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  • roommates or close friends or coupleauto evaluation + roommates evaluationafter a week of observation and reparation another survey to contrast the results. OJO: How can willpower bustle or derail us from the real objective?
  • Investigation proposal

    1. 1. Willpower: Our missing Moxie By: Carla J. Figueroa-Garcia RISE Program – Chemistry Dept. Prof. Edgar Llera-Santos Biology 3009 S
    2. 2. IntroductionS Willpower is a combined word that in any part of the world and in any language generally means the same. It is the ability to resist short-term gratification in the pursuit of long-term goals or objectives, according to the American Psychology Association (APA). Willpower is what drives us everyday and in every situation. Many theories and speculations exist about willpowers origins and what affects it, one of this factors is the culture. A culture determines a societies development, education, religion, etc. This is why willpower is our missing moxie.
    3. 3. ProblemS Up to what extent can the Puerto Rican culture influence our willpower trough the upbringing and the education?
    4. 4. HypothesisS A human being can achieve anything that he proposes if he has a good self-esteem and upbringing that compliment its willpower.
    5. 5. ObjectivesS To study trough a modified quantitative survey and interview research the impact level of the Puerto Rican culture in the willpower of the population of undergraduates students of the University of Puerto Rico in Cayey.S To design, in a collaborative work with a psychologist, a survey and different tests that will not only be used in the investigation, but that can also be used in the future as standard measuring system by doctors or investigators.
    6. 6. MethodologyS The organism that is going to be study is the human and the population will be undergraduate students of the University of Puerto Rico in Cayey.S Students will be selected by pairs. This pairs maybe roommates, close friends, siblings, family or couples.S To collect the necessary data two surveys will be administered. One will be filled by the person and the other one by its couple. It is designed this way so that there will be two points of view to compare.
    7. 7. MethodologyS Also the subjects will be interviewed by a professional psychologist to observe their response to different tests that are part of the standard measuring system that will be designed.S All of the information will be confidential between the investigator and the subject. Only the PI and the psychologist will have access to the information that is collected.
    8. 8. Expected ResultsS Children that are raised in stable and nurturing environments with discipline and morals are stronger individuals that are more likely to succeed in anything that they propose to themselves.S Children that are raised in unstable homes with no disciple, morals nor age appropriate surroundings or education will have a poor willpower and as a consequence will not achieve what they may propose to themselves.
    9. 9. ReferencesS What you need to know about willpower: The psychological science of self-control. (n.d.). Retrieved from