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2020 KDDC Annual Report

2020 Year in Review

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2020 KDDC Annual Report

  1. 1. Annual Report Featuring KDDC Sponsors See inside Milk Matters K D D C A n n u a l R e p o r t w w w. k y d a i r y. o r g K E N T U C K Y Supported by H.H. Barlow, Executive Director A s will be the case for everyone who lived in 2020, it will be a year to remember for the dairy industry and for KDDC, in several specific ways. There was such optimism when the calendar turned to January 2020. Milk prices had climbed significantly in November/December 2019 and were excellent in the first quarter of 2020. Dairymen had endured three years of depressed prices and many operations were liquidated. We all thought a period of better times had arrived. Then the Coronavirus hit, and everything changed. On top of the virus, Borden declared bankruptcy in January 2020 following the Dean bankruptcy of November 2019. These bankruptcies affected 130 KY dairy producers, but unlike 2018 when Dean’s milk plant closed, we didn’t lose producers. Instead, they were able to find another market for their milk.Thus, we averted a potential crisis, despite the uneasiness and disruptive nature of these bankruptcies. Nearly all planned meetings and initiatives came to a screeching halt with the shutdown of the economy. This was very disappointing to our entire organization, staff and most importantly, our members because of so much energy and excitement that the year had begun with. Nevertheless, as an organization, KDDC was able to continue dialogue with our producers and even conducted occasional needed visits. The single most important project in 2020 for KDDC was to create a new program to replace our original MILK program. We started meeting in May with board and staff working together. We asked Dr. Jeffrey Bewley,nationally known dairy consultant,to identify the greatest needs for Kentucky dairymen when compared to the top herds across the country. Our new program is named MILK 4.0 (a nationally known data driven symbol). Key areas chosen for emphasis are: 1) Genetics; 2) Reproduction; 3) Milk quality. We expanded each of these areas and added two more for potential increase in profitability for Kentucky producers. KDDC Performance Summary 2020 Cont’d on pg. 2
  2. 2. KDDC is supported in part by a grant from the Kentucky Agricultural Development Fund KDDC Annual Report • Page 2 Regarding genetics, the fastest improvement is through genomic testing to identify the highest potential producing animals. KDDC is partnering with Zoetis,a national animal health and genomic company,to create a testing program where Zoetis will cost share with KDDC by discounting testing fees by 50%. Regarding reproduction, the measuring stick for success will be pregnancy rate, the nationally recognized standard for evaluating reproductive success. KDDC has created a program to incentivize producers to improve pregnancy rate over a twelve-month period, which will produce a financial reward with the increased pregnancy rate. Emphasis on milk quality is essential in maintaining a market for every producer. For thirteen years, KDDC has had programs which concentrate on improving milk quality and is essential for current and future markets. We have created a program that will incentivize producers to lower their somatic cell count with a financial award after 12 months of reporting. These three initiatives outlined above all depend on DHIA testing, which every farmer must sign up for in order to participate in the MILK 4.0 program. This reiterates that DHIA is the cornerstone of successful dairy management. Two more important areas of focus were identified that do not have monetary participation by KDDC, but still have potential profit impact for the dairy producer. Firstly, financial management is the basis for success in any operation. There has been some concern that the correct tools were not always available to identify the bottleneck that hindered profits. KDDC is partnering with Cornell University on a Dairy Profit Margin program that measures financial performance on a monthly basis so that timely adjustments can be made, resulting in real impact, rather than waiting until year end to analyze one’s business. We are also collaborating with Rockingham Cooperative to support the financial programs for our Amish and Mennonite dairy producers. Lastly, we are focusing an initiative on Beef On Dairy Production. This aspect of the program educates producers on using genetically superior beef sires on the lower producing dairy cows in your herd. All dairymen have suffered for years with low prices received for dairy steers and heifers not needed for replacement animals. The beef industry has identified through genomics, sires that create superior carcass quality dairy/beef crossed calves.The value of these specially bred calves has been proven to be $100-150 higher than strictly purebred dairy steers and heifers who do not fit the desired beef carcass quality profile. Our new MILK 4.0 is an aggressive program that is uniquely different than our past MILK programs. Most importantly, the purpose is to incentivize our KY dairy producers to adopt new technologies and management practices that will increase profits and drive success for their futures and the futures of the local economies they impact. January - February 2021 • KDDC • Page 2 KDDC is supported in part by a grant from the Kentucky Agricultural Development Fund 2020 KDDC Board of Directors & Staff Executive Committee President: Freeman Brundige Vice President: Charles Townsend, DVM Sec./Treasurer: Tom Hastings EC Member: Tony Cowherd EC Member: Greg Goode EC Past President: Richard Sparrow Board of Directors District 1: Freeman Brundige 731.446.6248 District 2: Josh Duvall 270.535.6533 District 3: Keith Long 270.670.1388 District 4: Bill Crist Jr. 270.590.3185 District 5: Tony Compton 270.378.0525 District 6: Mark Williams 270.427.0796 District 7: Greg Goode 606.303.2150 District 8: Steve Weaver 270.475.3154 District 9: Jerry Gentry 606.875.2526 District 10: Terry Rowlette 502.376.2292 District 11: Stewart Jones 270.402.4805 District 12: John Kuegel 270.316.0351 Equipment: Tony Cowherd 270.469.0398 Milk Haulers: Mike Owen 270.392.1902 Genetics: Dan Johnson 502.905.8221 Feed: Tom Hastings 270.748.9652 Nutrition: Dairy Co-op: Stephen Broyles 859.421.9801 Veterinary: Dr. Charles Townsend 270.726.4041 Finance: Todd Lockett 270.590.9375 Heifer Raiser: Bill Mattingly 270.699.1701 Former Pres.: Richard Sparrow 502.370.6730 Employee & Consultants Executive Director: H.H. Barlow 859.516.1129 DC-Central: Beth Cox PO Box 144, Mannsville, KY 42758 859.516.1619 • 270-469-4278 DC-Western: Dave Roberts 1334 Carrville Road, Hampton, KY 42047 859.516.1409 DC-Southern: Meredith Scales 2617 Harristown Road, Russell Springs, KY 42642 859.516.1966 DC-Northern: Jennifer Hickerson PO Box 293, Flemingsburg, KY 41041 859.516.2458 KDDC 176 Pasadena Drive • Lexington, KY 40503 KY Milk Matters produced by Carey Brown President’s Corner Freeman Brundige T his word best describes the start of 2021. All of us have far more questions about the future than we have answers. How much longer do we have to deal with a pandemic and all the problems it is causing? Will consumers buying habits cause radical changes in what products need to be available in stores, markets, and hopefully restaurants? Volatility in futures markets keeps us and the so-called experts guessing on what milk and feed prices could be. A big percentage of the milk in the Southeast is being marketed by one agency, with most farmers having no other option.There has been a total leadership change in our federal government. What changes will they make in regulations and input costs? Exports have become the “golden" hope and predicting them has become a moving target. But if you don’t have a positive attitude then you would probably not be in the dairy business. It takes a lot of courage and faith. We have an excellent product that still proves to be a great source of nutrition and value. Hopefully, people recognized these qualities thru this crisis. KDDC is working on several fronts to try and insure better futures for our farms. The new MILK 4.0 program addresses several avenues to improve profitability both short and long term. We are working on milk pricing issues on several different levels, in conjunction with other states in the southeast and on the national level with the Kentucky Farm Bureau. We will try to work with the above groups and our state and national legislators during this formation of the next farm bill. Your input is always needed and welcomed. Uncertainty: the state of being uncertain, times of uncertainty and danger Cont’d on pg. 4
  3. 3. KDDC is supported in part by a grant from the Kentucky Agricultural Development Fund KDDC Annual Report • Page 3
  4. 4. Visit us online or give us a call 1 1- -8 80 00 0- -4 44 44 4- -F FA AR RM M. . WE’VE BEEN HERE FOR FARMERS SINCE 1916. AND WE’RE HERE FOR YOU NOW. OFFERING LOANS, LEASES AND CROP INSURANCE. CONTACT US TODAY TO LEARN MORE. Subject to credit approval. Additional terms and conditions may apply. Farm Credit Mid-America is an equal opportunity lender and equal opportunity provider. KDDC Annual Report • Page 4 The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic had one silver lining, in opening the door to KDDC for involvement in one new major endeavor. The Corona Food Assistance Programs included massive free food distribution efforts. The task of distribution quickly overwhelmed food banks and processors who were awarded contracts to give away the free dairy products. KDDC was informed of the potential to help distribute these food boxes. We teamed up principally with Feeding America First, Prairie Farms Dairy Cooperative, and Borden Dairy Company. From June to October, KDDC sponsored, coordinated, and managed 33 semi truckloads of dairy and food products given to those in need in 33 different locations. It was a GREAT humanitarian effort that put needed nutritious dairy and food products on the tables of thousands of Kentucky families. KDDC personnel were involved in every location. KDDC’s In State Summer Tour and World Dairy Expo Fall Tour were both cancelled due to the pandemic. It was a terrible loss to miss these opportunities. We are hoping to revive these events in 2021. After two postponements, we finally held 5 Young Dairymen Fellowship and Education events in October. It was so exciting to finally get our Young Dairymen Initiative started, and we are encouraged by their engagement and enthusiasm to continue growing this program in 2021. Kentucky has a core group of young dairy producers who are educated, professional, and committed to a successful dairy career. KDDC’s desire is to support these young folks and encourage them to take leadership positions in KDDC and overall dairy endeavors. 2020 is behind us, and we mustn’t start 2021 by complaining about our past. I have personally been dairy farming my entire life and I have never experienced anything like 2020.With this in mind, I have reflected on what we can learn from these unprecedented challenging times. The four key takeaways for me are: 1)both the highest and lowest milk prices in the same year in modern history; 2) huge government payments sent directly to farmers; 3) massive amounts of food products given to Americans and food banks; 4) most importantly, the resilience and adaptability of dairy producers, processors, and support personnel (i.e. truckers, feed companies, supply companies, etc.) and most of all, our hired labor force that never quit working, never shut down, and always did the job put before them. All of us owe our labor force a debt of gratitude. 2020 tried everyone’s patience and caused us all to change our daily living routines and habits. Let’s now concentrate on the positives that lay ahead and commit to never dwell on the problems of our past. KDDC is supported in part by a grant from the Kentucky Agricultural Development Fund Cont’d from pg. 2
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  11. 11. G R A S S R O O T S I N S U R A N C E E D U C A T I O N A D V O C A C Y L E A D E R S H I P S E R V I C E From farm fields to the legislative chambers of the state and nation, it takes leadership at all levels to meet the challenges of Kentucky’s agricultural communities. Kentucky Farm Bureau will continue to support that leadership — as an advocate, a service provider and an organization — by giving leaders the tools, encouragement and voice they need to succeed in an ever-changing world. Why Farm Bureau? Because effective leadership makes life better for all Kentuckians. Movingagricultureforward, nomatterwhichwaythewindblows.
  12. 12. Riding the Waves Of the Dairy Industry With Kentucky’s Farm Families Since 1979
  13. 13. KentucKy Department of agricultur e For more information contact KDA: Eunice Schlappi, Dairy Marketing Specialist 502-782-4122 Photo taken at LeCows Dairy
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  21. 21. KDDC would like to thank all of our sponsors for your help and support over the past year! Justin Owen 270-392-1909 Luttrull Feeds feed ~ minerals ~ pet food ~ dairy supplies ~ 83 Jackson Street Pembroke, KY 42266 Mike Owen 270-392-1908 Russellville, Kentucky Justin Owen 270-392-1909 Mike Owen 270-392-1908 Russellville, Kentucky CLARK DAIRY SUPPLY Bardstown, KY 40004 502-348-6774 Featuring Emerald Liquid Feed Supplements for Dairy Double S Liquid Feed Services, Inc. Mark Miller Salvisa, Ky Ray Jordan 256-508-2874 Trusted. Valued. Suppported. Animal Safety Justin Owen 270-392-1909 Luttrull Feeds feed ~ minerals ~ pet food ~ dairy supplies ~ 83 Jackson Street Pembroke, KY 42266 Mike Owen 270-392-1908 Russellville, Kentucky Justin Owen 270-392-1909 Mike Owen 270-392-1908 Russellville, Kentucky CLARK DAIRY SUPPLY Bardstown, KY 40004 502-348-6774 Featuring Emerald Liquid Feed Supplements for Dairy Double S Liquid Feed Services, Inc. Mark Miller Salvisa, Ky Ray Jordan 256-508-2874 Trusted. Valued. Suppported Animal Safe Solutions Justin Owen 270-392-1909 Luttrull Feeds 83 Jackson Street Pembroke, KY 42266 Mike Owen 270-392-1908 Russellville, Kentucky Justin Owen 270-392-1909 Mike Owen 270-392-1908 Russellville, Kentucky CLARK DAIRY SUPPLY Bardstown, KY 40004 502-348-6774 Featuring Emerald Liquid Feed Supplements for Dairy Ray Jordan 256-508-2874 Trusted. Valued. Suppported. Wilson Trucking Alan Wilson Somerset, KY 606-875-7281
  22. 22. 176 Pasadena Drive Lexington, KY 40503 859.516.1129 ph Non-Profit US Postage PAID FEB 23 Dairy Alliance Annual Meeting, 12:00 CT, Online FEB 24 Kentucky Dairy Partners Meeting and Industry Trade Show, Sloan Convention Center Bowling Green, KY 9:00 A.M. C.T. FEB 24 Dairy Awards Banquet, Sloan Convention Center, Bowling Green, KY 12:00 C.T. FEB 24 KDDC Board Meeting, Sloan Convention Center, Bowling Green, KY 2:00 P.M. C.T. MAR 17-18 Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin Business Conference, Kalahari Resort and Convention, Wisconsin Dells, Wi MAR 18 KDDC Board Meeting, Taylor Co Ext. Office, Campbellsville KY 10: 00 A.M. E.T MAR 23 KDDC MILK 4.0 Road Show, Christian Co Ext. Office, Hopkinsville, KY 10:00 A.M. C.T. MAR 24 KDDC MILK 4.0 Road Show, Taylor Co Ext. Office, Campbellsville KY 10: 00 A.M. E.T. MAR 25 KDDC MILK 4.0 Road Show, Barren Co. Ext. Office, Glasgow, Ky 10:00 A.M. C.T. APR 07-10 Kentucky National Dairy Show and Sale, Exposition Center, Louisville, KY Calendar of Events
  23. 23. Cowherd Equipment Rental Inc. Cowherd Equipment Rental, Inc. Cowherd Equipment Rental, Inc. 1483 Old Summersville Rd. • Campbellsville, KY 42718 1483 Old Summersville Rd. • Campbellsville, KY 42718 Office 270-465-2679 Office 270-465-2679 Tony 270-469-0398 • Vince 270-469-5095 Tony 270-469-0398 • Vince 270-469-5095 Cowherd Equipment Rental, Inc. For More Information: Cowherd Equipment Rental, Inc. 1483 Old Summersville Rd. Campbellsville, KY 42718 Office 270-465-2679 Penta 4030 Tire Scraper JD Head Locks R Hagedorn 5440 Manure Spreader Cowherd For chemica from our dair has all of Cowhe 1483 Old Campbe Office • Boumatic M Chemicals • Chore-Boy • BouMatic C • JD Manu • IBA Chemi • Mueller Mi Penta 4930 • SCR Syst • Up North P Cowherd Equipment Rental, Inc. For More Information: Cowherd Equipment Rental, Inc. 1483 Old Summersville Rd. Campbellsville, KY 42718 Office 270-465-2679 Tony 270-469-0398 Vince 270-469-5095 a 4030 Tire Scraper d Locks Roto G Hagedorn 5440 Manure Spreader Defacer Ti Cowherd Da For chemicals, su from our dairy to y has all of your Cowherd D 1483 Old Sum Campbellsvil Office 270 Tony 270- Vince 270 • Boumatic Milkin Chemicals • Chore-Boy Part • BouMatic Coole • JD Manufactur • IBA Chemicals • Mueller Milk Tan Penta 4930 • SCR Systems • Up North Plastic Roto-Mix Mixers Tire Scraper Hagedorn 5440 Manure Spreader Penta 4030 Huge Selection of Used Mixers