Clinical Applications in Vue PACS


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I. Advanced Clinical PACS Applications

II. Advanced Applications in Vue PACS

III.Benefits of Native Applications

IV. Uniquely Carestream Vue PACS

V.Latest Additions

VI. Clinical Differentiator

VII.Other Features of Vue PACS

VIII.Renaissance Imaging

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Clinical Applications in Vue PACS

  1. 1. © Carestream Health, 2013ClinicalApplications inVue PACSJanuary 16, 2013
  2. 2. © Carestream Health, 2013 Clinical PACS ApplicationsThe Industry• Advancement in medical imaging protocolspresents large amount of data and perspective• Volume CT• Fusion of modalities such as PET/MR• Full Field Digital Mammography and digitalbreast tomosynthesis• Radiologist productivity is reduced when usingmultiple dedicated, stand-alone workstations• Referring community is seeking faster report-turn-around with comprehensive clinical dataThe Need• One PACS workstation with native advancedclinical applications regardless of the modalities• Capable of embedding critical quantitative datainto the final diagnostic report
  3. 3. © Carestream Health, 2013 Applications in Vue PACSNative• Advanced functionalities accessible within the PACS workflow just like other basicfeatures such as zoom, pan, magnify, window/level.• Consistent software development without third party vendor involvement• Convenient single-sign-onComprehensive• Platform that includes automatic registration andvolumetric matching of 3D studies at the pixellevel, comparison of studies created at differenttimes and by different modalities• 3D post processing real-time as part of thedefault display protocol• Oncology lesion management*• Mammography workflow plus digital breasttomosynthesis* Pending 510(k) clearance
  4. 4. © Carestream Health, 2013• No need for dedicated workstation andintegration costs• Single service contract to maintainProductivity• Radiologist enjoy access to critical functionalities without logging onto a dedicatedworkstation• Automatic volumetric comparison saves the need to manually link datasets from differentmodalitiesPositioned for the future• No need to worry about third partyapplication advancement matching yourPACS• Automatic registration and volumetricmatching enables fusion and comparison ofother mix of modalitiesBenefits of Native ApplicationsPowerViewer™
  5. 5. © Carestream Health, 2013 Carestream Vue PACSPowerViewer• Automatic volume registration of two or more CT and MRI studies allows matching of anytwo volumetric datasets and saves the need for a manual link• Relate tool provides a cross reference at a pixel level, which synchronizes all views of allstudies to match the click point• 2D, oblique, mipPR or minPR display within the viewer, enabling comparison of differentstudies in the same exact orientation• Automatic link and reference lines support comparison of 2D and oblique views of currentand prior studies3D Post Processing• Can be built into display protocol so it automatically displays– MIP, MPR– Volume Rendering, Tissue Definition, Vessel Tracking and Analysis, Automatic Bone Removal• PET/CT fusion, SUV calculations• Cardiac review and analysis, Coronary Artery Analysis, Calcium Scoring
  6. 6. © Carestream Health, 2013 AdditionsBookmarking• Bookmark used to collect findings and measurements, stored with in the context of theclinical data. Easy to navigate for future comparisonLesion Management*• Oncology bookmarking tool forevaluating and monitoring cancerousand other lesions in CT and MR• Volumetric or 2D measurement andsegmentation• Compare between datasets fromdifferent modalities and time• Calculation for size assessment andvolume change over time• Simple to review comparison chart thatcan be embedded into final diagnosticreport Lesion Management** Pending 510(k) clearance
  7. 7. © Carestream Health, 2013 AdditionsMammography Workflow• User configurable and intelligent mammography specific display protocols• Computer-Aided Detection (CAD) available• Comparison of multiple priorsDigital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT)• Store, route, and display DBT examsusing industry standards• Automatic positioning of DBT imagesand mammograms that eliminatesmanual manipulations• Optimized comparison of priors andimage placement• User configurable Hanging Protocolsthat display DBT procedures along withany other procedureDigital Breast Tomosynthesis Display
  8. 8. © Carestream Health, 2013 Differentiator“The CARESTREAM PACS PowerViewer feature has helped us win newcontracts based on our ability to provide better and faster radiology reports. Wejust signed a contract with a new imaging facility that does a lot of PET/CToncology exams. Almost all the patients are bringing prior studies with themfrom different facilities. We are able to upload the priors and use CarestreamHealth’s innovative automatic registration for more accurate comparisons.”The Result“The referring oncologistsare pleased with thespeed and accuratemeasurements we areable to provide, and that’show we won theirbusiness.”Randall A. Stenoien, MDPresident, InnovativeRadiology PACEO, Houston MedicalImagingHouston Medical Imaging is a multi-specialty outpatient imagingservices provider in Houston, TX area.The Challenge• Competitive market thus need to streamline operations, provide clinicalconsultations quickly and quick report turn-around time.The Solution• PowerViewer in Vue PACS for all 3 locations, radiologists can report all examsregardless of location• Vue Motion for referring physicians
  9. 9. © Carestream Health, 2013 Features of Vue PACSp.9Dictation and Reporting• Speech recognition or digital dictation options• Automatic inclusion of structured report templates: patient information from HIS or otherclinical applications, measurements or analysis from PACS (such as Ultrasoundmeasurements, 3D analysis), key images and Bookmarking• Single click or voice command to user-defined templates, structured reports• Integration of structured data directly into EMR or HIS• Saves radiologist reporting time• Reduces manual errorOther workflow enhancements• Critical Results Notification• Teaching Files• Voice Commands
  10. 10. © Carestream Health, 2013 ImagingRenaissance Imaging Medical Associates (RIMA) is a single-source,full-line provider of specialized diagnostic imaging services. Operating24x7 in hospitals, free standing imaging centers, large medical groupclinics and private medical group practices at 11 different locations.With 32 radiologists, RIMA offers comprehensive line of servicesincluding specialties such as MSK, Neuro, Nuclear, PET/CT, Pediatricand Women’s Imaging, totaling about 500K exams per year.The Challenge• Streamline distribution of reporting while balancing radiologist workloadThe Solution• Vue PACS+ Reporting with Vue Connect• Vue PACS with native Vue Reporting streamlines the workflow boostingproductivity and patient servicesThe Result“(Vue Reporting)dramatically saves theradiologist the time itwould take to otherwise(manually) enter thisdata. To my knowledge,Carestream is the onlycompany with this featureand it is a direct benefit ofreporting directly from thePACS.”Dr. Andrew Deutsch,President of RIMACustomer Videos posted:
  11. 11. © Carestream Health, 2013 merges our lineage of imaging innovation withleading-edge IT technology. Powered by proven expertiseand leadership, Vue delivers streamlined workflow, clinicalexcellence and superior patient care.
  12. 12. © Carestream Health, 2013