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E rate presentation

  1. 1. E-RATETechnology $ at work.
  2. 2. •What is it?• The Schools and Libraries Program of the Universal Service Fund. • More commonly known asE – Rate
  3. 3. • Provides discounts to assist most schools• Is administered by the and libraries to obtain Universal Service affordable internet Administrative and Company telecommunications access.E-Rate
  4. 4. • Up to $2.25 annually is available• Schools, school districts, and libraries that want to apply for E-Rate must have a technology plan stating five elements.E-Rate qualifications
  5. 5. • Goals and realistic strategy for using telecommunications and information technology. • A professional development plan • Assessment ofWhat’s needed? telecommunication services needed • Budget resources • Ongoing evaluation processE-Rate Tech plan
  6. 6. • The discount is 20-90%Is it worth it? • Based upon number of studentsWhat’s the discount? eligible for involvement in the National School Lunch ProgramE-Rate discount
  7. 7. Determine Submit Determine Eligible Application/ Eligibility Services Review Technology Calculate Funding Plan discount level decision Receipt of Select Service Bidding process services/invoice Provider USAC E-Rate Application Process http://www.e-rateservices.com/e-rate-process-overview.shtmlE-rate application process. (2008). [Application process for E-Rate]. E-Rate funding process. Retrieved from http://www.e-rateservices.com/e-rate-process-overview.shtml.
  8. 8. Belton IndependentSchool District
  9. 9. Belton Independent School District TechPACGoals, Objectives, andStrategies
  10. 10. • Belton ISD will implement and monitor well-designed processes, including Objective long-range planning and budgeting, to • Develop and address future growth, communicate policies changing student needs, and procedures on and the maintenance of effective processes for effective and efficient utilization of operations. technology. TechPAC Goal 1
  11. 11. Objective• Belton ISD will achieve TEA Exemplary Status • Identify, evaluate, whereby all students and implement achieve their technological maximum educational resources in potential curriculum and instructionTechPAC Goal 2
  12. 12. • Increase student achievement using technology tools to provide differentiated instruction and appropriate accommodations and modifications• Coordinate planning and budgeting processes to maximize funding sources and increase student achievement.Goal 2 Objectives continued
  13. 13. • Belton ISD will Objective attract and retain high-performing • Provide administration; professional faculty and staff who development for reflect the values of faculty, staff and the community, and administration are committed to based on district achieving excellence needs and aligned for all students to state and national standards.TechPAC Goal 3
  14. 14. • Belton ISD will sustain Objective safe and supportive schools that provide • Utilize technology to secure, nurturing, support the District nonthreatening, Crisis Management respectful and Plan; utilize technology disciplined learning to support campus environments where all security; Provide a safe members excel and environment for exhibit moral students and teachers to excellence. utilize technologyTechPAC Goal 4
  15. 15. • Belton ISD will promote Objective shared partnerships of students, parents, schools, • Design and implement community and BISD alumni online resources that to include clear, informative, will convey critical timely communications and information to parents recognition of the and community achievements of all members, and include stakeholders. community and parents in the technology TechPAC Goal 5 planning process.
  16. 16. • STaR Chart• Integration of technology into instruction as measured by classroom walk- through data and lesson plans• Technology Coordinators• Provide meaningful professional development for instructional staff.Assessment
  17. 17.  E-Rate provides an excellent opportunity for schools and libraries to fund ever changing technology needs BISD uses funds to assist with the technology funding BISD is embracing technology and is on the move with the 21st Century learnerSummary