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Carevium CRM for Senior Living - Benefits and Features


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Carevium CRM helps assisted living communities to capture, track, and manage leads and referrals from online and offline sources. Carevium CRM is cloud based and designed for mobile tablets (iPad and Android). Hence counselors, marketing and sales personnel can use it while on the road or in the community.

Carevium CRM is easy to use with no training requirement and custom designed for senior living communities and placement counselors.

Leads can be captured from multiple sources and referral agencies, follow-up activities can be planned and tracked, and sales stages can be assigned to each prospect to obtain meaningful reports. Leads can be easily filtered and viewed along with follow-up activities and notes. Lead follow-up activities are also presented in calendar format.

Carevium lead management system can provide alerts / notifications for overdue activities based on user preferences.

Prospects can also be downloaded for further use. Carevium CRM provides real time lead management reports with graphical charts. Reports include: Leads by Sales Stage, Leads by Community or Service Type, Leads by Lead Source group, Leads by Referrer group, Leads by Referrer, etc.

Carevium CRM also includes a comprehensive Marketing Contacts and Outreach Activities tracking module. Marketing personnel can use this module to manage contacts, record marketing outreach notes, tasks, etc. Alerts and reminders can be setup for pending marketing tasks.

Carevium CRM software is a part of the Carevium Senior Living solution used by assisted living facilities, memory care communities, residential group homes and CCRCs.

Carevium Senior Living lead management system can be used by assisted living management companies and placement agencies too. For more information, please visit

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Carevium CRM for Senior Living - Benefits and Features

  1. 1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with Carevium Senior Living Software
  2. 2. Carevium CRM Benefits Overview • Complete tracking system for all leads and incoming referrals • Marketing system to manage marketing contacts and activities • Increase conversion of lead prospects into residents • Manage all discussions and activities with current prospects • Understand quality of lead sources and distribution of leads among multiple facilities in comprehensive reporting module
  3. 3. Carevium CRM Users • Assisted Living Facilities • Memory Care Communities • Residential Care Homes / RCFEs • Independent Living Communities • CCRCs • Lead Generation or Referral Agencies • Marketing Agencies
  4. 4. Features of Carevium CRM
  5. 5. Manage Prospect Information • Store all necessary info for new prospects in one place (contact info, type of care, unit type, expected move- in date, payer, referrer, and lead stage) • Make edits whenever necessary • Download or print prospect list • Drill down to each prospect’s profile as necessary to see details
  6. 6. Lead Searching Features • Sort lead order by contact or prospect last name, lead date, or stage • Segregate and view leads by choosing among various search options – Sales Stage – Lead Class – Sales Staff – Placement Location – Source Type – Referrer – Lead Date
  7. 7. Referrer Database Maintenance • Use Referrer module to enter new referrers as new relationships are built • Use this referrer database in a drop- down format to categorize leads as their info is entered • Search for leads based on particular referrers • See charts to see which referrers generated the most leads
  8. 8. Organize Follow-up Activities • Easily schedule follow-up activities for any prospect using drop-down menus • See all activities neatly displayed in calendar format • Be reminded by alarm icons for overdue or today’s pending activities • Receive e-mail / text / push notification alerts when activities are due or overdue
  9. 9. Lead Follow-up Activities Calendar
  10. 10. Track Follow-up Notes • Easily enter notes related to any follow up activity • Read notes in combined prospect list or drill down and read in individual prospect’s history • Quickly remember all important aspects of discussions and visits • Real time Alerts for follow-up tasks due
  11. 11. Manage Marketing Contacts • Store all necessary info for Marketing Contacts in one place (contact info, organization, source type) • Make edits whenever necessary • Download or print marketing contacts information • Drill down to each marketing contact’s profile as necessary to see details
  12. 12. Organize Marketing Activities • Record, view, and manage marketing and outreach activities, tasks, and notes • Easily schedule or update activities for any marketing contact using drop- down menus • See all activities neatly displayed in calendar format • Be reminded by alarm icons for overdue or today’s pending activities
  13. 13. Filters for Marketing Activities • Selectively view marketing activities using multiple filters • Filters include Contact, Contact Class, Sales Staff, Activity Status, Placement Location, Source / Referrer Group / Referrer and Activity Date Range • Easily download or print marketing activities of interest after filtering
  14. 14. Marketing Activities Calendar
  15. 15. Analyze Leads • Use transparent graphs and tables to understand various statistics about current leads • Facility marketing directors can visualize how leads are segregated by source, referrer, staff, sales stage, or class • Corporate administrators can analyze leads by community, location, or facility
  16. 16. Leads by Source
  17. 17. Leads by Referrer
  18. 18. Leads by Sales Stage
  19. 19. Leads by Community Type
  20. 20. Carevium CRM Summary • Easy to use, no learning curve • Cloud based, Always available, Access anywhere – in the office or on the road – not tied to your work desk • Mobile enabled, Use on iPad or Android tablets • Support for multiple facilities, management groups • Support for multiple sales and marketing staff • Custom configured for you • Don’t let another lead fall through the crack
  21. 21. CAREVIUM 1-888-987-0663