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Instructor-created Surveys in Online Classes


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Instructor-created Surveys in Online Classes

  1. 1. Instructor-created Surveys in Online Classes Carla Bradley Rebecca Waldo
  2. 2. Goals 1. Understand purpose of surveys at beginning of course/during course. 2. Learn hints for creating surveys and survey questions. 3. Preview tools for survey creation and deployment. 4. Create survey questions for use this semester.1/12/2012 Free Template from 2
  3. 3. ITC Awards for Outstanding Fully Online Course
  4. 4. OTC Online Course Delivery
  5. 5. Information on Surveys • Surveys help determine present facts (e.g., how many hours per week do you study?). • Surveys are limiting for 1) self-reporting of past behavior, 2) predicting future behavior, 3) determining why and how a person does what he or she does. customer-surveys/article2297292/?cmpid=tgc1/12/2012 Free Template from 5
  6. 6. Survey at Beginning of Course • Identify needs and goals. • Set expectations. • Guide to resources for online learning.1/12/2012 Free Template from 6
  7. 7. Excerpts from Online Chinese Course Pre-course Survey1/12/2012 Free Template from 7
  8. 8. Excerpts from Online Chinese Course Pre-course Survey1/12/2012 Free Template from 8
  9. 9. Survey at Midterm/During Course • Identify areas to adjust for student learning/pacing. • Encourage self-assessment by students of progress.1/12/2012 Free Template from 9
  10. 10. Bb Survey Student Instructions1/12/2012 Free Template from 10
  11. 11. Student Time Commitment (Multiple Choice)1/12/2012 Free Template from 11
  12. 12. Student Feedback (Opinion/Likert Scale)1/12/2012 Free Template from 12
  13. 13. Student Feedback (Essay Question)1/12/2012 Free Template from 13
  14. 14. Student Feedback (Essay Question)1/12/2012 Free Template from 14
  15. 15. Excerpts from Online Chinese Course Survey (Multiple Answer)1/12/2012 Free Template from 15
  16. 16. Excerpts from Online Chinese Course Survey1/12/2012 Free Template from 16
  17. 17. Survey at End of Course • Created and deployed through OTC Office of Strategic Research and Planning. • Previously created and deployed through OTC Online.1/12/2012 Free Template from 17
  18. 18. Bb Survey Tool- Creating Survey1/12/2012 Free Template from 18
  19. 19. Bb Survey Tool- Deploying Survey1/12/2012 Free Template from 19
  20. 20. Survey Monkey • Create your survey in many languages. • Create live charts and graphs. • Save results as PDF file. • Free- 10 questions and 100 responses per survey with 15 template limit. Jingfang Satow- Coastline Community College1/12/2012 Free Template from 20
  21. 21. Zoomerang • Extremely easy to navigate and set up, information needed for sign-up is minimal. • Free – Unlimited surveys and polls, 12 questions per survey up to 100 responses. • Real time results • Easily export results to Excel • Ability to create a new survey based on old ones.1/12/2012 Free Template from 21
  22. 22. Question Tips • Avoid using “I” – Example: “I want to know if you want weekday or weekend assignments.” vs. “Would you prefer assignments that are due on weekdays or weekends?” • Keep questions positive – Example: “What do you not like…” vs. “How can I improve…” • Create questions that are short and simple, when possible.1/12/2012 Free Template from 22
  23. 23. Closing Hints • Proofread, read aloud, take a break between creating survey and deploying survey. • Keep surveys short. • Consider assigning points.1/12/2012 Free Template from 23