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Severe Cuts to Personnel

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County Commissioners Email Unit 3 Ip

  1. 1. Running Head: SEVERE CUTS TO PERSONNEL<br />Severe Cuts to Personnel<br />Carla J. McCoy<br />Unit 3 Individual Projects – CRJ206<br />April 12th, 2009<br />American InterContinental University<br />From:<br />To: <br />Date: April 12th, 2009<br />Subject: Severe cuts to Personnel<br />County Commissioners, <br />Thank You for contacting us about the cuts to my personnel. It is my understanding that there are queuing models that are going to determine the efficiency of every department in the county and that you have accepted the outcome of the study and have only authorized 120 deputies and 70 corrections officers for the following year. With this in mind we have had to make some very difficult decisions about where we were going to allocate our officers and what divisions would lose officers. (AIU Online, 2009)<br />I am asking you to reconsider the severe cuts to my personnel because with these severe cuts to my personnel then we will not be able to provide the level of service in their respective area of responsibility. I have laid out an example for you to review of personnel cuts which would leave an impact on the affected division. I will accommodate any decrease in services that are needed and with that I’ve reviewed the crime statistics for all of Wichita County to better assist my decision of where cuts will be made and in what departments. (AIU Online, 2009)<br />Current PersonnelPatrol - 70 Deputies Investigations - 12 Deputies Civil Service - 15 Deputies Narcotics - 15 Deputies Training - 3 Deputies K9 - 10 Deputies (6 Drug dogs, 2 bomb dogs, 2 tracking dogs) Administrative - 15 Deputies Task forces such as H.I.D.T.A. (High Intensity Drug Trafficking), JTTF (Joint Terrorism Task Force) - 4 Deputies Transport Units for Prisoners - 6 DeputiesAfter Personnel CutsPatrol - 65 Deputies Investigations – 10 DeputiesCivil Service – 8 DeputiesNarcotics – 10 DeputiesTraining – 4 DeputiesK9 – 8 Deputies (3 Drug Dogs, 2 bomb dogs, 2 tracking dogs)Administrative – 6 DeputiesTask forces such as H.I.D.T.A (High Intensity Drug Trafficking), JTTF (Joint Terrorism Task Force) – 4 DeputiesTransport Units for Prisoners – 5 DeputiesAfter reviewing the crime statistics for Wichita County I established a policing policy where eliminating crime may very well be a task that is never accomplished that every officer should remember. I also established a Jurisdiction Comparison so you could see the affect it would have on our Jurisdiction to cut our personnel. First I will show you how I would cut some officers and in what Departments. I currently have 150 deputies within a county of 500,000 residents who fulfill duties such as patrol, investigations, narcotics enforcement, civil service, canine, juvenile services, training and other support activities. I also have 90 corrections officers that staff the county jail. (AIU Online, 2009) <br />Jurisdiction Comparison before Cuts<br />CityPopulationAuthorized StrengthRatioRankingWichita Falls500,0001504.251Burkburnett27,644733.082Iowa Park37,772872.253Vernon49,3221102.144Seymour25,693681.795Graham39,528961.656North Side72,2841191.427<br />(OVPD, 2007)<br />Jurisdiction Comparison after Cuts<br />CityPopulationAuthorized StrengthRatioRankingBurkburnett27,644733.081Iowa Park37,772872.252Vernon49,3221102.143Wichita Falls500,0001202.084Seymour25,693681.795Graham39,528961.656North Side72,2841191.427<br />(OVPD, 2007)<br />I chose not to move any of my personnel from the corrections department because the amount we have there is already lacking. As you can clearly see Commissioner that these Personnel Cuts are not only severe but we would not be able to provide the level of service in their respective area of responsibility and our ranking would go down from #1 to #4. Please reconsider your decision to make these cuts because it is in this department’s best interest as well as the citizens of Wichita Falls Texas. Thank you for your time. I’ll be waiting for your final answer. (AIU Online, 2009)<br />Kindly, <br />References<br />AIU Online, (2009) CRJ206: Unit 3: Problem Solving and Communication Retrieved on April<br /> 12th, 2009, from: AIU Online, Virtual Campus: <br />Oro Valley Police Department, (2007) Police Officer Staffing Report retrieved on April 12th,<br /> 2009 from:<br />