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Carestream Dental 10th Anniversary Infographic


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This year marks a milestone anniversary for Carestream Dental. Ten years ago, the current brand was established to continue the legacy of innovation. In the last decade, this commitment to excellence has been represented through industry-leading technology and a growing global presence.

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Carestream Dental 10th Anniversary Infographic

  1. 1. Volume processed by ePayments annually practices using DPMS software Number of images taken annually with products in over 100 countries Carestream Dental products are used 1,500+ Carestream Dental 2000s PROUD LEGACY OF INNOVATION THE FUTURE OF DIGITAL DENTISTRY A four-in-one system (2D, 3D and cephalomertric imaging, plus models scanning)—the CS 8100SC 3D—rounds out the CS 8100 Family CBCT becomes a reality for doctors of all specialties when the CS 8100 3D is introduced The 3D unit that started it all for Carestream Dental—the Kodak 9000 3D—is launched Compact, award-winning panoramic imaging is made available with the CS 8100 The faster, smarter, more open CS 3600 intraoral scanner changes the way doctors take impressions Carestream Dental takes its practice management solutions to the cloud 2010s 10th Anniversary $1.5B 800M+ e P a y m e n t s 33KMore than 12K CS 8100 Family units sold globally employees across the world © Carestream Health, Inc. 2017. 15638 DE CD GR 0517 Product Milestones from the Past Decade