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Don't DIY Your Video Hardware, Do It Right


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Don't DIY Your Video Hardware, Do It Right

  1. 1. Managing Your Own Video Hardware? Compared to OEM appliance manufacturers, DIY compromises performance and efficiency with a higher total cost of ownership (TCO). Turning to a specialized OEM appliance manufacturer like MBX not only provides better- engineered video hardware at a more affordable price, but also specialized services, including logistics, support, and more. DIY DIY HowWeDoIt > Automated electronic records for every component and applied settings eliminate guesswork and provide nimble, accurate response > Extensive R&D behind hardware selection allows MBX to design for performance and quality, eliminate over-spec’d hardware, and adhere to vendor roadmaps for component lifecycle management > Our Support Team offers guidance and assistance on software operating systems, formation of custom scripts and drivers, and integration for your development team Engineering Next to software development, the engineering manpower behind your software/hardware integration is one of your most valuable assets. According to industry standards, it takes six in-house engineers to bring a new product to market. Is your headcount on par? MBX engineers work in tandem with your development staff to create optimized hardware with the following features: > Mechanical design engineers develop custom parts, and design specialists create unique branding for a superior “out of the box” user experience Who do leading video/broadcast/media companies rely on to expertly manufacture their high-touch video hardware deployment? MBX Systems. It may be hard to conceive that outsourcing your hardware program can improve performance and efficiency with a lower TCO, but MBX has helped hundreds of companies with complicated applications do just that. Our engineering team regularly takes on extraordinary requirements and solves what others deem impossible in customized platform design, configuration and manufacturing. When others say no, MBX says yes. Combine this with our flexible program services—custom branding, global logistics, supply chain management and end user support—and the result is a pain-free hardware program.
  2. 2. 99% DEFECT FREE HowWeDoIt Manufacturing & Supply Chain System manufacturing requires a scalable infrastructure to manage demand plus trained manpower to complete orders. Ample components must be in stock and ready for use at any moment, with a responsive supply chain network to manage the flow of parts and avoid EOL surprises. All together, it’s understandable why industry metrics show DIY manufacturing to be 67% more expensive than OEM system manufacturers. Reduce those costs and watch your bottom line grow with MBX. Our infrastructure, along with our manufacturing and supply chain processes, ensures your systems ship on time and error-free. We have: > A US-based 84,000 ft2 facility that creates the foundation for scalable manufacturing, with capacity to build 16,000 – 20,000 systems per shift per month > Infrastructure to simultaneously configure up to 40 systems per work cell > Custom-developed software to automate the manufacturing process, with technician cross-training to prevent bottlenecks > Tier One hardware vendor partnerships, such as Intel Platinum, HP OEM Integrator and Seagate Cloud Builder, to improve supply chain responsiveness and economies of scale > Advanced 90-day notification of EOL hardware components to procure last-buy inventory from vendors and initiate a timely platform modification Quality Performance is rooted in implementing quality processes to prevent defects from square one. The industry average for DIY builders’ quality defects is 1 in 10 systems, and considering the expense and overhead to eliminate defects relative to their frequency, costs quickly add up. MBX maintains an industry leading 99.4% defect free manufacturing process. Our ongoing initiatives to keep quality in the forefront of our operations include: > Work center specialization to divide the build process into discrete tasks > Quality controls at each workstation for early error detection and reduced rework costs and delays > iPad-based picking process and barcode scanners to flag picking mistakes in real time > Visual build documents displayed at the relevant work center to reduce assembly errors (every component location, cable turn, and screw torque level is diagrammed) > Defect review team to diagnose and resolve the most frequent build errors
  3. 3. economy ofscale fastertime tomarket = fewer headaches 98%CUSTOMER SATISFACTION HowWeDoIt Logistics Every stage of building and deploying systems poses its challenges, but managing logistics in-house can easily cause the most headaches – especially global logistics. Beyond international shipping and warranty support, deals can be won or lost on global responsiveness with services such as inventory stocking, remanufacturing, and RMA advance replacement. MBX expands the gateway for global logistics, and shortens the distance between you and your customers with: > Forward stocking throughout Europe, Latin America and APAC, plus access to hundreds of stocking locations worldwide > Software imaging, final assembly, and re-manufacturing services in EU > Carefully managed regulations for documentation, freight handling, and duties and taxes > Advanced Replacement Program “spare in the air” cross- shipping for RMAs > In-country coordination when required for customs brokers or freight forwarders Global Support Want to reduce costs and generate revenue? The ability to provide support services without the administration responsibilities, plus the opportunity to offer value-added support such as extended warranties and global onsite support, can help you reach those goals. As a DIY system builder, can you balance support services, improve support offerings, and grow customer satisfaction on your own? You can with MBX. Our Support Team helps customers gain a competitive advantage by developing programs for support services such as: > Lifetime worldwide telephone support with direct contact to US-based support specialists > Consultation to match logistics and support service levels with end user requirements > Industry-leading system warranties up to 3 years standard, with optional 4- or 5-year extended warranties > 24/7 technical support options for rapid hardware troubleshooting and diagnosis > Global support programs with onsite service including 4-hour and next-day response > RMA repair programs performed in the US and EU with expedited cross-shipping > Real-time support tracking through the MBX Customer Portal
  4. 4. About MBX Systems MBX is a global manufacturer of customized hardware and storage solutions for application developers and service providers that deploy their applications on single-purpose systems. We handle some of the toughest deployments in the video industry, and we’ve provided optimized hardware solutions and high-touch services since 1995. MBX turnkey program services include hardware branding, custom parts, software imaging, global inventory and logistics, 3-year standard warranties, onsite support, and more. This breadth and flexibility of program services, coupled with our industry-leading customer portal, are what differentiates MBX from other large-scale manufacturers. Our flexibility is not at the expense of scalability. We designed our manufacturing floor within our 84,000-ft2 US facility from the ground up for rapid system manufacturing. We also developed our own automated production technology to support quality-driven customization. Winning numerous awards, including Quality magazine’s 2012 Plant of the Year, MBX leads the industry in quality and maintains 99.4% defect-free workmanship.