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Magic boxoppositesandlistening


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This is just a simple story which ends in a box. It reviews oppsoite words, but can also be changed and used for directions, imperative voice, passive, etc. I normally do not show the directions to the students, this makes it listening practice. As such the slides are not of the highest caliber.

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Magic boxoppositesandlistening

  1. 1. Fold Kick Invitation ThrowMeet Open Middle DoorsLocked Awesome Pull
  2. 2. Brothers long received an invitation Fold
  3. 3. And saw an awesome party, sothey theysaw wentbig inside.setof
  4. 4. Fold
  5. 5. *They opened it.
  6. 6. wereBut lockedwhen theythey couldgot notthere getthe inside!doors
  7. 7. TheyweremadsotheykickedtheDoor,
  8. 8. andtheythrewrocksatthedoor.
  9. 9. Then theynoticed a gap.So they pulledthe door withall theirstrength
  10. 10. And after PULLING andPULLING and PULLINGthey managed to getthe gap big enough forthem to fit through