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Texas Trends of Criminal Activity

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Texas Trends Of Criminal Activity Unit 2 Ip

  1. 1. Running Head: TEXAS TRENDS OF CRIMINAL ACTIVITY<br />Texas Trends of Criminal Activity<br />Carla J. McCoy<br />Unit 2 Individual Projects – Criminology<br />February 17th, 2009<br />American InterContinental University<br />Table of the Annual Crime Report for 2006, 2007, & 2008<br />Trends for Various Offenses<br />Going against the Crime Trend<br />Although I could not find any information online or in my local library about Crime Trends here in the city of Wichita Falls I decided to give my own personal opinion here and go against the Crime Trend based on what I know. One major area of crime here in Wichita Falls Texas which is very commonly known is the Eastside, where Burglary, Robbery, and Property Crime happen all too often. (McCoy, C., 2009) There is an article in the Times Record News that shows that not one good standing Pizza Delivery Service will even deliver Pizza to citizens in that area due to the Crime. (Hein, C., 2008) As far as Murder, Larceny Theft, and Arson I’m not sure which parts of my city those run higher in compared to another, but I know they exist by the chart I’ve created up above, but the numbers are low. <br />One of the biggest problems here in my City is Drug use which causes people to commit crimes such as Grand Theft Auto, Personal Property Crime, Theft, and Fraud. Meth Labs are a big thing here where I live in the great city of Wichita Falls which needs more attention if you want my personal opinion. (McCoy, C., 2009) One area that Drugs are used commonly are over in the Avenues which is centrally located, and down in what people call Dog Patch which is actually the South Part of town. So among the East Side, Dog Patch, and Avenues those are three areas where Crime is higher than in other areas compared to where I live here in City View which is still part of Wichita Falls. (McCoy, C., 2009)<br />Recommendation on Shifting Resources<br />It is my Recommendation that Resources could be shifted to address identified concerns with providing more Crime Watch Neighborhoods in the East Side, Dog Patch, and within the Avenues. More citizens could be made aware that the city of Wichita Falls actually even has an Auto Burglary Prevention Class because I wasn’t even aware of this class until I did the research. I also feel the areas of concern here need more Patrol Cars and more Undercover Police to take care of such a drastic problem so that something as simple as Pizza being delivered could actually be a possibility again. One big thing they do have here is a Drug Abuse Resistance Education training program (D.A.R.E.) that teaches students all the dangers of drug addiction which I feel is a very good thing. I feel they need to have more Volunteer units available for citizens who truly want to help out with solving crimes, or aiding in more arrests in order to stop crime here. (McCoy, C., 2009)<br />One topic I will provide here that I found is that Crime Stoppers here has been a big help in stopping crime, conducting arrests, getting offenses cleared, rewards have been paid, stolen property recovered, narcotics seized, criminal asset forfeitures, and restitutions paid. They also launched a MySpace page for the Internet and introduced a $250 bonus reward for gang related cases. Here are the results of its inception. 3,469 arrests have been made, 5,384 offenses cleared, and 2,276 rewards paid $715,568.00. Out of those rewards netted $4,423,426.00 in stolen property recovered, and over $23,897,015.00 in narcotics seized. $1,430,702.00 in criminal asset forfeitures and $213,326.74 in Restitution paid. (Wichita Falls Police Department Annual Report, 2007)<br />References<br />TexomasHomePage.com, (2009) FBI: Wichita Falls Crime Up retrieved on February 20th, 2009<br /> At http://texomashomepage.com/content/fulltext/?cid=29911<br />Crime in Texas (2006) Annual Report of 2006 UCR Data Collection: Crime in Texas 2006<br /> Overview Department of Public Safety retrieved on February 20th, 2009 at http://www.txdps.state.tx.us/director_staff/public_information/2006CIT.pdf<br />Crime in Texas (2007) Annual Report of 2007 UCR Data Collection: Crime in Texas 2007<br /> Overview Department of Public Safety retrieved on February 20th, 2009 at http://www.txdps.state.tx.us/director_staff/public_information/2007CIT.pdf<br />Federal Bureau of Investigation, (2009) Preliminary Semiannual Uniform Crime Report Crime<br /> In the United States retrieved on February 20th, 2009 at http://www.fbi.gov/ucr/2008prelim/downloads.htm<br />Hein, C., (2008) Something Needs to change East Side residents need pizza delivery resumed<br /> Retrieved on February 20th, 2009 from Times Record News at http://www.timesrecordnews.com/news/2008/apr/14/something-needs-change/<br />Wichita Falls Annual Police Report, (2007) Crime Stoppers retrieved on February 21st, 2009 at<br />http://www.cwftx.net/documents/Departments/Police/DARE%20files/2007WFPDreport.PDF<br />