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How To Start An Online Business (Make Money Online) by Carl Henry


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After building 100's of websites over the years I realised that of all the guides that go under the title "How To Build An Online Business" non of the information I could find included all the necessary steps.

Here is my answer to that question - and it's FREE!

You should follow these 21 steps in the order they are outlined whether you want to build one eCommerce website or many - the process is exactly the same.

I have also included links to tools that I use every day to efficiently build and run multiple websites.

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How To Start An Online Business (Make Money Online) by Carl Henry

  1. 1. After building 100s of websites over the years I realised that ofall the guides I have found that go under the title "How To BuildAn Online Business" non of the information I could find includedall the necessary steps to establish your online businesswebsite.Here is my answer to that question - and its FREE!You should follow these 21 steps in the order they are outlined,whether you want to build one eCommerce website or many,the process is exactly the same.I have also included links to tools that I use every day toefficiently build and run multiple websites.If you join our newsletter and update mailing list you will alsoreceive all updated versions of this eBook free and advancenotice of other free eBooks we publish.This is a Free Publication - if you like it you have full permission to share it with your friends.
  2. 2. How To Start An Online Business How To Start An Online Business 21 Key Steps To Starting An Online BusinessAbout This Free Report...............................................................5Your Personal Considerations And Questions...........................6 How Much Does It Cost To Start An Online Business?..........6 How Long Will It Take?............................................................6 Is It Really Possible For ‘ME’ To Create An Online Business? .................................................................................................7Pick An Online Business Model You Like...................................8Pick A Niche Subject You Are Interested In...............................9Check That People Are Interested (Keyword Search Volume) 10Check To See If There Is Money In This Market......................13Check Out Your Competitors.................................................... 14Identify Your Customers And Where They Are Online.............16Use A Website Hosting Company That Gives You Tools.........17Develop Your Own Asset And Brand With A Domain Name....18Set Up Your Email Address And Signature.............................. 20Select Your Hosting Plan And Set It Up................................... 21Install Content Management Software......................................22Other Options To Build Your Website.......................................24 Online Website Builder..........................................................24 Quick Shopping Cart............................................................. 24Develop Your Website Look and Feel...................................... 25Add Content To Capture Your Visitor’s Interest........................26Focus Your Content On Keywords And Key Phrases..............27Add Email Capture Facility And Give A Valuable Gift..............28Add A Sitemap And Submit It To Google And Bing..................30Consider PPC (Pay Per Click) To Create Initial Traffic............31Organise Ways To Collect Money Online.................................32Consider More Ways To Make Money Online..........................32Expand Your Brand With Social Marketing...............................34Conclusion And More Resources............................................. 36© Carl Henry 2012 Page 3 Version: 30/08/2012
  3. 3. How To Start An Online Business http://www.carlhenryglobal.comAbout This Free Report Hi I am Carl Henry, I have worked from home, building multiple businesses in 37 different industries, since 1978 and I have been earning money online since 1998. I have lived in and around Monaco since the year 2000. The aim of this report is to give you the information you need in the shortest possibletime, with the least number of words so you can get startedtaking action immediately. In other words I want to give you“quality not quantity”.This information is focused on building an online businesswebsite from the initial idea to having a published website. Ifyou already have a website, this report can still help you if youwant to introduce or build your online income.All the key steps about starting an online business are covered.Although some subjects are only explained in overviewbecause they require entire publications of their own to fullyunderstand them. The good news is that I have either alreadypublished detailed eBooks on these subjects or I shall bepublishing new eBooks shortly – Subscribe to our mailing list tobe alerted to new free publications becoming available.If I have missed anything or you have additional questions sendme an email to start-an-online-business@CarlHenryGlobal.comand I will send you the information you need.© Carl Henry 2012 Page 4 Version: 30/08/2012
  4. 4. How To Start An Online Business http://www.carlhenryglobal.comYour Personal Considerations And QuestionsHow Much Does It Cost To Start An Online Business?You can complete everything in this free report for less than€100 (probably much less!), remember that the more you doyourself the less it will cost in terms of money – your investmentwill be mainly time.How Long Will It Take?You can complete all of the work in this eBook in less than aday. This report explains how to quickly put together thefoundation of a sustainable online business, if you are lookingfor a way to make instant cash then you will need to use amodified online business model which I will cover in a separatereport.I truly believe that if you take simple and quick action you cansee positive results within days or weeks, but, I don’t suggestthat you give up your current income until you see your onlinebusiness consistently producing all the money you need to liveon for several months.If you have to make your online business decisions based onan urgent need for cash you will find that your decisions are notstrategic so the income may only be short term and you end upre-earning new income all the time – this is exactly like workingfor someone else! This is acceptable as a ‘quick fix’ and maybea way to gather the cash and tools you need to build yourbusiness but keep in mind that you need to build a realbusiness to survive long term.One of the key benefits of building an online business is thatyou put in most of the work at the beginning, once it is operating© Carl Henry 2012 Page 5 Version: 30/08/2012
  5. 5. How To Start An Online Business http://www.carlhenryglobal.comproperly you do just enough work to maintain the income, butyou don’t rebuild the system from scratch each time.Is It Really Possible For ‘ME’ To Create An OnlineBusiness?YES!!!! People of all ages, backgrounds, circumstances,nationalities and abilities are creating small, medium and largeincomes online, if other people can do it you can do it!Do something every day even if it is something very small,constant momentum is the key, don’t give up. Take action,make mistakes, learn from them and make the necessaryadjustments – It’s called ‘READY – FIRE – AIM’.Keep going and never give up – it’s that simple.© Carl Henry 2012 Page 6 Version: 30/08/2012
  6. 6. How To Start An Online Business http://www.carlhenryglobal.comPick An Online Business Model You LikeThis free report is about the standard way of starting an onlinebusiness website, a business that is efficient and can developinto a real asset that you could sell or pass on in the future.There are a number of reasons you may want to start an onlinebusiness; • You have an off-line business and you want to make online sales • You are an employee and you want to make additional income in your spare time • You are an employee and you want to ‘sack your boss’ • You are unemployed and you want to make your own income • You want to change your lifestyle or work style for a better quality of life • You have a product that you want to market through the internetThere are a number of ‘Online business Models’ that you couldadopt to make money online, these include; • Selling products as an affiliate • Selling through social media • Writing A Blog • Starting A forum • Writing an eZine or Newsletter • Contributing to blogs and newsletters • Setting up 3rd party webstores • Selling from writing articles • Selling Software • Selling Digital Publications…,© Carl Henry 2012 Page 7 Version: 30/08/2012
  7. 7. How To Start An Online Business http://www.carlhenryglobal.comThere are many more and I will be publishing further reports oneach of these shortly (So don’t forget to register for mynewsletter so you receive them as they come out! Click HereNow) You can use the information here as the foundation forany of these online business models.This report focuses on building a solid traditional onlinebusiness website based on you owning your domain name,controlling your hosting account and building your ownwebsite.Pick A Niche Subject You Are Interested InWere very best advice when building a website on the Internetis that you should focus on a particular and specific area (ANiche) – all of your content should relate to this niche.This niche or specialisation is what the search engines will lookfor when listing your website in the search engine results.If you are going to start and run an online business you shouldpick an area that you are interested in dealing with on a longterm basis, if you are picking an area of online business simplybecause of commercial reasons you made loose interest andgive up the project far too early.If you are not putting an existing off-line business online andyou are struggling to find your particular area of interest trythese techniques; • Look at any books you have purchased • What magazines do you find yourself looking at? • What TV programs do you enjoy the most?© Carl Henry 2012 Page 8 Version: 30/08/2012
  8. 8. How To Start An Online Business • What subjects do you find yourself talking about socially? • What subjects do other people come to you for advice? • What do you find very easy to do and that comes naturally?So just look around at your life and activities for clues to whatyour interests are and website should be about.© Carl Henry 2012 Page 9 Version: 30/08/2012
  9. 9. How To Start An Online Business http://www.carlhenryglobal.comCheck That People Are Interested (KeywordSearch Volume)Before going too far with the development of your onlinebusiness you need to check that there are people searching foryour proposed product or service.You can find out what people are searching for and in whatvolume by using this free tool;Google Keyword Tool: you carry out a search for a particular keyword rememberto set the location of the country that you are targeting© Carl Henry 2012 Page 10 Version: 30/08/2012
  10. 10. How To Start An Online Business options). This will give you a comparison betweenworldwide searches and your local market.Next to each keyword you will see a small arrow (Drop Down),this will allow you to see the search results for that keyword orkey phrase and you can see where in the world people aresearching for that keyword or key phrase (Google Insights).You must remember that key words and key phrases with veryhigh search volume may have a very high level of competitionin the search engine results, which means it will be very hard torank your website in the top ten search results.For example if you were to try and appear in the top ten searchengine results for the word “website design” this will be verydifficult as it is a high competition word and rather vague. Youmust target the phrase which is more precisely descriptive of© Carl Henry 2012 Page 11 Version: 30/08/2012
  11. 11. How To Start An Online Business http://www.carlhenryglobal.comyour product or service – for example “website design in centralLondon”. Each page of your website should target a specificphrase to fully explain your product or service in a way that isvery clear to both visitors and search engines.This aspect of your online business is called SEO (Searchengine optimisation) you will find other publications available onour website covering this subject and remember you cansubscribe for our newsletter to receive up-to-date hints and tips.Check To See If There Is Money In This MarketOnce you’ve established that there are suitable search volumesfor your product and service you need to make some simplechecks to see that that people are actually spending money toadvertise similar products and services. If your competitors arespending money on advertising regularly people must bebuying.There is no point in setting up your website just to find thatnobody is spending money online for your area of interest.One clear indication that there is a vibrant market in your nicheis to check the search engine results in Google for your keyphrases – look at the top, bottom and on the right hand side ofthe page for advertising.If you see that there are other companies paying money to sellsimilar products or services this is an indication that people areactually making a profit with this online.When you did your keyword research in the chapter above youwill see next to each keyword the words high, medium or low.This indicates how many people are paying money for this© Carl Henry 2012 Page 12 Version: 30/08/2012
  12. 12. How To Start An Online Business http://www.carlhenryglobal.comparticular keyword or key phrase. In the last column of theanalysis you will see a suggested CPC (cost per click), this isan estimate of what it will cost you for someone to click on anadvert which brings them to your website. Remember that thehigher the cost per click indicates stronger competition fromyour competitors.Check Out Your CompetitorsHaving existing competitors in your marketplace is notaltogether a bad thing. It means that the market for yourproduct or service has been established by other businesses.The real trick here is to learn all you can about yourcompetition.Study the best (at least the top 10 results) take notes of all ofthe features that they offer, how they lay their website out, whatcontent they incorporate into their website and any particularareas that you think you can improve on.You can then incorporate all of the good ideas, changing themto make them your own, then work to improve on them by atleast 10%. If you are able to identify anything which you believeshould be included and is missing from your competitor’swebsites you should also incorporate this in yours in order tostand out from the rest.You should also keep a constant watch on your competitors tokeep up with new developments in your area of operation. Auseful service is Google alerts where you can receive news andinformation based on certain key words, you can setup youralerts on the following link;© Carl Henry 2012 Page 13 Version: 30/08/2012
  13. 13. How To Start An Online Business http://www.carlhenryglobal.comGoogle Alerts: are also some specialised tools that will help you toanalyse the market in greater detail – you can find outeverything; from keyword competition to how strong yourcompetition is and the likelihood of you achieving goodrankings. The two I use are Long tail Pro and Market Samurai,you don’t need both but they work a little differently so I findthem both useful.The good news is you can download free trail copies of theseprograms so you can try them out and as they are fullyfunctioning you can use them to analyse your first websiteproject.Click Here to Download a Free Trial of LongTail ProClick Here to Download a Free Trial of Market Samurai© Carl Henry 2012 Page 14 Version: 30/08/2012
  14. 14. How To Start An Online Business http://www.carlhenryglobal.comIdentify Your Customers And Where They AreOnlineWhen you start to develop your website text you should havean image of the ideal customer you are targeting. This will helpyou to ‘speak’ directly to them and address their needs anddesires. Remember that most successful online businesses makesales because the product or service solves a problem that the visitor is seeking an answer for.Therefore your website text should be written and phrased asanswers to problems you have identified as the needs of yourprospective customers. In other words you should createinformation on your website that is written from your customer’sperspective.In addition to using the search engines to find in yourprospective customers you can also use more proactivemethods to find them and pass on your sales messages.Again you will use your key words and key phrases to conductsearches in the search engines and you should add certainwords such as “Blog”, “Forum” “Group” etc. to find places whereyour customers are already visiting.You can then also become a member of these ‘online gatheringplaces’ and by way of being helpful and giving assistance youcan expose your website to your prospects.Do not ignore traditional publications such as newspapers andmagazines or media such as radio and TV. You can submit© Carl Henry 2012 Page 15 Version: 30/08/2012
  15. 15. How To Start An Online Business http://www.carlhenryglobal.compotential content to all of these and find clues to other ways ofcommunicating with your prospective website visitors.Use A Website Hosting Company That GivesYou ToolsYou can find many free website and blog hosting companiesthat allow you to start developing your online presence, but, thiswill never be an asset you totally control. Using these servicesare a good way to get started if you have absolutely noresources (Subscribe for the ‘Make Money Online’ newsletter toget more information on starting with no money) but as soon asyou control your own domain name and website hosting youare truly building an online business that can generate incomeand become a real asset.We have developed website servers and domain name hostingservices that are particularly aimed at needs of the onlinebusiness builder. We have servers and localised in America,Europe and Asia. We’ve also offer 24 hour help by email ortelephone to ensure that you are never left with a problem thatcannot be solved quickly. We also have lots of help files online.You’ll also find that there are lots of free and useful servicesincluded with even the basic registration of a domain name(EG. Free email). You can control every aspect of your websiteincluding uploading and downloading files to your computer allwithin your hosting control panel.You can also monitor every aspect of your websitesperformance and link to many tools provided by third parties toimprove and monitor your website. Resources;http://www.carlhenrydomains.com© Carl Henry 2012 Page 16 Version: 30/08/2012
  16. 16. How To Start An Online Business http://www.carlhenryglobal.comDevelop Your Own Asset And Brand With ADomain NameNow you have analysed the market, identified your niche andunderstand it fully it is time to do something much moreinteresting. You need to search for a domain name which willbecome your online brand.You can either choose a domain name that is very descriptiveof your online business, in the niche you will be operating in, oryou may decide to invent a word which is memorable and funsimilar to Google, Skype, Yahoo! Etc.The main thing is to ensure that your domain name is easy toexplain to somebody even if you’re on the telephone. Whileyou’re totally free to use numbers and hyphens in order toobtain your desired domain name you must think carefully howeasy it will be used to explain to somebody and the likelihoodthat people will misspell your domain name and go to anotherwebsite by mistake.© Carl Henry 2012 Page 17 Version: 30/08/2012
  17. 17. How To Start An Online Business http://www.carlhenryglobal.comHere are a few examples;Domain with Standard Format: www.tobeornottobe.comYou can capitalise the words to make it easier to read in print oron your website: www.ToBeOrNotToBe.comDomain Name With Numbers: www.2beornot2be.comDomain Name With Hyphens: will probably find that the shortest (readable) domain nameyou can secure these days is 5 or more characters, you canhave some fun trying different searches and don’t forget toreview the suggestions the domain name search tool gives you– you might find a real gem!If you are very happy with the domain name that you chooseyou may want to protect your brand by buying the domain namewith different extensions such as .net .info – this wayyour competitors cannot try to divert your traffic to their website.It is also perfectly possible to buy several different domainnames and have them all pointing to your website, one domainname may be keyword rich and the other may be easier toexplain over the telephone you would just need to ensure thatwhen people arrive at your website it is clear that they are at theright place!Search For A Domain Name Now© Carl Henry 2012 Page 18 Version: 30/08/2012
  18. 18. How To Start An Online Business http://www.carlhenryglobal.comSet Up Your Email Address And SignatureOnce you have your domain name is time to setup your emailaccount, if you have chosen your hosting company carefullyyour email will be included in the purchase price of yourdomain.It is much more professional to have an email which has thesame name as your website.For example looks much better and shows that you have invested the time inputting together a proper online business.A very important marketing tool is the signature at the end ofeach email that you send out. In your webmail (accessing youremail account through your internet browser such as InternetExplorer, Firefox or Safari) or in your email client on yourcomputer you will be able to write a message at the bottom ofeach email that will appear automatically. this should includeyour name, the name of your business, a brief description ofyour business, your contact details and a link to your website.For Example;John B Website OwnerWonderful Website Company“We will build you a Fantastic Website Every time”Tel: +00 3333 5555www.WonderfulWebsites.comWhen you do this every single email you sent out will beworking to generate new traffic to your website and build youronline business.© Carl Henry 2012 Page 19 Version: 30/08/2012
  19. 19. How To Start An Online Business http://www.carlhenryglobal.comSelect Your Hosting Plan And Set It UpIn order to publish a website to the Internet you will need tosecure hosting server space – this is where you will put all ofyour website files so that it can be seen on the Internet.The most economic hosting plan allows you to publish onewebsite to the Internet but for a small additional payment youcan select hosting that will allow you to create multiple websiteson the same server all with their own domain names. Your hosting account is the foundation of your online business system so you should select your hosting company very carefully and ensure that they offer you all of the tools and facilities you will need to build your business in future.See Hosting Plans Here© Carl Henry 2012 Page 20 Version: 30/08/2012
  20. 20. How To Start An Online Business http://www.carlhenryglobal.comInstall Content Management SoftwareOnce you have set up your hosting plan to you can then installyour website software. This software is called a CMS (contentmanagement system) which offers you a structured frameworkand administration area that allows you to control every aspectof your website in an efficient manner. You should avoid publishing static web pages to the Internet because these will take a long time to manage and update.Our hosting plans allow you to install totally free of charge all ofthe latest and most popular content management systemsincluding Joomla! (Our Preference) and Wordpress BlogsAutomatically – in your hosting control panel you will see a linkto “Value Applications”. You can read more details about eachone of them and choose to install them with a simple click.You will be able to install complex and cutting edge websitemanagement software with a few clicks and in less than fifteenminutes. You will see that there is more than simple content management systems, there is also free forum and online shopping cart software available. Click Here To See A Full ListBelow is a screenshot of the hosting control panel – you will seesome of the software applications in the top row.© Carl Henry 2012 Page 21 Version: 30/08/2012
  21. 21. How To Start An Online Business© Carl Henry 2012 Page 22 Version: 30/08/2012
  22. 22. How To Start An Online Business http://www.carlhenryglobal.comOther Options To Build Your WebsiteIf you want other alternatives that do not involve understandingthe technical aspects of building and designing your website wecan offer you two very effective solutions.Online Website BuilderYou will find this website builder very fast and you can use thedrag-and-drop functionality and within 3 steps you can designand build a professional website.It also includes your hosting and 24 hour support, visit this linkto learn more;http://websitebuilder.carlhenryhosting.comQuick Shopping CartYou can also build a professional online shop with the samefunctionality as described above.You will have everything you need to open your own onlinestore.You dont need technical skills to build a successful Web store.Quick Shopping Cart makes it easy to create an eye-catchingstore that accepts credit cards, integrates with Google® andeBay® and offers multiple shipping options – all with no set-upfees! Click this link for full details;© Carl Henry 2012 Page 23 Version: 30/08/2012
  23. 23. How To Start An Online Business http://www.carlhenryglobal.comDevelop Your Website Look and FeelBoth Joomla and Wordpress have a few standard templatesincluded with the installation and there are lots of free templatesavailable online to get you started, you can install these throughthe administration areas, just do a search in the search enginesand you will find many free and paid template options. Ofcourse if you have skills with HTML code and CSS you canbuild your own custom templates.Some Good Sources of Website Templates;Template Monster: www.templatemonster.comWordpress: If you install the Joomla! CMS we can offer you another free gift to help you get started – Our Blank Template Kit with installation instructions can be downloaded from our website – Click Here The other alternative, and if you need help, to create a unique look for your website, and to create any extra functionality, is to hire an outsourced contractor. You can find these onseveral websites such as the one listed below;oDesk – Find every type of contractor you need© Carl Henry 2012 Page 24 Version: 30/08/2012
  24. 24. How To Start An Online Business http://www.carlhenryglobal.comAdd Content To Capture Your Visitor’s InterestAll visitors to your website will be looking for an answer or asolution to a problem that they have – your job when creatingyour website text is to show your visitors how your product orservice addresses their needs.Remember to keep in mind your target customer and ‘speak’directly to them when you’re writing your website copy. Youshould write as though you are having a conversation with aclose friend who you are trying to help.You should only talk about your product or service in terms ofhow your website visitor will derive a benefit from them. Youshould show your visitor how their lives will be improved bythe use of your product or service.You may also include other back ground information such ascomparisons with your competitor’s products and services, or ifappropriate you may include additional technical informationthat may help them to make a decision to buy.This may be the only opportunity for you to develop a level oftrust and a relationship with your visitor so be sure to includedetails about yourself, your business and how they shouldcontact you with queries or any problems they may have.Having photos and graphics is always a good idea and will helpyour visitors understand your product and service clearly.Although you should make certain that you only include imagesthat help you to explain the page objective, avoid unnecessaryimage content that will distract the visitor.© Carl Henry 2012 Page 25 Version: 30/08/2012
  25. 25. How To Start An Online Business http://www.carlhenryglobal.comImportant Note: It has now become law that you include aprivacy policy that includes your potential use of cookies onyour website, the good news is you can generate a free privacy& cookie policy – click hereFocus Your Content On Keywords And KeyPhrasesFrom your research earlier you should have a uncoveredcertain seed keywords and key phrases that describe yourbusiness activities, together with a number of secondary keywords and key phrases that describe subdivisions of your mainactivity.Your homepage will normally focus its content on your seed keyword(s) and sub-pages will focus on the secondary keywords.Your text should be written in a natural fashion and should useyour keywords in a normal way, avoid using your keywords toomany times and never repeat them in an unnecessary way.It is quite normal for your keywords and key phrases to makeup about five to ten percent of your content particularly onhighly focused websites.Remember that each page in your website should have aspecific objective which may be to inform the visitor aboutspecific aspects of your product or service, the goal may be toencourage your visitors to take a specific action like complete aform or click a ‘Buy Now’ button. Make certain that you include the ‘call to action’ on the page and explain the action that you want the visitor to take.© Carl Henry 2012 Page 26 Version: 30/08/2012
  26. 26. How To Start An Online Business http://www.carlhenryglobal.comAdd Email Capture Facility And Give A ValuableGiftThere are many marketing methods to increase sales from yourwebsite, one of the most powerful and widely used is emailmarketing.Email marketing allows you to remain in contact with yourprospective customers so that you can offer them special offersor remind them about your products and services. You are alsoable to develop a relationship with them and build their trust inyou and your online business.In order to build a list of website users that are interested inyour particular business industry you need to include a form onyour web page where the visitor can enter their name and emailaddress.To encourage visitors to subscribe to your website you willnormally offer them something that they value and that can bedelivered instantly from your website. This can be a specialPDF report, a promise of the newsletter or even a discountcoupon that they can redeem if they make a purchase in thefuture. The most important thing is that the gift that they receivehas a real value to them and relates to your specific niche.Your content management system will normally offer you amodule where visitors can become a subscriber to your websitebut it is much better than they subscribe directly to an emailgenerating program called an auto responder.There are services which offer you the facility to createattractive subscriber forms and also to automatically send outyour sales emails at the frequency that you decide.© Carl Henry 2012 Page 27 Version: 30/08/2012
  27. 27. How To Start An Online Business http://www.carlhenryglobal.comYou can create a series of emails that you load into the autoresponder program so that each new subscriber starts toreceive the email over a pre-programmed time.The benefit of this is that you can concentrate on marketing andbuilding traffic while your sales follow up is being carried outautomatically 24 hours a day. You can get trial periods of thirdparty software on these following links;Get a $1 Trial of AWeberGet a Free Trial of Get ResponseBoth of these services offers superior email delivery servicesincluding email and newsletter templates with many tools tomanage your lists and deliverability. These are highly trustedcompanies - the only downside is that the system is not 100percent in your control.If you prefer to keep full control of your to email marketingsoftware and customer lists we can recommend the followingsoftware that can be used on Joomla;Download a free copy of AcyMailingRemember that with email marketing you should only sendinformation which will be interesting and of use to yourcustomers, you should select a frequency of emails that is notso frequent it annoys your users but often enough to remindthem that your website is there.© Carl Henry 2012 Page 28 Version: 30/08/2012
  28. 28. How To Start An Online Business http://www.carlhenryglobal.comAdd A Sitemap And Submit It To Google AndBingMost content management systems allow you to add extrasoftware that will create a sitemap of your content which youcan display as a page on your website. In addition the softwarewill create a special type of “XML” sitemap that can besubmitted directly to the search engines, these sitemaps arespecially coded to be read by the robots that search enginessend out around the Internet to create their listings.By submitting a sitemap you are sending the search enginesdirect links to all of your website pages. This way the searchengines are able to find and index your content much morecompletely and very much faster.To be able to submit to a site map you will need to open upwebmaster accounts with both Google and Bing, this is free ofcharge and can be carried out on the links below;Google: addition to submitting sitemaps you’ll also find many toolsavailable which will help you to run your website much moreefficiently and to understand your website statistics, the healthof your website and how people are interacting with yourwebsite on the Internet.© Carl Henry 2012 Page 29 Version: 30/08/2012
  29. 29. How To Start An Online Business http://www.carlhenryglobal.comConsider PPC (Pay Per Click) To Create InitialTrafficPreviously we have discussed generating traffic by appearing inthe search engine results. Even though we’re giving you someclues of how to appear in the organic search engine resultsquickly PPC is a way to generate instant traffic, if you have alittle budget available.Pay Per Click advertising is a method of bidding on key wordsand key phrases so that when your advert is seen in the searchengine rankings (at the top, right side or bottom of the page)and somebody clicks on it they will arrive at your website for aspecific cost per click.You are able to set a daily limit for your expenditure and youare fully in control of how much you pay for each keyword. Ouradvice is that you bid the minimum possible ($0.05) on akeyword and let the system tell you what the minimum you mustbid to arrive on the first page.If you have created good website copy that converts visitorsinto customers, pay per click advertising can launch yourwebsite instantly and assuming that the profit on your productor service is higher than the CPC (cost per click) budget you willstart to see your online business income building swiftly.Although their are a great many PPC advertising options, whichyou can find by searching on the Internet, here are the mostwell known and popular PPC advertising options;Google Adwords: Adverts: Advertising: Ads: http://© Carl Henry 2012 Page 30 Version: 30/08/2012
  30. 30. How To Start An Online Business http://www.carlhenryglobal.comOrganise Ways To Collect Money OnlineIf you are going to generate online income you’ll need a methodof collecting the funds from successful sales, there are severaloptions, including approaching your bankers to set up merchantfacilities, although in the early stages of building your onlinebusiness this may be problematic because you don’t have atrack record.We suggest you start by using third party payment processorsthat allow you to set up accounts quickly and free of charge –these are specialist online payment processors that are veryexperienced in helping online businesses get started. Here aretwo to be going on with;PayPal: https://www.paypal.comGoogle Checkout: More Ways To Make Money OnlineThe fantastic thing about the Internet and running your ownwebsite is that there are multiple ways for you to make moneyfrom the same content.You can include third party products and services into yourpages that relate specifically to your online business niche orsector. If you restrict these extra channels of income toproducts and services that directly relate to your keywords yourvisitors will see these as added value and you will save yourcustomers a lot of time searching around the web.If you need to find products where you will get a share of thesales proceeds here are a few marketplaces that are geared to© Carl Henry 2012 Page 31 Version: 30/08/2012
  31. 31. How To Start An Online Business http://www.carlhenryglobal.comoffering you products with special affiliate links so that everysale that is referred by you will be tracked and you will receive apercentage of all sales proceeds;Amazon: http://www.clickbank.comPay Dot Com: http://www.paydotcom.comIn addition to incorporating third party products on your webpages you can also include special code from Google that willdisplay adverts on your web pages that relates to the content ofeach page. You will need to learn how to edit your pages toinclude this code or you can engage an outsource contractor tocarry out this work very quickly. You can create an account onthe following link;PPC Adverts:© Carl Henry 2012 Page 32 Version: 30/08/2012
  32. 32. How To Start An Online Business http://www.carlhenryglobal.comExpand Your Brand With Social MarketingTo complement the development of your website you shouldalso create a presence in the social marketing arena. As youadd content to your websites you should also update yoursocial marketing accounts with either copies of the content orlinks to the content on your website.The key to social marketing success is not to be totallycommercial because the aim is to get people talking about andrecommending your website, products and services. You cando this by adding information which might be funny, interestingor have some human appeal.You can also use your social marketing accounting to postinteresting photographs or images that will attract the attentionof users.The other benefit of using the social media is that some peoplecan only be reached via these accounts because this may bethe only part of the Internet that they use.If you can create content which is interesting or surprisingenough on social media there is the possibility that people willthen pass on your content to their friends and contacts sendingyour message viral.Please ensure that you complete your profile information asfully as possible because this will give a higher level of comfortto people who are checking you out. You’ll also find that socialmedia will rank quite well in search engine results so makecertain when you’re picking your account name of your pages,and the titles of your posts, that your seed keywords featureprominently.© Carl Henry 2012 Page 33 Version: 30/08/2012
  33. 33. How To Start An Online Business http://www.carlhenryglobal.comBelow are links to some of the essential social media platformsthat you should form a presence on;Facebook: http://www.facebook.comTwitter: http://www.twitter.comYou Tube: http://www.linkedin.comGoogle Plus+: you would like to connect with us on social media here arelinks to our Social AccountsFacebook:!/CarlHenryGlobalYouTube:© Carl Henry 2012 Page 34 Version: 30/08/2012
  34. 34. How To Start An Online Business http://www.carlhenryglobal.comConclusion And More Resources “If you have carried out all the steps outlined above youwill have done more than most people ever dream of doing when Starting An Online Business!”This has only been an overview of the major steps becausethere is a constant learning curve of new techniques anddeeper knowledge of website development, online marketing,search engine optimisation.Additional ResourcesTo Support this and our other publications we have created aResources Page on our website so that we can keep everythingup-to-date – Click Here to find all the tools and guidance youneed to continue to build and manage your online business.As I have said before the objective is to start from where youare then continue taking steps in large and small everydaytowards your objective of creating a full time online income.I would like to wish you the best of luck in your onlineendeavours and finally to remind you to subscribe to our mailinglist so that we can send you further more detailed informationon specific areas of developing your online business.Best regards,Carl Henry – CEO Carl Henry GlobalPlease send all enquiries, suggestions or questions to;© Carl Henry 2012 Page 35 Version: 30/08/2012