planning tool. This Project Planning tool can also be used in conjunction with Pocket Plan, Handheld PC, and Pocket PC and is inexpensive. What makes this project planning tool cost effective is that it does not contain all the whistles and bells of Microsoft Project, it also makes it much easier to use. This tool not only supports the creation and editing of various project plans, but it also includes recalculation of various project schedules. There are various Key features that come with Plan for Windows which include Holiday scheduling, Project tracking, Gantt charts, Cost estimating, and can read and write Microsoft Project files which it is compatible with. Here is a Sample of a Plan using Plan for Windows. (Plan for<br /> Windows, 2008)<br />(Plan for Windows, 2008)<br />ActiveCollab Project Planning Tool<br />ActiveCollab Project Management & Collaboration is a tool that can be put on your business Website in order to collaborate with your team, contractors, and clients. This tool will help you keep your projects on track while allowing you full control over access permissions along with your data. It also allows you to discuss and comment similar to an online forum, stay in touch, and receive email notifications. If you have CSS knowledge and know a little about Coding then you will also be able to change the look and feel of your ActiveCollab installation and make it actually match the designs to your Business Website and give you a much more professional visual identity. It also has iCalendar Support, and a Zoom in feature, Time tracking, Assignments, and it’s 100% Modular where you can write, share or Sell Modules. Here is a Sample of Time Tracking using ActiveCollab. (ActiveCollab, 2009)<br />(ActiveCollab, 2009)<br />Projects I built Using both Project Planning Tools<br /><ul><li>ActiveCollab</li></ul>Overview<br />Options <br />Edit<br />Change Status<br />Change Icon<br />Pin<br />It appears that JavaScript is disabled in your web browser. Please enable it to have full system functionality available. Read more.<br />Dashboard»<br />Projects» <br />Project Management S...» <br />Overview <br />Status of 'Project Management Student test project' project has been updated<br />Project Management Student test project<br />Leader:<br />Status: Active<br />0% <br />0 tasks done of 3 in the project (0% done)<br />Edit This Information Change Status of this Project <br />Show Me<br />Tasks that I am responsible for or that I'm involved in<br />iCalendar feed for this project so I can see all milestone and tasks in my favorite calendar application (iCal, Google Calendar etc)<br />Recent activities as a RSS feed so I can track changes in this project<br />Late / Today Milestones<br />Milestone: Project Demonstration Due Today<br />Recent Activities<br />Today<br />Page: Project Management Student test project Welcome to pages section of Project Management Student test project project. Created by Discussion: Time Tracking Created by Carla-McCoy@hotmail.comTimerecord: 8 hours by Created by Carla-McCoy@hotmail.comTask: To create Time Tracking Created by Carla-McCoy@hotmail.comChecklist: Carla J. McCoy Created by Carla-McCoy@hotmail.comMilestone: Project Demonstration Created by<br />Recent Activities<br />(ActiveCollab, 2009)<br /><ul><li>Plan for Windows using a Gantt View</li></ul>(Plan for Windows, 2008)<br />Comments<br />I had more ease in creating a Project using ActiveCollab when building a sample demonstration. Although ActiveCollab is used more Online its’ much more functional, and has many more features that are easier to use than using Gantt Charts. I would recommend to my classmates to use ActiveCollab because whether or not you own a Corporate Office or a simple Small Business, ActiveCollab can be useful in helping Plan out Projects that need to be done in a timely and efficient manner. Almost everyone knows how to click on Tabs within a page, and with ActiveCollab you have that option which is very easy to navigate through. You can create Milestones, Checklists, Discussions with team mates, Create and upload Files, a Calendar , Create new Pages, Create Tickets, Time Tracking, and show the various people who are working on the project and it’s all within the reach of just being able to click on tabs and enter information. The program does the rest for you. This is also a great tool to use because it provides the discussions where you can communicate with team members who may be all the way across the office where you can have discussions with them right on the computer using this tool. It’s a great Program and I recommend it to everyone. (ActiveCollab, 2009) <br />References<br />Online Web Pages:<br />Twiddle bit Software, (2008) Project Planning Software for Microsoft Windows Plan for<br /> Windows retrieved on March 31st, 2009 from:<br />ActiveCollab, (2009) Project Management & Collaboration Trademarks of A51 doo retrieved on<br /> March 31st, 2009 from:<br />