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CARESTREAM Smart ServicesTestimonial | Memorial Medical Center of Springfield,©Carestream Healt...
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Accident Protection Plan Testimonial


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Memorial Medical Center of Springfield, IL describes its working relationship with Carestream Health and its service team as amazing. Memorial has a Partnership Service Agreement where the hospital employees are taught to assess and correct a problem as needed, as well as Accident Protection for DRX Detectors which allows them to pay a small replacement cost if the detector is ever damaged.

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Accident Protection Plan Testimonial

  1. 1. CARESTREAM Smart ServicesTestimonial | Memorial Medical Center of Springfield,©Carestream Health, Inc., 2012. CARESTREAM is a trademark ofCarestream Health. CAT 2000 008 12-05Praise Earned for Carestream Service Teamand DRX Detector Accident Protection Coverage“Amazing.”That’s the adjective Marjorie Calvetti, the Director of MedicalImaging at Memorial Medical Center of Springfield, Ill., uses todescribe the medical imaging staff’s working relationship withCarestream Health and its service team.Memorial Medical Center is a 500-bed facility that conducts250,000 imaging exams a year. It hosts a Level 1 traumacenter every other year. In addition to the main hospital, thehealth system includes an outpatient imaging center and nineExpressCare urgent care clinics with imaging services.ExpressCare sites are located within a 30-mile radiusof Springfield.Memorial has a Partnership Service Agreement withCarestream, and the hospital sends their employees toCarestream’s technical training sessions to give them the abilityto assess a problem and often correct it. If they determine aservice call is needed, Carestream engineers promptly travel tothe site.The agreement covers dozens of CR and DR systems at 11locations, as well as the facility’s PACS. The hospital’s staff hasdeveloped a close relationship with Carestream serviceengineers.“We have an amazing relationship with Carestream’s serviceengineers. They work side-by-side with our employees to solveany problems and explain the processes they use for testingand resolution,” said Calvetti.She notes that many site visits are avoided due to the use ofCarestream’s SmartLink remote monitoring service forMemorial’s PACS and fully automated DRX-Evolution suites.“With one easy connection, remote monitoring allowsCarestream engineers to detect and correct many issues beforea problem can develop. This preventive service helps ensurehigh-level performance and continuous uptime.”Accident Protection for DRX DetectorsIn addition to its overall service agreement, Memorial MedicalCenter purchased an Accident Protection Plan for its 14CARESTREAM DRX detectors. “I believe the DRX detector isthe most profound change in medical imaging since theconversion from film to CR,” Calvetti reports. “Theseinnovative detectors deliver excellent image quality and can beretrofitted into existing X-ray rooms and portable imagingsystems. They deliver immediate access to images anywhere onour network in seconds due to their wireless communicationscapability, and the detectors can be registered for use inmultiple systems for a highlyflexible workflow.”She adds that “DRX detectors are designed for rigorous use,but as a teaching hospital we have inexperienced technologistshandling our detectors. We have used the Accident ProtectionPlan several times. If a detector is damaged, we have a verysmall replacement cost. This plan has saved us over $275,000,so it’s an excellent investment.”