Let’s Play Dress-Up: Worker’s Edition


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Confused on what to wear to work? Well today is your lucky day . What to Wear to Work ,What not to wear to work , & how to shop on a budget.

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Let’s Play Dress-Up: Worker’s Edition

  1. 1. Let’s Play Dress-Up: Worker’s Edition Carla Cook
  2. 2. Women: Beware Never Don’t Try this At Work ● For Women ; the more skin you show, the less influence you have. ● Sheer fabrics, short skirts, shorts, Spandex, and bare midriffs. ● Sunglasses as a headband are only appropriate ; while going out for lunch with friends. ● Flips are Extremely Annoying and Distracting ● Low Rise or Hip Hugger pants or jeans are a no go
  3. 3. Men: Do not under any-Circumstances ● nothing says "I don't take my job seriously" more than wearing short. ● Wrinkled khakis and a stained or faded polo shirt is the same as wearing gym shorts and a band teacher ● Hats nor shirts should be darker than your tie ● T-shirts with text across the front or back are what you wear when you pick up your last paycheck ● Cargos look too casual and do not inspire confidence in your superiors or clients while you're at work.
  4. 4. Women: Fashion Fun At Work ● Shirts should be long enough to cover midriff or any undergarments ● Shoes should be Clean and free of scuff-marks ● Sleek pencil skirts and pretty, ladylike voluminous numbers
  5. 5. Men: What you should be wearing? ● NAVY SUIT.Navy is serious and sharp, and a two-button suit is also appropriate ● A crisp white shirt is the building block of every man's wardrobe ● Buttoned up? One finger should fit between your neck and the shirt.
  6. 6. Did you know COLOR plays an important role? ❏ Red (aggressive) ❏ Navy (trustworthy) ❏ Gray (conservative) ❏ Black (chic)
  7. 7. Last Minute Rules ● The Do-I-look-Stupid? Rule. If you have to ask it, don’t wear it ● The Sausage Rule. Tight clothing doesn’t make you look smaller ● The Flag Rule. Horizontal stripes should only be worn by flags For More Information: Read More at What Not To Wear : A Fashion Guide ● Keep your straps under wraps. Make sure your shirt is buttoned up properly. ● Keep your hemlines in check. Super-short skirts should be saved for evenings ● Don’t get too wacky. It’s fine to express your personal style, but keep it refined. For More Information: Read More at 10 RULES FOR A CHIC WORKPLACE WARDROBE Men Women
  8. 8. Blogs to Help “Business Chic”on a Budget ★ Putting Me Together ★ PennyChic ★ The Budget Babe ★ Budget Fashionista ★ Frugal Fashionista ★ The Recessionista
  9. 9. More Information ★ Modern Etiquette: What not to wear to work in summer ★ Attire for Hire: What not to wear ★ 10 Work-Wear Essentials ★ How to Dress for Success ★ Business Attire for Men : What to Wear to Work ★ What is Business Professional