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Passing the PMP Exam: From Distress to Success


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PMP Trainer Elaine Jackson, PMP and Carla Fair-Wright, PMP, MCP, ASQ CSQE joined to share their experiences and lessons learned, with the hope of providing a much needed holistic approach for those preparing for the PMP exam.

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Passing the PMP Exam: From Distress to Success

  1. 1. Passing the PMP ExamFrom Distress to Success
  2. 2. About UsElaine T. Jackson, PMPCEO, Holistic Project Management ConsultingElaine Jackson is a highly proficient and dedicated Project Management Coachwho enjoys teaching project managers techniques that lead to passing theProject Management Certification Exam with total confidence!Elaine Jackson achieved her Project Management Professional (PMP)Certification in 2008. Elaine has perfected the PMP Exam study process andhas a closing rate of 95%. Elaine Jackson’s mission is to assist ProjectManagers world-wide, in virtual and face-to-face environments, to be mostready for the PMP Certification ExamShe holds a BS in Biology from Marymount College, Tarrytown, NY and is agraduate from the Entrepreneurial Business Training Program in Andover, MA.
  3. 3. About UsCarla Fair-Wright, PMP, ASQ CSQE, MCPExecutive Director, Optimal Consulting LLCCarla is an ASQ Certified Software Quality Engineer and Microsoft CertifiedProfessional with a BS in Computer Science, and Associate Degrees inElectronic Technology and Technical Management.She has more than 20 years experience as a project manager and softwareprofessional in the computer industry. Carla achieved her PMP certificationin 2009 and is a longtime member of the Project Management Institute(PMI). She is a founding member of the Project Managers of Houston(PMOH), a non profit organization that assists nonprofits to provide greatersocial impact.
  4. 4. From Distress to Success 15 Exceptional Study Techniques for passing the PMP Exam• Studying for the PMP exam is very demanding.• We offer some great suggestions on how to make the process easier, fun, and complete.• Our technique goes one step further than most PMP Preps because we also teach you how to manage your emotional well-being during the exam.
  5. 5. PMP RoadmapPreparation• Determine Your Approach• Set Your CalendarsStudy Plan• What, When, Where• 360 StrategyTest• Before the Exam• During the Exam
  6. 6. Session OutlineTip 01 - Not All PMP Programs Are The SameTip 02 - Choosing Your PMP Exam DateTip 03 - Master Time ManagementTip 04 - Study HoursTip 05 - Cheat Sheets Really Do WorkTip 06 - Develop A Positive Mental AttitudeTip 07 - Exercise -The Easy WayTip 08 - MindmappingTip 09 - Mock Exams - Take Or Dont TakeTip 10 - Nutrition And Brain PowerTip 11 - Stop Telling Everyone Your PMP BusinessTip 12 - Studying With MusicTip 13 - The Power Of SleepTip 14 - Test Taking StrategiesTip 15 - Control Stress
  7. 7. Are All PMP Programs Equal? Which program is best for your studying needs? Compare schools and programs! Which program agrees with study style? Should you just look at cost? Graphic design from collection of Oliver Lehmann
  8. 8. Get Correct Information Graphic design from collection of Oliver Lehmann
  9. 9. Study Hours• How much studying is enough?• When are you ready to take the PMP Exam?• What if you are not ready to take the exam?• Strange feelings I get when I think of the PMP Exam?
  10. 10. Mindmapping•Prepare to expand your memory•Test day acrobatics•Mental acquisition of your cheat sheet•What learning material stimulates for greater learning: schematics / graphs/ charts/ text / colorsStart smallExpand to more intense areas of training material "How do you eat an Elephant ? one-bite-at-a-time!”Memorization based on colors in the long and mid wavelength rangesof the color spectrum.
  11. 11. Cheat Sheets Do Work• Are you studying to your best advantage?• Are you stuck on some topics?• How to understand everything for the exam?• Approaches to an intense test.
  12. 12. Mock ExamsHow To Validate Mock Exam Sources?Are Mock Exams Prior PMP Exams?How Many Mock Exams are needed?Mock test scores to measure exam readiness
  13. 13. Should you be talking?
  14. 14. Your PMP Business• Limit information sharing• Don’t allow others to interfere with your study time• Add study time onto your calendar as an event• Only cancel study for really urgent issues• Announce test date when ready
  15. 15. Your PMP Exam Date• Choose training program based on end date• Dont be afraid to change your PMP test date• Schedule time off from work before your exam date
  16. 16. PMP RoadmapPreparation• Not All PMP Programs Are The Same• Choosing Your PMP Exam Date• Master Time Management• Study Hours
  17. 17. PMP RoadmapPMP Study Tips• Cheat Sheets Really Do Work• Develop A Positive Mental Attitude• Exercise -The Easy Way• Mindmapping• Mock Exams - Take Or Dont Take• Nutrition And Brain Power• Stop Telling Everyone Your PMP Business• Studying With Music• The Power Of Sleep
  18. 18. Positive Mental Attitude• Emotions are tied in with memory• Negative thinking can impact your ability to recall• Being positive causes sharpens your focus and you think clearer.
  19. 19. Positive Mental Attitude Positive Thinking Techniques:1. Write It Down 5. Use A Vision Board2. Replacement 6. Circle of Encouragement3. Positive Affirmations 7. Celebrate The Small Steps4. Visualization
  20. 20. Exercise -The Easy Way • What is the best remedy for any fears or anxiety about taking the PMP Exam: EXERCISE. • Aim for Aerobic exercise such as walking, jogging, swimming, or cycling for 30-60 minutes every day. • Aerobic exercise helps improve blood flow which transports oxygen and glucose to your brain.
  21. 21. Nutrition And Brain Power• What you eat can affect how well you study.• A diet rich in essential fatty acids, fruits and vegetables does wonders for your brain power.• Relationship of Glucose and cognitive performance
  22. 22. Master Time Management • Studying for the PMP is really about time - management, discipline, and perspective • These are things within your control. • Develop a long-range study plan
  23. 23. Studying With Music• Studies have found that music can: • Reduce Stress • Aid Relaxation • Alleviate Depression • Help you store and recall information
  24. 24. The Power Of Sleep• Sleep is crucial for your Brain• Sleep Hygiene Tips • Maintain A Regular Sleep Routine • Avoid naps if possible • Don’t stay in bed awake for more than 5-10 minutes. • Exercise regularly
  25. 25. PMP Roadmap Taking The Test• Test Strategies that Work• Controlling Stress
  26. 26. Test Strategies• Are you prepared mentally?• Things to bring with you.• How to take the test.
  27. 27. Control Stress• Stress is Good?• Your goal should be "Stress management" and not stress elimination.• Techniques for Controlling Stress • Breathe • Stretch • Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle
  28. 28. Passing the PMP ExamFrom Distress to Success
  29. 29. Questions
  30. 30. Focus GroupLike to part of our focus group for our book?Send your name, email address, phone# to carla.fair@hotmail.comIn the subject line: FDTS Focus Group