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Imkt120 unit5 courtneyshane


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Imkt120 unit5 courtneyshane

  1. 1. Forms of electronic communication through whichusers create online communities to shareinformation, ideas, personal information, and othervarious content
  2. 2.  Emerged in late 1970’s Largest corporate social site started in May 2003 2010, revealed social sites send data to advertisers 2011, 89% of US B2B companies were using social media marketing late1970’s something better comes along
  3. 3.  UPS is using B2B social media to educate and create awareness through their new blog and official Facebook and Twitter GE Healthcare uses educational videos on social media
  4. 4.  Build brand awareness Strengthen customer relationships Establish as thought leader/educate Drive traffic Generate leads Reinforce other campaigns ROI
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