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The Story So Far - Blocks - Developing Modular Smartwatches


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An exhibition by Serge @ Blocks of their modular smartwatch. Presented at Wearables London.
@WearablesLondon @ChooseBlocks

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The Story So Far - Blocks - Developing Modular Smartwatches

  1. 1. General Everyday User mostly for fitness & notifications Health Care Manufacturing Sports Venue Access Energy Gaming Insurance Defence Elderly Care Retail Security Shipping
  2. 2. activity tracking smartphone notifications voice control
  3. 3. Shell Lock Screw 8-Pin Flex Connector Connection Locking Pin Release button Connection port
  4. 4. BLOCKS means no compromise
  5. 5. An open platform for wearable technology
  6. 6. 150,000+ Unique subscribers on email and social media 5,000+ Developers and Product Evangelists $1,600,000 Online Pre-sales on Kickstarter
  7. 7. v vv Best Commercial Potential Awarded by His Royal Highness Duke of York 2016 Game Changer Awarded by Best Concept Design 2015 Awarded by Reddot v COMPUTEX d&i Awards Winner of 2016 v v v v v v v vv v v People’s Choice Award Awaded by Intel CEO PRESS AND AWARDS
  8. 8. BUSINESS MODEL User buy-in. Main watchface with core functionality v v Selling Modules Selling 3rd Party Modules v B2B and B2B2C solutions for clients ~$250 per core ~$40 per module ~$5 per module Based on task Recurring revenues. High Margins. Licensing Fee Model for Module Developers. Long term strategy. Enter niche markets at low R&D costs. v
  9. 9.