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CARESTREAM Smart ServicesCase Study | Florida Hospital© Carestream Health, Inc., 2012. CARESTREAM ...
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CR Software/Hardware Upgrade Case Study


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Carestream's Extend Program turned Florida Hospital Tampa's request for long-length imaging into a reality by upgrading CR software/hardware.

For more information about Carestream's Extend Program, visit:

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CR Software/Hardware Upgrade Case Study

  1. 1. CARESTREAM Smart ServicesCase Study | Florida Hospital© Carestream Health, Inc., 2012. CARESTREAM is a trademark ofCarestream Health. CAT 2000 009 12-05Upgrading CR Software/Hardware Delivers Faster Scanning,Better Image Quality, Lower Dose, Higher SecurityA request for long-length imaging turned into a CRsoftware/hardware upgrade using Carestream’s ExtendProgram that delivered substantive benefits for physicians andpatients at Florida Hospital Tampa.“Our clinicians requested long-length imaging capabilities forscoliosis exams, spinal surgery patients and trauma cases,” saidDavid Held, the hospital’s regional imaging services supportengineer. “As we evaluated upgrading ourCARESTREAM CR systems, we realized we could also improveimage quality, staff productivity and security while loweringpatient dose. With these compelling benefits, the decision toupgrade was an easy one.”Carestream’s Extend Program allows healthcare providers tomaximize their investment by providing upgrades to existingCR and DR systems. These hardware and softwareenhancements can improve image quality, enhance ease ofuse, boost staff productivity and streamline workflow. Theprogram also supports specialty applications includingmammography, pediatrics and long-length imaging.As part of the Extend program, Florida Hospital Tampaupgraded both hardware and software for its sixCARESTREAM CR 950 and CR 850 systems. After the upgrade,Held reports that staff productivity and patient throughput areenhanced. “Image quality is also improved and we have beenable to reduce dose by 10-15% as a result,” he notes.The long-length CR cassette and automatic “stitching”streamlines imaging for a variety of patients, but its impact ismost dramatic in the surgical suite. “In addition to higherimage quality, we are saving 20-30 minutes per patient. Thattime savings translates into a more flexible and productivesurgical schedule and less time under anesthesia for ourpatients,” Held explains. The hospital’s staff previouslyconducted long-length exams using radiographic film.The upgrade also included advanced security capabilities andenhanced virus protection, which Held said was important tomaintain tight security for patient data.The hospital’s hardware upgrades included new PCs, 17-inchmonitors and 19-inch ROPs (remote operations panels). “Thenew PCs deliver faster scans and our technologists say themonitors and ROPs are easier to see and to use, which furtherenhances our imaging workflow,” Held said.The Extend Program upgrade was a complete success,according to Held. “We were able to add important benefitsfor our clinicians, staff and patients. The upgrade process wasstreamlined so there was no downtime. Everyone has beenextremely pleased with the results.”