Show Me The Numbers! How Content Marketing Attracts Members, Revenue and Influence


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Most associations are great at creating content – publications, research reports, newsletters, webinars – but then what? Without a “north star,” associations often generate content without understanding who they’re talking to or the story they want to tell. This session teaches the basics of content marketing, how to turn existing content into an integrated strategy, and how to use it to attract and retain members, establish your association as a thought leader and industry influencer, and leverage that for revenue.

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Show Me The Numbers! How Content Marketing Attracts Members, Revenue and Influence

  1. 1. Show Me the Numbers!How Content Marketing AttractsMembers, Revenue and InfluenceCarla JohnsonPrincipal@CarlaJohnson
  2. 2. CARLA JOHNSONPrincipal@CarlaJohnson
  4. 4. CONTENT MARKETINGContent marketing creates a valuableexperience through information thatengages a specific audience and prompts atwo-way conversation.It involves developing and sharing contentthat influences a prospect or customer in away that ultimately creates a profitableexperience.
  5. 5. TEACH don’t tellHELP don’t sellEDUCATE don’t presentTell a STORY, don’t marketTalk about WHY you matter to themKnow WHO you’re talking toA NEW OUTLOOK ONMARKETING
  6. 6. TodayStoryAudienceContent AuditContent Strategy / ExecutionMeasurement
  7. 7. StoriesConnectPeople
  8. 8. Associations SoundLike…• 981 people died in alcohol-related crashes in 2000• Out of 420 pedestrian fatalities, 38% of those testedfor alcohol had been drinking, and most of thesehad BACs over 0.08• Almost nine out of every 10 people killed in alcoholrelated collisions (87.4%) were in or on the drinkingdrivers vehicle (i.e. drivers/operators or passengers)• Almost nine out of every 10 drivers killed in alcohol-related collisions (87.5%) were male• Over half (56%) of the drivers killed in single-vehiclecrashes tested positive for alcohol, compared to only20% of those killed in multiple-vehicle crashes
  9. 9. 5000MESSAGES A DAY
  11. 11. A Great Story AnswersWHY?
  12. 12. For sale.Baby carriage.Never used.
  13. 13. The more I can fill theconsumer’s emotional wellwith brand stories, theless I have to trade on it.-Jonathan MildenhallCoca-Cola 2020 Project
  15. 15. Composite of characteristics of a group ofpeopleUnderstand their perspective, fears, driversand content needsTypes of content:o What drives themo What information matters to them…and wheno How they access itPERSONAS
  16. 16. Karen Olson, CMO / Exec VP / Sr VP“I look for concepts and ideas from a range of resourcesto help me establish a vision for my company that’sunique, and then build a team that can executeseamlessly.”Frustrations/Pressures/Concerns:Keeping abreast of the competition and provingcompany’s expertise while ensuring it stands out in themarketplace in ways different from competitors.Needs/Drivers:Personally - staying up to date, have ideas that stimulateher to connect concepts into something new. MarketingTeam – Needs access to an organization that connectsentire team to create better engagement.What we want her to think:BMA delivers a ready connection to myexec peers to share ideas and advise me.Content Needs:Thought leadership, management, corpculture, prof / personal growth of teamsContent Types:• Articles• Books• Blogs• In-person Exec Events• Research Reports
  17. 17. Mike Kennedy, VP / Sr. Director / Director“I need education that applies to both me and my staff.Brainstorming new ideas is important, because I need totake them to my executive team, and also the team whoreports to me, and know what’s viable.Frustrations/Pressures/Concerns:Having enough resources to accomplish what’sexpected of group. Concerned with efficiencies andtechnologies that actually work once implemented.Needs/Drivers:On-going, relevant education for both him and his team.Needs both strategic insights and hands-on tactics inorder to have intelligent conversations with executivesand the team who reports to him.What we want him to think:BMA helps with my development and thatof my team. BMA connections provevaluable.Content Needs:New ideas, best practices, tech trendsContent Types:• Articles• Blogs• Mobile• Events (in-person and virtual)• Research Reports• Social Media
  18. 18. Linda Anderson, Manager“I understand my role and how I fit into the biggerpicture. I need resources that show best practices so Iunderstand what to focus on. I want to know whatothers “like me” are doing.”Frustrations/Pressures/Concerns:Things are changing quickly, unsure what’s mostimportant. Doesn’t have a lot of time for education, andhas to justify memberships and conferences to showhow they relate to job responsibilities.Needs/Drivers:Finding a source for on-going, relevant education andcareer development. Need to continually learn aboutchanging technologies and how to integrate them.What we want her to think:BMA helps me expand my skills andadvance my career. I can build a strongnetwork to tap when I have questions.Content Needs:Hands-on sales and marketing tacticsContent Types:• Articles (online and print)• Newsletters (online)• Case Studies• How-to Videos• Webinars / Webcasts• Social Media
  19. 19. Talk about what THEY want tohear……not what YOU want to say.
  21. 21. What content do you HAVE?What content does your audiences WANT?What are your GAPS?PRIORITIZE new contentQUALITY MATTERS!! “Nothing” is betterthan crapCRITICALEVALUATION
  22. 22. PERSONA PRE-MEMBER MEMBER LAPSED MEMBERKaren Olson ArticlesBooksBlogsIn-Person Exec EventsResearch ReportsHaveNeedMike Kennedy ArticlesBlogsMobileEvent (Virtual & In Person)Research ReportsSocial MediaHaveNeedLinda Anderson Articles (Online/Print)Newsletters (Online)Case StudiesHow-to VideosWebinars/WebcastsSocial MediaHaveNeed
  23. 23. PERSONA PRE-MEMBER MEMBER LAPSED MEMBERKaren Olson Articles – Building CorpCultureIn-Person Exec Events –Industry TrendsNEED -Book – Professional /Industry InsightsBlog – On-going –How to developteamsNEED -In-Person ExecEvents – IndustryTrendsResearch Reports –Technology TrendsNEED -Mike Kennedy Blogs – On-going – BestPracticesResearch Reports – TechImplementationSocial MediaNEED -Mobile – EfficiencyAppsVirtual Events – Howto Integrate TechSocial MediaNEED -In-Person Events –“Best Of” IndustryTrendsSocial MediaNEED -Linda Anderson Newsletters (Online) –Business WritingSocial MediaNEED -Webinars/Webcasts– Social Media BasicsSocial MediaNEED -How-to Videos –Content MarketingSocial MediaNEED -
  25. 25. WHAT’s your business objective?WHO are you talking to? (Personas)WHEN in their decision-making process?WHERE/HOW are they connecting with you?WHAT do they want to know?WHY do you matter to them? (Story)CONTENT STRATEGY
  26. 26. 1 - KeynotePresentation2 – Context / Challenge3 – Solution4 – Case Study / ExampleBLOGVIDEO5 – Speaker Pre-Event6 – Attendees During7 – Speaker Post-EventNEWSLETTER8 – Pre-Event - Context9 – Post-Event – Solution12 – Business Problem13 – Marketing / TechProblemRESEARCH PAPER10 - INFOGRAPHIC11 - WEBINAR
  27. 27. V E R Y W H E R EU B L I S HN C ER E A T EEPOC
  29. 29. 1. Tie to your association’s objectives2. Know what’s important to measure3. Measure what drives the behavior you want4. Use metrics to make refinement5. Be patientMEASUREMENTGUIDELINES
  30. 30. MEMBERSHIPYou have a STORY to tell (peopleconnect with people, not data)You STAND OUT from the clutterYou capture their EMOTIONALattentionYou JUSTIFY their investment
  31. 31. You have a STORY to tellYou have a POINT OF VIEWYou have PROOF POINTS of howyour perspective influences behaviorWHY you exist helps clarify WHATthey do and HOW they do itINFLUENCE
  32. 32. REVENUEInvestors know WHO you reachYou can show the VALUE of what youdeliver through an emotional (story)formatYou can PROVE how their investmentcontributes to / elevates the association• Custom Research• Sponsored Events• Content that Generates Revenue
  33. 33. Carla Johnson, PrincipalType A Communications(720) 344-0987carla@goTypeA.comwww.goTypeA.comType A Communications@carlajohnsonCarla JohnsonCarla Johnson