Housing considerations for_people_with_autism


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  • This diagram shows how the various aspects of the Triad interact
    All flow from the underlying impairment in Imagination- the core cognitive deficit rooted in brain development
    Key points
    Although not part of the triad of impairments, anxiety present in almost all subjects
    Key intervention is to reduce anxiety
  • Housing considerations for_people_with_autism

    1. 1. Housing Considerations for People with Autism Helen Leigh NickHaake Andrew Hole
    2. 2. Objectives • To explore how to develop a design brief for an individual who has complex needs
    3. 3. The Triad of Impairments Wing and Gould 1979 SOCIAL BEHAVIOURSOCIAL BEHAVIOUR Sensory processing problems AnxietyRituals and compulsions COMMUNICATIONCOMMUNICATION IMAGINATIONIMAGINATION PersonalityLearning disability
    4. 4. Designing the Right Environment • Reduce anxiety- low arousal settings. • Enhance motivation, confidence and self esteem • Reduce behaviours which inhibit progress or impair quality of life • Enhance concentration/ remove distraction • Bespoke design meeting individual needs • Keep people safe by providing safe environments
    5. 5. Planning Features Compulsions and obsessions Compulsions and obsessions Known Likes/Dislikes Known Likes/Dislikes Challenging Behaviour & Risks Challenging Behaviour & Risks HypersensitivityHypersensitivity PhobiasPhobias Living Space Living Space
    6. 6. Case Study S
    7. 7. WORKSHOPSESSION • 2 new building dwellings of 5no. Apartments with shared accommodation and communal accommodation including lounge, dining room, kitchen, activity room, utility room and W.C. • Covered verandah to front and rear of buildings. • Accommodation to DDA Standard, fully compliant with current Building Regulation requirements. • Heavy duty doors and linings. • Free swing door closers. • Building fabric insulation above current building regulation standards from sustainable natural resources. • Extensive provision of natural light with triple glazing and sun pipes. • Solar water heating panels. • Staff accommodation with en-suite shower room facilities. • The gardens are fully landscaped and contain features that are appropriate for the client group. These features include a secure boundary, flower beds and areas to stimulate the clients’ senses • External finishes assist access awareness providing a fully accessible building • Fully secure scheme to South Wales Police Secured by Design Standards.
    8. 8. WORKSHOPSESSION ST KITCHEN ACTIVITY ROOM KITCHEN LOUNGE/ DINING ST ST BATH BEDROOM BEDROOM BATH W.C KITCHEN ST LOUNGE UTILITY ST ST ST ST KITCHEN DINING ROOM HALLWAY LOUNGE/ DINING STAIRS VERANDAH VERANDAH W.C Ground FloorPlan (Plot 1) • High internal space and volume standards. • Principle rooms have double aspect windows. • Thermal and acoustic laminated double glazed performance windows, which also reduce glare. • Glazing to suit special light transmissions and reflectance. • Internal sandwiched solar control glazing blinds which also provide privacy. • Enhanced U-Values to all thermal elements. • Excellent Air Tightness Values (4.7 – 4.8) far exceeding the Building Regulation Requirement (<10.0). • Integrated fire alarm/emergency lighting installations where fitting appearance matches normal domestic appearance. • Substantial levels of sound reduction built into proposals from sustainable natural resource • Energy management under floor heating installations. Efficient boilers heating source with weather compensated controls. • Internal building environment with continuous background air movement throughout the whole scheme. • Installation of shut off controls to individual flats. • Staff accommodation with en-suite shower room facilities.
    9. 9. Some ideas • Separate accommodation • Robust • Personalised equipment • Water sensors • Place for staff stuff / storage • Lighting issues
    10. 10. Ideas continued • Behaviours – How – Space • Windows – Light – Sunshield film – Blinds • Noise – acoustic issues • Controls into kitchen – Robust fittings – drainage