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Problem Solving & Communication

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Mr James Email Response Unit 3 Db

  1. 1. Problem Solving & Communication<br />Carla J. McCoy<br />Unit 3 Discussion Board – CRJ206<br />April 7th, 2009<br />American InterContinental University<br />From: <br />To:<br />Date: April 7th, 2009<br />Subject: Increased Uniformed Patrols<br />Mr. Joe James, <br />Thank You for contacting us about the issues you are having with the large number of traffic citations that your constituents have received due to our decision to Increase Uniformed Patrols in your area. I understand your concern in wanting us to remove the extra patrols and the traffic enforcement from the area; however, under the circumstances there has been an increase in property crimes, specifically burglaries during the past two months. With this in mind our Uniformed Patrols that are placed in this particular area will be able to respond in a much quicker manner where they can respond to emergency in-progress crimes, conduct on-the-scene investigations which include fingerprinting, photography, interviewing and interrogation, and of course conducting more traffic stops. (City of Brea, 2009) These Officers were placed in the area to focus on reducing property crime and traffic accidents through aggressive traffic enforcement. Once a motorist is stopped our officers can then proceed in determining whether the driver has any stolen property, warrants, guns, or drugs hidden in the vehicles. Our goal is to obtain a reduction in robberies and traffic offenses in the area which creates a pubic impact due to the presence of our officers. (Vargas, 2009)<br />Our officers have been able to arrest and book criminal offenders in this area and stop traffic violators by warning or citing the drivers. We encourage you to see the dangers in this situation and realize that our Uniformed Patrols that are in your area need to stay put until the increase in property crimes decreases and these criminals are apprehended. Our goal is to work with the members of our communities to make our city safe, enjoyable and fun places to live, work and play. So the next time you see one of our Uniformed Patrols be aware that they are there for good reason. Knowing that the Increased Patrols were placed to protect our community, this should help with any issues at hand. (City of Brea, 2009) In this particular area citizens who are committing traffic violations will be stopped more frequently and we want you to be able to see that this area was chosen for traffic enforcement due to the high level of burglaries. (Vargas, 2009)<br />Imagine the impact on the community in knowing that our Uniformed Officers will take control of the situation and save hundreds of businesses from being burglarized. (City of Brea, 2009) The advice I have where your constituents have received traffic citations is that they pay the citations they’ve received and take care of those matters through the local DPS office. We all want a comfortable city to live in and if we have unsafe drivers, citizens without licenses or with warrants that are not obeying the law then they will receive a citation. If any of your constituents want to appeal the citations they can appeal their citation within ten days of the date the citation was issued. If they wait longer than ten days then they becomes responsible for all fines associated with the citation. (Middlesex County College, 2009) It is everyone’s responsibility to conduct traffic enforcement, not just for our officers but for citizens as well. Our officers were placed in the areas that have high levels of burglary because our department wants to create a “cultural shift” with the evident fact as it has been for many years that enforcing traffic will lead to decreased crime. (Vargas, 2009)<br />After careful consideration of your request the value of our city’s safety is of great importance so these Uniformed Patrols must stay in place and continue apprehending these criminals. Crime infested areas only get worse if no action is taken and if we were to remove our Patrols from this area when there are still burglaries in the area would escalate to even more burglaries and get out of hand not only for our Patrols but for citizens as well. To be fearful to walk down a street you know is infested with crime will keep customers away from these businesses that are being burglarized and eventually that would mean no business in the area which would not be such a good thing. (City of Brea, 2009) Keep in mind that no additional costs have been necessary in conducting the traffic enforcement our officers have been conducting and that no additional training is necessary for them to do what they’ve already been trained to do which is working speed radars, and license plate readers. <br />Please let us know if you have additional questions, concerns, or need additional assistance. <br />Kindly, <br />Carla J. McCoy<br />References<br />City of Brea, (2009) Uniform Patrol Division retrieved on April 6th, 2009 from: <br /><br />Middlesex County College, (2009) Appealing a Ticket retrieved on April 6th, 2009 from: <br /><br />Vargas, C., (2009) Traffic Enforcement in 2 city areas to pick up Garnett New York Network,<br /> Democrat and Chronicle Article, retrieved on April 7th, 2009 from:<br />