Creating & Using Video for Thought Leadership & Content Marketing


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A presentation to the Marketing Affinity Group of the Association of Management Consulting Firms from 3/27/13 Boston session on "Turning Thought Leadership into Leads." A dense reference (companion) deck, meant to be a reference & resource for anyone who wants to kickstart an internal video program.

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Creating & Using Video for Thought Leadership & Content Marketing

  1. 1. THE VERITÉ OF CINEMAcreating & using video content for thought leadership andmarketing - without breaking the budget! reference slide deck prepared for the THE ASSOCIATION OF MANAGEMENT CONSULTING FIRMS MARKETING AFFINITY GROUP Boston - 3/27/13 by Seth Cargiuolo Director of Digital Strategy & Chief Knowledge Officer The Saint Consulting Group / @carge77PRESENTATION REFERENCE DECK FOR PRINT DISTRIBUTION
  2. 2. TOPICS TO BE COVERED:• Who am I? What do I know About Video?• Why Bother With Video at All?• Caveats, Cautionary Tales & Crushing Defeats• What Makes a “Good” Video?• The 3 Ps / Your Low-Cost Video Program• Parting Thoughts
  3. 3. WHAT DO I KNOW ABOUT VIDEO?Just who am I, and why should you trust me?I have been shooting, editing, producing &distributing video for our clients’ projectsand for our own B2B & ThoughtLeadership efforts since 2006.I am Seth Cargiuolo, CKO & Director of Digital Strategy@ The Saint Consulting Group.I create digital campaigns for grassroots advocacyprojects and for B2B & B2C marketing, featuring websites, microsites, blogs, social media channels, videoproduction and content marketing. I also co-lead“Saint University,” the firm’s training & organizationaldevelopment program. My background is inresearch, competitive intelligence, andcommunications. The Saint Consulting Group specializes in the strategy & execution of complex political and communications campaigns on behalf of large corporations & organizations involved in land use and development.
  4. 4. WHY BOTHER WITH VIDEO?(The Short Version)Video can explain complex products & servicesbetter than other mediumsExecutives & buy/hire decision makers & influencerswatch videosPeople want to watch video more than they want toread textYour competitors are doing it, or will be soonPresence of video correlates with higher on-sitetimes &conversions
  5. 5. WHY BOTHER WITH VIDEO?The Long Version: a battery of facts & statistics to sway any skeptic(especially the ones to whom you’ll apply for funding)• Visuals are processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text (3M &Zabisco)• The information contained in one minute of online video is roughly equivalent to 1.8 million written words (Dr. James McQuivey, Forrester Research, 2009)• Video appears in around 70% of the top Google listings (Marketingweek, 2011)• Video can help you improve your search rankings – time on page is an important indicator of page quality, especially after Panda (SEOMoz, March 2012)• Blog Posts with video attract 3x as many inbound links as posts without (SEOMoz, Oct 2009)• 70% of B2B marketers are using video content, up from 52% in 2011. (MarketingProfs, 2012)• Viewers spend 100% more time on pages with videos on them. (Source: MarketingSherpa)• Three-quarters (75%) of executives surveyed watch work-related videos on business-related websites at least weekly; more than half (52%) watch work-related videos on YouTube at least weekly (Forbes/Google, 2010)• 59% of respondents said that on a mixed media (text & video) page, they’d prefer to watch the video, and 22% said they generally liked watching video more than browsing text for examining business information (Forbes/Google, 2010).• 65% of executives surveyed have visited a vendor’s website after watching a video. Younger executives, however, may be more fully engaged with this type of media, and appear more likely to make a purchase, call a vendor, or respond to an ad. (Forbes/Google, 2010)
  6. 6. WHY BOTHER WITH VIDEO?The Long Version: a battery of facts & statistics to sway anyskeptic (especially the ones to whom you’ll apply for funding)• When marketers used the word “video” in an email subject line, open rates rose 7% to 13% (Experian 2012 Digital Marketer: Benchmark and Trend Report)• When marketers included a marketing or explainer video in an email, the click-through rate increased by 200% to 300% (study by Forrester, 2010)• Including video in an introductory email can reduce opt-out by 75% (Eloqua, 2010)• 60% of consumers will spend at least two minutes watching a video that educates them about a product they plan to purchase, and 37% will watch three for more than three minutes. (MarketingCharts, 2012)• 46% of online video viewers in the U.S. say that if they are watching a video online that mentions a new product or brand, they would be at least somewhat likely to look that brand up afterwards (Digitas, 2012)• Viewers 85% more likely to purchase a product after watching a product video (Internet Retailer , April 2010)• 85% of the US internet audience watches videos online. The 25-34 age group watches the most online videos, and adult males spend 40% more time watching videos on the internet than females. (Sources: ComScore and Nielsen)• Retail site visitors who view video stay two minutes longer on average and are 64% more likely to purchase (Comscore , August 2010)
  7. 7. SEE OUR OWN STATS…Source: site analytics, Sep 2012 – March 2013 (including blog visits) Visited a page with video Site Average % Change 3.2 Pages Per Visit 2.13 Pages Per Visit 50% 02:44Avg Visit Duration 01:58Avg Visit Duration 39% Organic Search: 2.92 PPV Organic Search: 2.28 PPV 28% Visitors whose trip included a page with video on it had markedly better engagement metrics than the overall site average – even if they didn’t even actually watch the video. Watched A Video Didn’t Watch Video % Change 3.85 pages per visit 1.99 PPV 89% 13:36 avg visit duration 01:58avg visit duration 591% Organic Search: 4.52 PPV Organic Search: 2.22 PPV 103% Visitors who did watch a video, even if they didn’t watch the whole video, had dramatically better engagement metrics. And that’s not all… Video watchers were 3 to 4 times as likely to convert! (for goals such as sign-ups, opt-ins, and downloads of sales/marketing materials)
  8. 8. CAVEATS & CAUTIONARY TALESDespite all the good things I’ve told you about video so far, it is by no means perfect…CAVEAT #1: PEOPLE WILL NOT STICK AROUND IF YOUR VIDEO IS BORING OR NOTIMMEDIATELY ON TARGET TO THEIR NEEDS OR INTEREST.This may be as much an indictment of our attention spans as anything else, but it isthe reality: the longer the video, the less people you’ll have at the end.KEY TAKEAWAY: You have to “set the hook” early. Be compelling, be concise.Remember, the viewer is watching the video to learn something, answer aquestion, or to solve a problem. Leave the ego on the cutting room floor & focus onthe customer.
  9. 9. CAVEATS & CAUTIONARY TALESDespite all the good things I’ve told you about video so far, it is by no means perfect…CAVEAT #2: Good video does not just happen. It requires planning and theinvestment of time & (at least some) money.CAVEAT #3: Unless you have people with tv/film/video experience, the learningcurve applies just as much to the “talent” as it does to the production team.CAVEAT #4: For the typical content marketer such as ourselves, getting a video to“go viral” is not particularly likely. Swinging for the fences is great, if you’re a realheavy hitter – but small ball wins games, too. Be methodical and be willing to dothe hard work of content marketing.CAVEAT #5: This is an ongoing process, not a one-time effort. Videos will get stale.Some will be duds. Some will require lots of extra effort. To find the rightcombinations of content, talent, story angle, placement will take some time –likely as will seeing the ROI.CAVEAT #6: Video is not a magic bullet. Video is one part (albeit a powerful one)of a larger system – you still need to do SEO, you still need to write blogarticles, you still need to engage in all your other channels. Video is just one moretype of content.
  10. 10. CAVEATS & CAUTIONARY TALESDespite all the good things I’ve told you about video so far, it is by no means perfect…The Cautionary Tale – Part 1, The SetupWe decided to have a video day – 6 senior execs from aroundthe country came to home office to shoot videos.We flew in a media/video coach for group and one-on-onetraining sessions. We helped develop scripts. We remindedpeople to practice their scripts. We gave wardrobe guidelines.We explained the whole process multiple times.We scheduled the shoots meticulously. We had lights, a logowall, a good mic and a good camera. We had generous timeslots for the shooting schedules.What could POSSIBLY go wrong?
  11. 11. CAVEATS & CAUTIONARY TALESDespite all the good things I’ve told you about video so far, it is by no means perfect…The Cautionary Tale – Part 2, The Punchline2 out of 6 ignored the wardrobe guidelines4 out of 6 “re-wrote” their script at the last minuteOnly 2 out of 6 bothered to practice their material3 out of 6 skipped the group & 1-on-1 trainings4 out 6 failed to complete on-time, blowing the shoot scheduleOf 10 planned videos from 6 execs, 7 required extensive editing and/or use of hastily-collected B-Roll to cover bad continuityAt the end of process, only 5 videos were useableNot a single one of these videos is still being used today.KEY TAKEAWAY: FAILURES & SETBACKS HAPPEN. DON’T LET THEM STOP YOU.This particular failure was a key motivator for everyone involved, and everyfailure point led to an immediate and marked improvement in future shoots.
  12. 12. WHAT MAKES GOOD VIDEO?“I may not know what art is, but I know it when I see it.”GOOD VIDEO, WHETHER IT’S FOR A PRODUCT, A SERVICE, ORTHOUGHT LEADERSHIP:ESTABLISHES A PERSONAL CONNECTION BETWEEN VIEWER AND BRAND Anthony Bucci is co-founder of, an online store that sells motorcycle gear. Many of the products they sell are expensive and complicated. Anthony explains the features and pros & cons of the products in plain language. Anthony personalizesRevZilla by appearing in almost all their videos. He creates aconnection through his frank manner and personal stories about the products that demonstrate his expertise. He builds trustThe Principle At Play: People buy from people. by telling me the good and the bad about these products.Watch at:
  13. 13. WHAT MAKES GOOD VIDEO? “I may not know what art is, but I know it when I see it.” GOOD VIDEO, WHETHER IT’S FOR A PRODUCT, A SERVICE, OR THOUGHT LEADERSHIP: TEACHES THE VIEWER SOMETHING OR HELPS THEM SOLVE A PROBLEM Rand Fishkin is co-founder of SEOMoz and and is an expert in SEO and inbound marketing. “Whiteboard Friday” is a long running video series where Rand and other experts from the SEO and inbound marketing community demonstrate their expertise on a particular subject by making their readers smarter. Every Friday, a new video is published which helps professionals do their job better. No fee, no subscription required.The Principle At Play: The best way to The Whiteboard Friday archive is a rolodexdemonstrate expertise is to share it for free. of serious SEO/Inbound experts, who I *know* are experts. Why hire someone IWatch at: don’t know?
  14. 14. WHAT MAKES GOOD VIDEO? “I may not know what art is, but I know it when I see it.” GOOD VIDEO, WHETHER IT’S FOR A PRODUCT, A SERVICE, OR THOUGHT LEADERSHIP: SUMMARIZES, SIMPLIFIES AND PROVIDES GUIDANCE ON A COMPLEX ISSUE Scott Anthony of Innosight explains why fostering, enabling and delivering successful innovation in an organization is difficult, and give four simple steps for how to address that very complex issue. This type of video takes a very similar approach to the “demonstrate expertise” example seen previously; but, rather than getting very granular and giving a tutorial, this type of video shows that theThe Principle At Play: The Reverse-Einstein – If people in this organization are capable ofyou can explain it simply, you must really taking very big problems and making themunderstand it. simple, and gives you insight on how to do this as well. To do this, they must truly beWatch at: experts – and worthy of consideration.
  15. 15. WHAT MAKES GOOD VIDEO? “I may not know what art is, but I know it when I see it.” GOOD VIDEO, WHETHER IT’S FOR A PRODUCT, A SERVICE, OR THOUGHT LEADERSHIP: DEMONSTRATES YOUR NEED FOR [WHATEVER] - AND INVITES YOU TO GET IT. PA Consulting Group is a global IT & Management consulting firm that helps companies and organizations solve a variety of complex technological problems. In this video, Alastair shows us how to do something that seems impossible. Then we realize that it’s actually quite easy – IF you happen to be one of the technological wizards at PA Consulting. Could WE do what Alastair & company are doing? If we tried, it would probably end upThe Principle At Play: “We can make your life as what the kids call a “hot mess.” Not onlybetter – so call now, operators are standing by!” can these guys solve this problem…they invite us to see how they can help us solveWatch at: our toughest challenges.
  16. 16. LAUNCHING YOUR OWN LOW-COSTVIDEO PROGRAMThe Three Ps of VideoPLANNING – Think before you shoot.PRODUCTION – Set. Lights. Camera. Microphones. Prompter. Shooting. Editing. Producing.PLACEMENT – Channels. Hosting & Delivery. Tracking. Synergy with other content.We’ll be discussing these out of order, because it’s good to understandwhere and how the video will be used before you plan and produce.
  17. 17. PLACEMENTLet’s assume you have a great video, ready to go…Issues to consider:Where on your website will this video live?What will you do to make it easy to find?Will you associate it with a particular call-to-action?Do you want public hosting (Youtube, etc) or do youwant to keep it within a CDN? (Or do both?)What social channels will you push it on? Is itappropriate for that audience?
  18. 18. PLACEMENT Location, location, location…On the page, your videoshould be:• Above the fold!• Prominently placed!• Given context!• You should put it in #8• Alternatively, if you have no CTA, or if your CTA lives in a sidebar, you can slide #8 to the right and put contextual text to the left See the whole (extremely useful & helpful) graphic at:
  19. 19. PLACEMENTLocation, location, location… Context! Prominent!
  20. 20. PLACEMENT Location, location, location… CTAs!Context is important for two reasons:1) Visitor may not be able to watch now2) Context allows for more content which can be helpful for search, rankings, etc
  21. 21. LAUNCHING YOUR OWN LOW-COSTVIDEO PROGRAMPLANNING• What efforts/campaigns are we supporting?• What strategy/principle are we going to leverage?• What are we going to talk about?• What story are we telling?• How does this fit our content strategy & editorial calendar?• What is the appropriate length of this video?• Who is the voice / face of the brand for this effort?• How much help/training/practice do we need to do this?Make sure you have good answers to thesequestions BEFORE you shoot.
  22. 22. AND NOW…THE GOOD PART!PRODUCTION PART 1:THE SETConsiderations:• Should be at least 15-20’ deep• White or near-white walls• In a quiet part of your office• Windows with good shades• Stage it to look like an executive space, but err on side of austerity – no distracting art, etc.• If you’re “on location” the most important issues will be light & ambient noise We typically park our subject right at crook of desk, by the• Camera 8-12 feet from subject monitor, and shoot either from where this pic was taken, or from positions about 3 feet to the right (camera is visible just at right of• Subject 5-10 from background shot) or to the left. Our space is a little cramped, our camera is a little closer to subject than optimal.
  23. 23. AND NOW…THE GOOD PART!PRODUCTION PART 1: THE SET (Continued) Panoramic shot (240 degrees) shot from where subject usually stands. We use two lights plus overheads and natural light when possible. In center of frame is camera & tripod, with iPad for teleprompting just to left. This set-up is far from ideal – it’s somewhat cramped, and the lighting needs to re-configured for almost every shoot, and when we do different angles, for each different shot. However, we’ve been able to make some good-quality video in here. If I could change anything, it be just to have a bigger space, with less junk stored in it.
  24. 24. AND NOW…THE GOOD PART!PRODUCTION PART 2:CAMERAS LOVE LIGHTThe importance of having goodlighting cannot be overstated. If youare going to skimp on cash, this isNOT the place to do it.Considerations:• You want multi-point lighting• How hot do you like it? Consider CFL lighting if you want to keep it cool in the room (and save money)• Don’t wing the set-up: plenty of reading material and Youtubes on Our lighting rig is similar to this, although older & good lighting design not quite as good. We still must rely on overheads and natural, morning light as well. This is a solid option for folks on a budget, though.
  25. 25. AND NOW…THE GOOD PART!PRODUCTION PART 3:PICKING A CAMERA Canon Vixia HF M52 $750Considerations:• You really want a shoe mount (cold shoe is usually fine) Sony Full HD• You must have audio line-in $699• A 16GB on-board flash is minimum; 32 or 48 is better• There are plenty of choices out there for under $1000: Panasonic HC-V720 Canon, Sony, Panasonic; some $550 examples shown to the right.• You really should get a decent tripod & video head; I use a I use a circa-2007 Canon HG10. I paid $899. I Manfrotto 055XDB & 128LP love Canon, but that’s just me. Sony & ($260) Panasonic are also great.
  26. 26. AND NOW…THE GOOD PART!PRODUCTION PART 4:SOUNDConsiderations:• At least one lavalier (lapel) microphone is going to be necessary.• Wireless is better.• Set-up for camera mount Yes, the EW112-p costs $630. Yes, I agree that’s is preferable. horrifying (even as a longtime Sennheiser fan & advocate). You get what you pay for, though – I use• You need your receiver to this model’s predecessor and have zero complaints. have a 3.5mm (1/8”) mini-stereo output. Azden, who I’ve never heard of, makes a kit that’s $180 and would probably work fine…but...
  27. 27. AND NOW…THE GOOD PART!PRODUCTION PART 5:The TeleprompterThis is simple: if you don’t have a teleprompter (even if it’s simplistic or jury-rigged)your video sessions are going to make root canals seem like a good time. We call this iPad app “the ghetto-prompter” but it makes our shoots a cakewalk. It’s not particularly cheap if you don’t already have an iPad, but as they have become seemingly ubiquitous, I’m assuming there’s probably one available to you for use during a shoot. It’s the best deal in town!
  28. 28. AND NOW…THE GOOD PART!PRODUCTION PART 6:ShootingThe video shoot is a team sport. Everyone must prepare & do their part.The Production Team Must: The Talent Must:• Prepare the set & stage the lighting • Have a good understanding of and before talent arrives familiarity with the script• Ensure all batteries are fresh / charged • Have practiced the script & be comfortable• TEST THE MICS and audio capture with pace & diction• Have copy loaded onto the prompter • Wear video-appropriate clothing:• Have a couple cold drinks on hand • Suits: navy, charcoal, earth tones; no• Have spare batteries on hand tight patterns, checks or stripes• Have the prompter staged right next to • Shirts: solid or subtle patterns lens of camera • Shirts: avoid bright-white• Be patient, soothing & encouraging: help • Ties: solid or subtle pattern keep talent calm and on-track • Generally: avoid loud & geometricThe best video is one that is done with as few “cuts” as possible – the less editing &splicing you have to do, the better the video will look.
  29. 29. AND NOW…THE GOOD PART!PRODUCTION PART 7: EDITINGAdobe Premiere Final Cut Pro Screenflow• $800 (or $50/month with • $300 • $100 Creative Cloud) • Top of “enthusaist” • Meant for• Professional/Biz segment; segment; good for screencasting, but great for serious productions intermediate projects for light-lifting video work.• Lots of features; steep • Newer version not as • Mac only; Camtasia is a learning curve powerful as older versions similar offering for• Mac or Windows • Mac-Only WindowsIf you’re a serious pro – or want multi-cam – use Avid Media Composer. These offerings areaimed at prosumers& enthusiasts. I use both Premiere &ScreenFlow (mostly Screenflow!).
  30. 30. AND NOW…THE GOOD PART!PRODUCTION PART 8: PRODUCING & DELIVERINGOPTION 1: YOUTUBE / VIMEO / ETC OPTION 2: CONTENT DELIVERY NETWORKPros: Pros:• Free! • Unbranded players• Super easy! Just export edited timeline • Options for much better analytics to whatever format, and upload; they • Tech support available take care of the rest • Multiple ways/formats to deliver video• You’re likely to eventually put them here • No brand dilution / pre-roll / ads anyway; good for search purposes, too ConsCons • You have to pay ($100+ per month, usually)• You don’t have great analytics options • More complicated formatting / production for embedded videos on your end to optimize video for delivery• Hard to get un-branded players • You’ll probably end up wanting to put your• If there’s a problem, Google is not going videos on Youtube as well, anyway to take your call
  31. 31. IN THE FINAL ANALYSIS:WE SPENT: WE PRODUCE AT THIS QUALITY:CAMERA - $900TRIPOD - $250MICS - $600LIGHTS - $400SOFTWARE - $900PROMPTER - $2TOTAL CASHOUTLAY: $3052 ±(between 2007-2013) Watch this and more: Granted, we’ve spent hours and hours practicing, learning, & improving (and the cutting room floor is hip-deep in rejected clips) to get to where we are with video. But that’s still not too bad a price, overall!
  32. 32. PARTING THOUGHTSLaunching a video program can be difficult, but it is not impossible, nordoes it require tons of money. Also, it’s actually quite fun for producersand the talent and gets easier once you get into it.The benefits of a well-thought-out, methodical approach to using videoin a content marketing program far outweigh the costs.Lots and lots of small and medium sized businesses are doing this, anddoing it well. You can too!There are low-cost external options for videos, if you don’t want todevote resources to developing an internal programThere are other applications for video beyond thought leadership &lead generation that are worth getting involved in… For instance:RECRUITING. TRAINING & ORG DEV. INTERNAL MARKETING &COMMUNICATIONS. ETC.
  33. 33. QUESTIONS?Please get in touch with me anytime – I love marketing, thoughtleadership, video, strategy, and all things digital. I’m happy to talk,share insight, and try to make all of our jobs a little bit easier andmore rewarding.Seth FOR READING!