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Questions about Cone Beam CT Accreditation? Get the Answers


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Adding the capability for in-house Cone Beam CT exams can have major benefits for orthopaedic practices. It can speed your workflow, boost your productivity and support a higher standard of care. It can even help differentiate your practice from the competition. However, any US facility performing CT scans must obtain accreditation prior to receiving reimbursements from Medicare and many private payers. This process has many aspects, and at first glance can seem confusing. This document will give you the simple answers to common accreditation questions.

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Questions about Cone Beam CT Accreditation? Get the Answers

  1. 1. OnSight 3D Extremity System Questions about Cone Beam CT Accreditation? No Problem. Let’s Clarify the Process. Adding the capability for in-house Cone Beam CT exams can have major benefits for orthopaedic practices. It can speed your workflow, boost your productivity and support a higher standard of care. It can even help differentiate your practice from the competition. However, any facility performing CT scans must obtain accreditation prior to receiving reimbursements from Medicare and many private payers. This process has many aspects, and at first glance can seem confusing. But it needn’t be – and that’s where this brochure comes in. Read on, and learn the simple answers to common accreditation questions.
  2. 2. A Clear Pathway to Accreditation. What is CBCT accreditation? The Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act (MIPPA) requires all providers who bill the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to be accredited by a CMS-approved organization to receive reimbursement for their services. Many private payers also require accreditation for reimbursement. Accreditation is the best way for facilities to demonstrate they meet national quality standards for patient and practitioner safety and image quality. What is required for accreditation? Accreditation entails a review of physics testing, personnel documentation, policy and procedures – as well as sample clinical images. The Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) is an organization that is CMS-approved to grant CBCT accreditation. You can learn more about the IAC at Why is accreditation important to my practice? This certification assures patients that you're dedicated to best practices and safe, high-quality medical testing. They can feel confident that your practice has been thoroughly evaluated and approved on all metrics for CBCT imaging. In addition, certification is directly linked to your image revenue since CMS and many private insurance companies have made reimbursement contingent on accreditation. Is it true that seeking accreditation can be time-consuming? Yes. Accreditation involves some complexities and challenges. However, the benefits to your practice, in terms of patient safety, productivity and revenue potential, make it easily worth the effort. How can Carestream support me in this endeavor? We have partnered with LANDAUER Medical Physics (LMP), a respected global company, to offer purchasable services designed to walk you step-by-step through the accreditation process. LMP will also fulfill your required physics testing and assist you in completing the necessary documents for accreditation. Why LANDAUER? LANDAUER is the world leader in radiation science in healthcare applications. Their staff includes renowned experts in imaging physics, with unparalleled expertise in radiation safety and market-leading dosimetry technology. LMP focuses on the image-quality optimization, addressing shielding requirements, and specializing in supporting facilities like yours in achieving accreditation. LMP can help you navigate the accreditation process with speed and efficiency – no false starts, missteps, wasted time or productivity losses. Learn more about LANDAUER Medical Physics at What are we looking at in terms of cost? We take pride in making accreditation guidance affordable for our customers, because we want you to start realizing the return on your OnSight System purchase as quickly as possible. It’s also important to note that all OnSight owners are required by the state and IAC to undergo an annual physics test. LMP can provide this annual service for an additional fee. It’s recommended that this service agreement with LANDAUER be put in place at the time of install. LANDAUER will also offer you a 33% discount on dosimetry when you opt to purchase their accreditation services. How long will accreditation take? It will typically take 30 days after installation and physics testing to collect the required documentation and case studies and submit the selected accrediting organization's application. LANDAUER will work with you, step by step, to gather the required data. It will typically take 8-12 weeks for accreditation once an application is filed. With Guidance Every Step of the Way.
  3. 3. Elements Description Shielding Design Determines appropriate room shielding to comply with radiation dose limits of National Council on Radiation Protection, state regulations and ALARA guidelines Complete input form that includes scaled room dimensions, scan volume and use of adjacent space Medical Physics CBCT Acceptance Test/ Equipment Survey* An evaluation of image quality, radiation dose and equipment mechanical safety performed by a qualified physicist, as required by accrediting bodies and many state agencies* Work with LMP to schedule time for onsite visit State Registration Completion of forms for state registration Provide LMP with required information Policies & Procedures Manual Template LMP will provide a diagnostic CT Policy and Procedure Manual TEMPLATE that can be used by the practice as a guidepost to accreditation Complete manual and provide template as required by Accreditation Organization Accreditation Application Assistance Completion of forms for accreditation application as well as prompting to maintain timeline and populate application Begin Accreditation process (create account, pay for application) Medical Practice Staff Training & Assistance Initial online CT radiation safety, dose and risk for medical staff (includes 3-hour web-based training and certificate) Complete CT online training Post-Installation Shielding Survey* Confirmation by a physicist that the radiation levels in controlled and non-controlled areas meet dose limits Work with LMP to schedule time for onsite visit N/A Policies & Procedures Manual Completion LMP will fill in the CT Policy and Procedure Manual with information provided by Carestream and the medical practice for Accreditation submission Provide practice and staff details to LMP N/A N/A N/A QC Program Participation (IAC Accreditation Requirement) A medical physicist will participate in radiation quarterly (QC) safety meetings for the first year. Full access by phone or email to a qualified expert during business hours* Identify individuals for key roles in CT safety and lead the scheduling of quarterly QC meetings. LMP will participate as Physicist with at least 4 weeks advance notice (12 weeks preferred for optimal planning) N/A *For ongoing service after the first year, LMP can be contracted directly for Equipment Survey and QC meeting participation. Turnkey Accreditation Support Package Physics Testing Support Package To get the ball rolling, contact your local Carestream Rep today! Orthopaedic Practice Preparation/Actions You say you’ll tailor the program to our requirements. What does that look like? If you are familiar with the accreditation process, having sought certification previously, we offer a Physics Testing Support Package that includes the necessary radiation shielding design and all physics testing required for accreditation. If this is your first CT system, and/or you’re completely new to the process, you’ll want our complete Turnkey Accreditation Support Package – providing comprehensive support that includes step-by-step assistance with your application and staff training, in addition to the physics testing. Whichever you choose, these packages will help you achieve accreditation rapidly – so you can begin imaging with your OnSight System and receiving reimbursement revenue as soon as possible. See the chart below for more details. You can also download the IAC CT Standards documentation from the IAC’s website. Just go to and click on the “standards” tab.
  4. 4. CT Imaging at the Point of Care. OnTarget. OnBudget. OnTime. © Carestream Health, Inc., 2016. CARESTREAM is a trademark of Carestream Health. CAT 2000 208 12/16 ® LANDAUER and Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) Improving health care through accreditation are registered trademarks. NO MATTER WHICH ROAD YOU’RE ON, WE’LL GET YOU WHERE YOU NEED TO GO. RIGHT FOR TODAY. READY FOR TOMORROW. S M A R T X - R AY S O L U T I O N S A Community of Service and Support For dependable service, look to our Customer Success Network. We work continuously to improve your imaging performance, help you to innovate as needs change, and make the most of your budget and resources. Carestream’s Customer Success Network surrounds you with a dynamic team of experts, with a Single Point of Entry for easy, customized access to the right people in every situation. You and your patients will benefit from the expertise and best practices only Carestream can deliver – based on thousands of customer engagements worldwide and our 100-year heritage in medical-imaging innovation. Right for Today. Ready for Tomorrow. Carestream is ready to help you plan the most effective route to your X-ray imaging future. Our scalable equipment design and modular components mean high performance today, along with easy, affordable upgrades for years to come. Let’s plan your equipment migration together – you’ll gain the confidence that your current technology investment will continue to pay dividends well into your future. A world leader in diagnostic imaging has introduced a revolution in cone beam CT. The CARESTREAM OnSight 3D Extremity System is designed specifically for use in orthopaedic clinics – and offers the affordability, space-saving design and minimized installation requirements to make this a reality. Even for smaller facilities. The OnSight System performs upper and lower 2D and 3D extremity exams – including weight-bearing studies not possible with traditional CT. It can speed diagnoses and enhance patient care. It even offers you some compelling business advantages. The OnSight System is OnTarget, OnBudget and OnTime.