Bev rage investor pitch deck (original)


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Bev rage investor pitch deck (original)

  1. 1. Investor Pitch Deck TM Advanced Cooler Technology Made For Today’s Environment TM
  2. 2. The Market 275,000,000+ Yearly Active Enthusiasts Football Cookouts Car Baseball Racing Sports 40,000,000+ Beach & Concerts Camping Catering Boating Outdoors 136,000,000+ Food Trucks Boating Aircraft Business & Others 100,000+
  3. 3. Stats Links
  4. 4. The Opportunity The Problem The market mainly consists of coolers that have been designed for adventure & party enthusiasts to store beverages that are chilled with ice and/or frozen gel packs. This may be considered a practical and economical concept, however these designs do not address convenience, time management, freshness, health & safety or the needs of business owners such as caterers. The current method requires individuals to consume beverages out of cans, plastic bottles and even glass bottles, or pour them into a cup, which is a two step process. In addition, at larger gatherings, this is highly inconvenient, inefficient, poses unnecessary dangers and risks to attendees, reduces beverage quality, decreases revenues, has a higher cost factor, and the serving methods are simply BLAH! in·con·ven·ient /ˌinkәnˈvēn-yәnt/ stale /stāl/ Adjective Causing trouble, difficulties, or discomfort. Adjective (of food) No longer fresh and pleasant to eat or drink; hard, or dry: "stale bread". Synonyms uncomfortable - incommodious - awkward disadvantageous Verb Make or become stale or flat. Synonyms dried - insipid - tasteless - faded in·ef·fi·cient /ˌiniˈfiSHәnt/ Adjective Not achieving maximum productivity; wasting or failing to make the best use of time or resources. Synonyms ineffective - incompetent - incapable ineffectual cost·ly /ˈkôstlē/ Adjective 1. Costing a lot; expensive. 2. Causing suffering, loss, or disadvantage. Synonyms expensive - dear - valuable - sumptuous rich dan·ger·ous /ˈdānjәrәs/ bor·ing /ˈbôriNG/ Adjective Able or likely to cause harm or injury. Adjective Not interesting; tedious. Synonyms perilous - hazardous - risky - unsafe parlous Synonyms tedious - tiresome - dull - bothersome humdrum
  5. 5. TM Today’s options... What BevRAGE provides... Inconvenient Simplify You can load a variety of beverages including Mini Kegs, 2 & 3 Liter Pop Bottles, Soda or individual bottles and cans, but you need to remove individually to serve them. You can load up to 8 assorted beverages including Mini Kegs, 2 & 3 Liter Pop Bottles or Soda, and never have to remove them from the cooler to serve a drink. Inefficient Beverages must be removed and served as is, or removed and poured from individual containers. This is time consuming and can also be very costly. Dangerous Glass bottles and cans are constant potential dangers in any environment. Stale Over a short period of time, carbonated beverages will go flat due to constant opening and closing, where air is released. Efficient The dispensing system allows you a choice of up to 10 beverage options, and serves them up within seconds. Safety All beverages served in cups, completely eliminating glass bottles and cans, and any potential dangers from the partying environment as well as cross contamination. Tasty The Beverage Dispensing System continually maintains a consistent level of carbonation in all beverage options. Costly Economical The purchase of individual bottles and cans add extra unnecessary expense. The costs for Mini Kegs and 2 & 3 Liter Bottles are far more economical, and reduce overall expense.
  6. 6. The Products Ice Cooled & Thermo Cooled Model Shown is our working Garage Model (Electric & 12V) Portable Multi Beverage Dispensing Chiller
  7. 7. Possible Colors For Retail & Athletic Series Hunting Outdoors Nautical Football Football Baseball Car Racing Car Racing Basketball Hockey Soccer Business Model Shown is our working Garage Model
  8. 8. Here’s a snapshot of the model we are developing, and intend to bring to market....
  9. 9. The Players David J. Fire Carl Pion Director R & D Director Global Operations The creator of the amazing BevRAGE CDS combines his 30+ years in the bar and entertainment industry and a highly imaginative mind to take BevRage International brands to a new level. A serial entrepreneur with a highly creative mind and unparalled work ethic. A business executive with over 30 years experience in a variety of sectors including apparel, NANO technology and energy. And his long list of contacts wont hurt a bit. Alain C. Arnould John Holt Daniel Sparks CEO Head of Business Development Head of Product Development Our CEO is a highly experienced negotiator and contracting specialist. and an education that includes a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Education Certification in Social Science, and he is a veteran of the US Army. Mr. Holt currently serves as President and Director, of Informed Resources, an international marketing company providing management consulting services to companies in the greater Philadelphia area. John will bring his 17 years of service with Fortune 500 companies to BevRAGE International. Daniel has been involved in the area of technology for over thirty (30) years. He has developed an extensive list of contacts and connections in the Asia Rim manufacturing sector that will serve as great assets to our company. He is the former Vice President for Commodore Computers, for which he spent numerous years living abroad in China, Malaysia, and Korea.
  12. 12. Current Status X X Over $80,000 Skin In Game Landing Page FB Page Twitter Promotion Partial Market Validation X $0.00 Raised Seed X Seed Capital Required - Up To $50K (2 Draw Downs) Round I Capital Required - $3.15M (2 to 4 Draw Downs) Terms - Major Equity Stake + Royalties (TBD) Funding Goals: ๏ ๏ ๏ ๏ ๏ ๏ ๏ Finalize Market Validation Raise Seed Capital Finalize Engineered Schematics Build Official Presentation Prototypes Fill Out Team Secure Corporate Office & Distribution Center Fill Orders & Buy Inventory Build Official Prototype Round 1 Capital
  13. 13. Status In the latter part of 2012 until today, we have been completing our MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and various other strategies to bring attention to, and determine the potential success of our product. With our Garage Model, we went to market and completed the following BETA. ๏ The product was staged and tested at a variety of venues that included Tailgating, Private Parties, and Home Cookouts in an effort to get feedback from our users and testers. ๏ Although the majority of our beta tests were successful, we have and continue to make minor adjustments to further improve our product and ensure that it is market ready. ๏ We have prepared Sample Surveys to get additional feedback, and to further validate our future market presence. These surveys are ongoing. ๏ We have launched our Website Landing Page, Facebook Page and Twitter Page to bring attention to our brand. Use of Funds To date, we have invested just over USD $80,000 of skin to get the BevRAGE Multi Beverage Dispensing Chiller to where it is today. In order to get to market, there are still several crucial steps, and financial requirements that need to be accomplished, which are outlined below. ๏ In order to finalize concrete production costs, we need to complete STEP/IGES 3D CAD Drawings for our production facility. ๏ We need to raise USD$50,000 of Seed Capital so that we can: a. Develop our Official Prototypes ($35,000) b. Begin our Sales & Marketing campaigns with North American Distributors and Dealers ($15,000) ๏ We have estimated that we will require USD $3,150,000 of Round 1 Capital so that we may: a. b. c. d. Build out our team Secure a corporate office and distribution facility Purchase product for booked orders Purchase inventory required to fill small orders
  14. 14. Get In Touch David J Fire Call Director R & D (404) 200-0656 Carl Pion Call Director Operations (647) 624-3801 Email David Email Carl Prepared by BevRAGE International, Atlanta, GA - BevRAGE is a Trademarked Logo of BevRAGE International