Preparing your business for the next level of social media by Digital Visitor


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Social media is evolving at an alarming rate. Even in the last 6 months we've seen some social media sites rise to the limelight whilst others fade into the distance. Most European travel companies have now implemented some form of social media initiatives. The question is - what next?

This presentation by Digital Visitor's Managing Director was given at the Online Marketing and Social Media Strategies For Travel Conference in Prague 2010.

Some of the questions asked in the session included:

- How is social media likely to evolve and how can you ensure your business is in the best position to capitalise on it?
- Issues still remain as to how to drive engagement and real return. Is the ROI there to justify developing your social media strategy further?
- To what extent will social media influence the way we buy and sell travel in the future? - Which up and coming social media sites should we watch out for?
- How is social media evolving in other parts of the world and what can we learn from this?

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Preparing your business for the next level of social media by Digital Visitor

  1. 1. Preparing Your Business for The Next Level of Social Media By Anthony Rawlins Digital Visitor
  2. 2. Introduction Social media and social networking solutions to the global leisure and travel industry. 200+ social media solutions globally Integrated seamlessly with existing applications and websites to deliver increased traffic, enquires, business, loyalty... Clients include:
  3. 3. Over the last 12 months A changed landscape. Top 3 1 An explosion in travel specific social media websites. 2 Reviews and social media are more popular than ever 3 Fastest growing demographic are over 50s. 42% now have FB or Twitter profile cf. 22% , 12 months ago
  4. 4. Where does this leave us? The biggest challenge is surely – Which channels should I Invest in? Our answer is ALL of them. Many companies are now investing in their own communities and social media environments P and O, Eurostar, Virgin Holidays, Flight Centre, Kuoni, Contiki, VJV, My Sweden, STA years ago and many others... A shift in social media activity Your own solution should be at the centre of all your social media activity.
  5. 5. Q .Why build your own community? A. To maximise the benefit of your own social media By Creating a HUB on your own website -staff and online visitors alike can contribute to your marketing. This content can be distributed far and wide to drive traffic BACK to your website 1 review = 15 organic visitors per annum 1 review per day = 2.5 x facebook fan group per month
  6. 6. Distribute your content far and wide Key drivers of FB group activity is content – give them what they want. Facebook Connect Tube Mogul Hootsuite
  7. 7. Distribute your content far and wide ‘ShareThis’ button Connects your content to over 287 social media websites
  8. 8. Distribute your content far and wide By encouraging all social media activity first and foremost in your own community, then distributing this content far and wide across all the social media sites of the world, this provides traffic back to your own site AND also generates additional organic traffic to your own website. Why build your own community?
  9. 9. London Clubs International Casinos, owned by Harrahs – Caesars, best casinos and clubs in Las Vegas KPIs are repeat visits and visits to new venues in the group Staff Staff update FB 1 year = 1000 reviews = 15,000 new organic visitors p.a Content still goes on Facebook group – but indexed on their own site
  10. 10. London Clubs International Visitors Add content themselves Create groups Add profile information to allow tailored communications to them
  11. 11. The next 12 months... Relevancy Already begun with Trip Advisor Our most forward thinking clients are asking for RELEVANCY Don’t need to see 1000 reviews Need to see a few relevant to me
  12. 12. The next 12 months... Relevancy Using a community members can be profiled delivered highly specific content and adverts Where do you want to go on holiday next? What activities are you interested in? See reviews by families with kids the same age as yours etc. Relevancy index will surpass number of reviews Next years challenge is relevancy...
  13. 13. Thank you Anthony Rawlins or through LinkedIN