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Criteria for curriculum assessment


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Criteria for curriculum assessment

  2. 2. CRITERIA are a set of standards to be followed. CURRICULUM set of courses and content offered which serves as guide or backbone of school or university. ASSESSMENT process of gathering, describing or quantifying of something.
  3. 3. CRITERIA FOR CURRICULUM ASSESSSMENT - set of standards to be followed in assessing the curriculum.
  4. 4. CRITERIA FOR GOALS AND OBJECTIVES GOALS  broad statements of curricular expectations or targets. OBJECTIVES  most specific statements of curricular expectations or targets.
  5. 5. Purpose of Formulation of Goals and Instructional Objectives: To have focus on curriculum and instruction which give direction to where students need to go. To meet the requirements specified in the policies and standards of curriculum and instruction. To provide the students’ the best possible education and describe the students’ level of performance. To monitor the progress of students based on the goals set. To motivate students to learn and the teachers to be able to feel a sense of competence when goals are attained.
  6. 6. Elements in Formulating Goals and Objectives: Content Behavior Criterion Condition
  7. 7. General Criteria in Writing Effective Goals and Objectives: Syntactic correctness Compliance with legal requirements The “Stranger Test” Both knowledge and behavior are addressed The “So-What” Test Individualization Common Sense