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April Sound May 2012 Newsletter

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495310828012 3 1156-may_2012_april_sound_newsletter

  1. 1. Community News A Publication for April Sound Residents www.aprilsoundpoa.com May 2012 Celebrate Your Graduate The June issue of your newsletter will spotlight April Sound gradu- ates and graduating relatives of April Sound residents. Send us a picture of your high school or college graduate, along with a brief write-up containing the following information as de- sired: ...Name of graduate...Date of graduation...Name of graduate’s April Sound relative(s) ...Relationship of graduate to AS resident(s) ...Graduate’s school ...Degree field (where applicable)...Graduate’s accomplishments/ As of last summer, the decision participations at school (academic, athletic, clubs etc.)...Graduate’s was made to cease daily rentals. post-graduation plans Ample parking is provided for PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR GRADUATION WRITE-UP AS YOU those residents that are not ma- WOULD LIKE IT TO APPEAR IN THE NEWSLETTER. rina tenants. They are allowed Mail or bring your submittal to the POA office at 100 April Park to retrieve their vessels on their trailers and park them overnight. Drive, Montgomery, TX 77356 or email to aspoa@consolidated.net, There is a section of floating Submittals may be made at any time, but must be in no later than dock that was relocated to the 8 May center dock located between the Pictures will be returned, if requested. launches. This is for those who launch their boats on the east (long) ramp and those boatersApril Sound Marina who are returning and need to temporarily moor or drop off aReopens person to retrieve their car/truck and trailer.By Debra Rosario, Marina Manager At the time this article was written and submitted the lake level was only 2.5 feet below normal pool. With any luck by the time you areOn April 6 the decision was made to open the marina, except for the reading this the lake will have returned to a level pool before the sum-two west (short) launches. All safety issues dealing with the docks mer heat sets in. Have a save boating season!and tenants of the marina had been finished, a week earlier than antici-pated. Just in time for the holiday weekend.The Marina Executive Board also approved the recommendation toproceed with the redesign and construction of the east side of the ma- NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING OF THE MEMBERSrina. The proposal from J.D. Poole was accepted with the understand- NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN in accordance with the Bylaws of the Asso-ing that the work would begin within the next four to six weeks. For ciation that the annual meeting of the members of April Sound Propertythe most part the design of the east dock access for all of the east side Owners’ Association, Inc. will be held at the following place, date, and time:marina tenants will mirror the design on the west side. Place: Waterside Dining Room, April Sound Country ClubThe April Sound marina is a corporation owned by the POA. This 1000 April Sound Boulevardcorporation is a for profit business. The docks leading to the boat Montgomery, Texas 77356slips are specifically for the use of tenants of the marina. Please be Date: May 19, 2012aware that the signs are posted and state that the areas behind the Time: 1:00 p.m., Sign-in will commence at noon.locked gates are for tenants only and their guests when accom- On April 10 proxies were mailed to all members. If you have not receivedpanied by the tenants. Enforcement will include trespassing cita- your annual meeting packet please contact the POA office.tions and/or the towing of vessels of those who are not tenants.
  2. 2. April Sound Property Owners Association 100 April Park Drive • Montgomery, Texas 77356 Phone: 936-588-1188 • Fax: 936-588-1092 Front Gate: 936-588-1442 • E-mail: aspoa@consolidated.net Website: www.aprilsoundpoa.com POA Office Hours 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday - Friday POA Telephone Hours 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday - Friday POA Staff General Manager Linda Waldon Accountant Nancy ClarksonNever Too Old To Play Exec Assistant Admin Assistant Pam Tanner Sandra Barnett Chief of Security Janice MurphyThe Montgomery Friendship Center would like to invite seniors and PVAC Robbie Burnettthose interested in volunteer opportunities from the April Sound com- POA Board of Trusteesmunity to an informational session at the April Sound Country Club on Chairman Johnny Kopecky Friday, May 18, at 10 a.m. Complimentary refreshments will be served. Vice Chairman Randy McDanielThe Friendship Center provides vital services by offering daily meals Treasurer Lee Reed at the activity centers, Meals on Wheels for homebound seniors, and Secretary Gary North At Large Larry Schilhab Karen Wyatttransportation to medical appointments and essential errands. Social Terry LeBlancprogramming is also offered and includes programs such as art classes,an evening dance club, and local interest outings. April Sound Marina CorporationThe programs are offered at no cost to seniors and are funded through 100 April Park Drive • Montgomery, Texas 77356a variety of sources including Montgomery County United Way, The Phone: 936-588-1188 • Fax: 936-588-1092 OfficersCommunity Development Block Grant, The Houston Galveston Area President Terry LeBlancCouncil, and private donations. Vice President Lee ReedThe new Montgomery Center was built this year and is currently open Secretary Gary NorthMonday through Thursday. The address is 2500 Lone Star Parkway, Treasurer Pam Postonin the Lone Star Community Center. For more information, please Debra Rosario, Managerstop by our information session on May 18 here at April Sound or call The April Sound Community News is published monthly by the April Sound936-597-6532. Property Owners Association. While every effort is made to assure accuracy, the ASPOA is not responsible for any editorial or advertising errors or omissions. Editor: Paul Knapp Editorial Assistant: Norine Simms April Sound Security Activity Report Reporter: Ann Richmond Advertising Assistant: Pam Tanner March 2012 Editorial articles or suggestions are always welcome. Contact the editor at ptknapp@consolidated.net or 588-2207. For advertising rates and information, RESPOND TO AND ASSIST contact Pam Tanner at the ASPOA at 588-1188. 11 911 Call 1 Assist Law Enforcement Agency 13 Assist Property Owner 3 Disturbance Call MEET THE CANDIDATES NITE! 184 Property Owner Complaint You are invited to meet the candidates FOLLOW UP ON REPORTED INCIDENT 1 Assault for the ASPOA Board of Trustees at 7 p.m., 1 Burglary of a Structure 4 Burglary of a Vehicle Monday, May 1, in the Park Center Room, 0 Prowler ASPOA Building. 8 Suspicious Person 5 Suspicious Vehicle 0 Theft 2 Trespasser A Special Thank You for the volunteers that met TAKE ACTION AGAINST at the POA office Tuesday, April 10, to assemble the 4 Issue Juvenile Warnings POA Annual Meeting Packages. They are: Judy 92 Cite for Deed Restriction Violation 9 Issue Parking Notice Kramer, Karen Wyatt, Charlie and Norine Simms, 8 Issue Traffic Notice Ellen Wallace, Donna Smith, Lorena Stanislaw, 1 Pursue Gate Crasher 995 Turn Away Vehicles / Guest Not Cleared Marilyn Mahoney, Suzanne Roller, Charlie and Pat 7200 Miles Driven Griffith, and Linda Strickland. 2
  3. 3. Street Use PolicyAdopted September 20, 2011 Montgomery Cooling & HeatingAll streets within the April Sound subdivision are owned by the Prop-erty Owner’s Association. Restrictions on the use of certain motorizedvehicles and license requirements for all operators of motor vehicles on APRIL SPECIAL: ALL COMPLETE SYSTEMS COME WITHthese private streets are in effect and will be enforced for the protection 10 YEAR MANUFACTURERS PARTS & LABOR WARRANTYof all residents and property owners in April Sound.Motorized Vehicles – the following types of motorized vehicles are pro- 12 Months Same As Cashhibited for use on April Sound Streets: Financing Available Inspection or Take Up To Service Call $1) Go Carts 100% Financing 20000 OFF2) 3) 4) 5) Dirt Bikes All Terrain Vehicles Off Road Vehicles All other non-street-legal motorized vehicles (golf carts, Free Estimates And 2nd Opinions $ 59.95 Any Single Piece of Equipmenthandicap vehicles and POA maintenance vehicles are considered street- Mention Applies to Condensor, Furnace or Evaporator Coil Onlylegal in April Sound) This Ad Call for details. Mention This Ad.Tag Requirements - All privately-owned non-licensed, motorized vehi-cles operated on the streets of April Sound shall have attached theretotwo numbered identification tags, one clearly visible from the front and Call Joe Pierson for above specials or any air conditioninganother clearly visible from the driver’s side. These tags will serve to and indoor air quality needs.identify any golf cart driven on April Sound streets, assist with identify-ing any golf cart stolen or suspected of being stolen and/or any non-licensed vehicle being operated in violation of April Sound restrictions 936-582-6008 Licensed & Insured TACLA 26756Eand/or policies. April Sound Property OwnerLicense Requirements – all operators of motorized vehicles on AprilSound streets must have in their possession a legal driver’s license orinstruction (learner’s) permit. In the case of a driver with an instruc-tion (learner’s) permit, a licensed driver 21 years of age or older mustbe present in said vehicle. In the event of any accident or damage toproperty or individuals, the licensed driver will be responsible.Seating Requirements – Motorized vehicles must have a seat for eachpassenger and all passengers must be seated while the vehicle is in mo- CONGRATULATIONS TOtion. ALL THE GRADUATES!Any driver operating a motorized vehicle in violation of the tag, licenseor seating requirements or any operator of a prohibited motorized ve-hicle on the streets of April Sound will be subject to these scheduledfines.1) First offense – warning – no fine unless flagrant violation HAVE A2) 3) Second offense - $50.00 fine Third offense - $100.00 fine SAFE &4) 5) Fourth offense - $150.00 fine Fifth offense - $200.00 fine HAPPY6) Continued disregard for street and traffic regulations may re-sult in loss of driving privilege in the non-licensed vehicle on the streetsof April Sound, loss of other April Sound POA privileges, including, SUMMER!but not limited to, deactivation of guest lists and Smart/EZ tags, re-moval of April Sound decals from your vehicles and/or possible legalaction. “Home of the Best Agents!” 936-537-2727 18001 Hwy. 105 W. • Suite 100 • Montgomery, TX 77356Effective: November 1, 2011 Office: 936-448-6700 • mariavaccaro@remax.net Each office is independently owned and operated. 3
  4. 4. Ladies Welcome Our own Sherry Williams made her way down the runway wearing flowing black pala- Spring With zzo pants and vivid colored “angel” top with raglan sleeves. Definitely a heavenly look for Latest Fashions you, Sherry.By Jen Wahlstrom Carole Peters, a fashion icon here in April Sound,Spring definitely settled nicely into the season for the February 22 didn’t let us down wearingluncheon meeting of the April Sound Ladies Association and so has a pair of Mesmerize whitethe new line at 4 Hip Chicks. Located on Hwy 105 in the Waterpoint pants with a black top byCenter you can find the hippest of clothes and accessories this season Last Tango. Carole washas to offer. elegant and sophisticated… a perfect pairing.Nine ladies hit the stage to model thefashions. First up was Sandi Preddy Barbara Reed wearing Ivy Jane gray palazzo pantswearing a unique blouse with zippers at and Merchant black and gray with a hit ofthe shoulders and accented in colors of blue vest wowed us for sure with this floralcream, tan and brown with a hint of ani- and animal print accompanied with a blackmal print. With the flexibility of being blouse and black lace cami. Paring thisreversible you can wear this frock just incredible outfit with silver stack bracelets,about any place. Besides, two different blingy necklace and dangle silver earrings .looks for the price of one, who couldn’t . . there’s no doubt she’ll be the talk of theafford this great deal? town. Next up was Debbie Mask wearing a smooth, creamy tan Last but certainly not least, Jen Wahlstrom Mesmerize Pant, a flowing animal print top by arrived wear- Faith and shoes by Volatile. This is definitely ing a flowing an outfit worth wearing to work or a night on strapless dress the town. of turquoise and lime green Bobbie Wyka wore by Lovely Escapada. A perfect choice for a a hand painted vest patio party or perhaps a Caribbean cruise?? by Adore in yellow and black. The ver- The Association would like to welcome satility of this piece Donna Johnson, Midge Robb, Claudetteis endless and can also be worn as a scarf Murphy, Linda Guest, Donna Burg, Bettyas well as a long or short vest. Pair this up Ann Daniel, Rita Jezierski, Frances Gilliswith a black shirt, pants and a blingy belt and Pat Reagan. Congratulations Ladiesand you will be a show stopper for sure. and Welcome! The lovely A lovely Asian Pacific cuisine was pre- Diane Ganson took the stage wearing and sented which included a build-your-own Asian Chicken Salad with Ivy Jane spring floral buttoned blouse and Sesame Dressing, Pot Stickers and Spring Rolls with assorted sauces, skirt in navy blue Vegetarian Thai Noodle Salad, White Rolls and Butter with Pineapple polyester and spandex Coconut Cake for Dessert. Yummy! with roushed panels. We may be seeing her The next ASLA Luncheon will be May 23 with 418 District Family at our next luncheon Court Judge Tracy Gilbert on “What Judges Do”in this one ladies. If you are not already a member of the ASLA and would like more in-Sandy Abrant brought the rodeo to April Sound formation on how to be a part of this amazing group of ladies, pleasein her Rhinestone Miss Me jeans, white vest top, contact Michelle Martin at 281-804-0417.blingy black belt and cowboy hat encrusted withturquoise accents. This girl had her gitty upready to go out on the town. 4
  5. 5. TWO NEW LISTINGS $239,900! $163,500! Two wooded lots. Single story, In ground pool & spa in private 4 bedrooms. Formal dining fenced yard. Stone fireplace in family and living. 2.5 car garage, room. New carpet in bedrooms. Screened oversized private deck. porch, oversized detached garage. 106 April Waters West 168 April Wind East Serving Montgomery County for Over 15 Years! A/C & Heating “Your comfort is our business” Here are just a few of the benefits our customers enjoy: We Service ALL 24 Hour Solid Reputation Affordable Pricing Affordable Maintenance Makes and Models Emergency Response AgreementsSpring / Fall Preventative Maintenance Service Free Second Opinion Credit Cards Accepted Licensed Protection References Available All Major for Your and Insured on Request 936-228-0063 Call T.C.S. A/C & Heating for all of your HVAC needs today! www.tcsacandheat.com TACLB015580E 5
  6. 6. NEWS Tennis AssociationMother’s Day Contributesat April Sound To Cancer HospitalBy Alex DenMothers Day is a special day to honor the women who have The Children’s Cancer Hospital at the University of Texas MDhad a positive influence in your life. When I think of Mother’s Anderson Cancer Center is thankful for the generous monetaryDay I think of a couple special women, but in particular my donation from the April Sound Tennis Association to the ChildMother. One family tradition that was NOT to be ignored Life Department. The children and families at MD Andersonwas Mothers Day Brunch. Dad made reservations early and will greatly benefit from this gift. Hospitalization can be a dif-started talking about it weeks in advance. Mom dressed me in ficult time for patients but the thoughtful donation will be usedmy hand-made Easter dress, and my big brother was coerced to provide toys and activities for children to play with duringinto wearing his slacks, a button down shirt and (if they still their medical treatment.fit) his dress shoes. We always went to the same restaurant andalways asked for the same waiter. Amazingly, he remembered The Children’s Cancer Hospital is world recognized for its careus from year to year and made a special fuss over each of us. I and treatment of pediatric patients and families during the dif-know Mothers Day Brunch is a tradition shared by many; but it ficult journey of a cancer diagnosis. While the journey can beremains one of my cherished childhood memories. long, it can be made less stressful thanks to generous support from the community. A warm thank you is extended to theBrunch endures as a Mothers Day tradition because it gets April Sound Tennis Association for thinking of the Children’smom out of the kitchen and can provide a defining family mo- Cancer Hospital whose generous support helps us “make can-ment; as children get older its harder to corral them all at one cer history” every day.time! The Club has a Mothers Day Brunch on May 13 whichwe hope will be part of your familys tradition. With a break-fast buffet in the morning, brunch in the mid-morning andearly afternoon to choose from, well be ready when you are.So if you haven’t figured out what you are doing for Mother’sDay, don’t worry. The Club has you covered.Tennis and PizzaTennis & Pizza is quickly becoming the thing to do on a Fridaynight. Every other Friday Director of Tennis Carlos Aguirrehosts Tennis & Pizza for kids. Tennis & Pizza is from 5 p.m. to8 p.m. every other Friday. The kids come out for a fun night oftennis as Carlos and his team do drills, fun games, and finishout the night with Pizza. It’s a great opportunity for parentsto drop off there kids for a couple of hours and enjoy a Fridayevening out together. Contact the Tennis Center for moreinformation.Party on the PatioEvery Friday through May the Club has Party on the Patio witha great night of food, drinking, dancing and a live band. Theband starts at 7 p.m. every Friday night.Updated Calendar:May 4- Cadillac BluesMay 11- Josh Ward AcousticMay 18-HWY 105May 25- Silver Shoes 6
  7. 7. Ray Faragher April Sound Real Estate SpecialistThe Lake Conroe area real estate market has started off the first quarter of 2012 with some impres-sive sales numbers, and pending sales are also looking very good! With April Sound being one ofthe more sought after communities on Lake Conroe it is certainly a good time to be selling a homehere in our subdivsion.Below is a ranking report of the top agents in the Lake Conroe area by dollar volume for the year sofar; period of 1/1/2012 thru 4/6/2012 (time of article submission). (Numbers reflect both listing and selling agent only in MLS area 39) Ray Faragher Lake Conroe Realty 16955 Walden Rd. Ste 117 Montgomery, TX 77356 ray@lakeconroerealty.com www.GoToLakeConroe.com Information provided by Houston Association of Realtors (936)494-5441As you will note Lake Conroe Realty has 4 of the top 8 agents on the list. Since it is a well knownfact that over 90% of buyers start their search on the web we contribute this success to our exten-sive marketing efforts online.. If you are considering selling your home within April Sound pleasecontact me so I can help, I am a resident, property owner and Realtor within April Sound, and amvery familiar with our subdivision amenities and real estate market. Sincerely, Ray Faragher Please check my websites at: www.AprilSoundListings.comor www.AprilSoundonLakeConroe.com 7
  8. 8. Civic Association News: Easter Eggstravaganza With Petting Zoo, Pony And Train Rides, Egg Hunt Huge SuccessBy Ann Marie RicciThe April Sound Civic Association Board would like to express Following the egg hunt everyone dispersed to pet the babysincere appreciation to all those who made our Easter events animals in Marsha’s Petting Zoo, and take a pony ride and asuch a success! The Eggstravaganza on Easter Sunday, April 8, train ride, which was newly added this year, or to visit and bewas the best ever! Penny Funk and Ginny Nelson co-chaired photographed with the Bunny. All in all, the Easter Eggstrava-the event for the ASCA. ganza was exciting fun for all ages, and ASCA is proud to have sponsored such a great community activity.Penny and her bunny helpers were at Reserve F and near theClub on Easter Sunday morning hiding all the hundreds and Then, on Sunday, April 22, the Civic Association sponsored thehundreds of eggs. The grass was purposely left high for better annual Golf Tournament, which is a major fund raiser for ourcamouflage, and this year because of the attendance expected, organization. A complete report on the tournament will be inthe children were divided into age groups. the June newsletter.When the Bunny, who was on hand to participate in the festivi-ties, did the count-down, everyone scattered for the Egg Huntand pandemonium reigned for a short time until all the coloredeggs were found. Some lucky ones found the special goldeneggs with the gold dollar coins inside. April Sound April Sound Yard of the Month West Yard of the Month East April 2012 April 2012 Gerald and Peggy Wilson Charlotte Hardin 110 April Waters West 103 Harbor Court Congratulations to all winners! They will receive a colored picture of their home and yardand a $50.00 gift certificate from Lowe’s. Yard of the Month is sponsored by the April Sound Civic Association. 8
  9. 9. Learn About the Railroad Commission of Texas By Frank Le Grand Hear guest speaker Ronald L. Kitchens address the Men’s Club at the monthly luncheon on Thursday, May 17. This should be a very informative talk about The Railroad Commission of Texas. The Commission was created by the State in 1891 to regulate the private railroads spreading across the state. This resulted in economic regulation (passenger fares, shipping rates), including entry and exit authority (what locations to be served). Over the years, the Commissions jurisdiction grew to encompass many activities: oil and gas production and transportation (1919), gas utilities (1920), buses and trucks (1931), liquefied petroleum gas (1939), surface mining and reclamation (1976), and alternate fuels research (1991). Economic regulation was joined by health, safety, andBunny and Friends. environmental regulation. The last decades have brought regulatory changes. The Commission no longer regulates buses and trucks or railroads. The states oil and gas industry remains, however, a primary focus of the Railroad Commis- sion of Texas. Ronald L. Kitchens was most recently employed as the executive director of the Railroad Commission of Texas, where he also served as director of energy operations and gas services. He is a member of the Interstate Oil and Gas Com- pact Commission and the Potential Gas Committee. He was previously elected mayor and councilman of Manvel, Texas. Kitchens received a bachelor’s degree, a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Science in mathematics from the University of Houston. Why not make your reservation for this Men’s Club luncheon event right now? Just call the country club to reserve your spot. The luncheon will be in the Lakeside Room on Thursday, May 17. Socializing starts at 11:30 a.m. and the meeting starts at noon. The cost of $16.10 will be billed directly to your Club account. Not a member of the Men’s Club? Visitors are always welcome. Call membership VP Wes Weed at 936-447-4331 and let him know to expect you; he or the other greeters will make sure that you feel welcome. When you enter the facility check in at the registration desk to let them know you are there. Co-Chair Penny Funk with ASCA board member James Reid. At 2 p.m. that same date the investment group will meet in the Weston build- ing. This is an open meeting. Talk to Dan Grubb, VP Programs, for directions and specifics. The Investment Group has two May outings planned. On May 1 members will attend the Annual Meeting for Southwest Energy Corp. in Houston. The attendees will meet at the country club parking lot at 9 a.m. andCo-Chair Ginny Nelson. car pool to the event. This event will include a complementary lunch. On May 8, members will meet at the country club parking lot at 9 a.m. to car pool to the Offshore Technology Conference. Complimentary admission tickets will be provided but everyone is responsible for his own lunch. Last month 84 people attended the luncheon and six of them won door prizes. VP Dan Grubb secured prizes from the following sponsors: US Brand Angus Beef, KWIK Car on the Lake, April Sound Country Club, Fajita Jacks, Kuntry Marshas Petting Zoo. Katfish and Storage 105. Please patronize these sponsors and when you do be sure to thank them for supporting our club. Jack McClanahan sponsors two tables of Vets at March luncheon.Crowded Train. Giddyup! 9
  10. 10. Remember When…… Election Year UpdateBy Kay Mathis, Garden World By Janis Boulware, Precinct 77 Chair…The Bluebell flowers were found along the roadway to Montgom- Montgomery ISD is not holding an election because there are no con-ery? There were fields of them…growing on their own with a little tested school board positions. Therefore, the only contested race in thehelp from Mother Nature. Native to Texas, they were brought to the May 12 Joint election for which April Sound residents may be eligibleattention of American gardeners by the Japanese, who hybridized it to vote is for Montgomery County Utility District 3 Director. There is afor the florist trade. bond referendum on the ballot for Montgomery County Utility DistrictThey bloom from June to September and usually are bluish-purple, 4 voters.but they also come in lighter colors, even white and yellow. Early voting for the May 12 Joint Election will take place Monday, AprilBluebells (Eustoma/Lisianthus) are the inspiration for the name of 30 through May 5, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and May 7-8 from 7 a.m. to 7the famous Blue Bell Ice Cream manufacturer in Brenham. A great p.m.place to tour! Please note the new location for early voting: Early voting will noThey are a good container plant and excellent cut flower. The durable longer be at the West Montgomery County annex. Instead, early votingblooms will outlast almost any cut flower, staying fresh in water for will now take place at the Lone Star Community Center, Room 2, 2500about a month. Lone Star Parkway in Montgomery. (From the intersection of StateThey require full sun and are drought tolerant when established. Highway 105 & FM 149, go north on FM 149 8/10ths of a mile. TurnWell-drained soil and a sunny location are necessities to keep the roots left onto Lone Star Parkway and follow for 3/10ths of a mile, the com-from rotting. It acts as a perennial in our area, sprouting again from munity center will be on your right.) On May 12, the polling locationdormant roots. will be at the West Montgomery County annex from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m..“FLOWERS ARE THE SWEETEST THINGS GOD EVER MADE Early voting for the May 29 Primary will also be held at the new LoneAND FORGOT TO PUT A SOUL INTO.” Star Community Center in Montgomery. Early voting begins Monday, --Henry Ward Beecher May 14, and continues through Friday, May 18, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Saturday, May 19, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Sunday, May 20, from noon toKUDOS to Betty Britt and Harry Peacock for their generous donation 5 p.m.; and Monday, May 21, through Friday, May 25, from 7 a.m. to 7of the beautiful Knock Out roses planted in RESERVE F . Garden p.m.. Election Day voting on May 29 will be held in the Fellowship HallWorlds crew was happy to transplant them. Since benches are nearby of April Sound Church from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.its a good place to "smell the roses." The runoff election following the primaries will be held on Tuesday, July 31. Insurance Office of Montgomery 19700 Hwy 105 West • Montgomery, TX 77356 Phone: 936-582-2330 Email: lemasterharvey@yahoo.com Products Sold:Auto, Homeowner, Renters, Boat, Bonds, Commercial, Mobile Home, Motor Home, Flood Any Large Pizza* $ 1199 Agents: Harvey Lemaster & Shaun Lemaster AND A 2-LITER PEPSI PRODUCT Carryout or Delivery (936) 582-5882 18442 Hwy 105 W, Montgomery, TX 77356 10
  11. 11. May Child Sex Offender Report Resident Care Home HealthBy Dan Grubb Personal Care Hospital CareCongratulations, April Sound lot owners, seventeen Sectionshave now amended and filed revised Deed Restrictions includ-ing Sections 9 and 10. These amendments restrict registered Cynthia’s Touch Senior Services, Inc.child sex offenders from owning or residing in April Sound. Licensed by the State of TXYour Sections now will be free of them. Compassionate & Caring PeopleBut we have more work to do! April Sound Lakeview Village Committed to Meet Your Family NeedsSection 1 Lot Owners, you are next. On April 16 initial let-ters were sent to Lot Owners in Lakeview Village Section 1. 936-441-6470These letters contain the Amendment to April Sound LakeviewVillage Section 1 Reservations, Restrictions and Covenants,Signature Page and letter. Please review, ask questions if neces-sary, and mail or deliver your signed signature page to the POAoffice. This is all necessary to make April Sound a convictedchild sex offender-free zone in Montgomery County.If you need additional information about this extremely impor-tant issue for April Sound residents, please call Dan Grubb, JimRiley, Marilyn Parker, Pat Simmons, Gary Szafranski or TerryFinkbiner--your April Sound Child Sex Offender Team. 11
  12. 12. If you would like more informa- tion about our church you can allin lumbing stop by (67 ½ April Wind South) or call the office at 588-2832 and request a visit with PastorNews Dowen. See us on the web at 936-447-5000 www.aprilsound.org and like usSundays on Facebook!8:00 a.m.Casual Worship communion CDO Day Care, Tuesday,served every Sunday9:00 a.m. Wednesday, Thursday 8:30 a.m.-3Adult Sunday School p.m. Call the church office for10:00 a.m. information. 936-588-2832 Repair: Water Heater • Water SoftenerClassic (Traditional) Worship,Communion served first Sunday Mothers Day, May 13, we will give flowers to all ladies! Pipe Repair • Faucet Repairof each month11:00 a.m.Contemporary Worship in the Graduation Sunday, May 20, we All Your Plumbing NeedsWorship Theatre will recognize our high school FREE ESTIMATES graduates!We would like to invite allApril Sound residents and their Men’s breakfast, Saturday Mayfriends to experience April Sound 26, Coffee served at 7:30, break-Church. We are an interdenomi- fast at 8 in the Fellowship Hall.national church, which means Come meet our April Soundyou can practice whatever churchmen!religion you are and with which Insured • Commercial / Residentialyou feel comfortable. We wantto experience the unlimited pos- MPL -39271sibilities of an extraordinary lifein Jesus Christ! Serving Montgomery & Surrounding Areas Winners of Ladies Bridge For Wednesday, April 11, 2012 First: Second: Diane Porter Jo Hazlewood Third: Pat Pearson Next bridge will be Wed. May 9, 2012 at 10:30 a.m. at The Club. For information contact: Vivian Schuren at 936/447-6863 12
  13. 13. Call Us For Special Showing Of These Two April Sound Golf Course Homes!1122 April Waters Dr. 178 April Cove$310,000 $209,999 JUST SOLD!107 South Park 131 April Waters WestList with us and receive Narrated Virtual Tours and Master ASP™ Stager services! Bethany 713-320-4044 or Joe at 936-827-5656 www.WaterFrontLakeConroeHomes.com Relocation Certified Specialists8505 Technology Forest Pl. • Ste 803 • The Woodlands, TX 77381 • www.SignatureLivingProperties.com 13
  14. 14. Classified AdsCOMPUTER SLOW OR CRASHED?? WHY CALL THE GEEKS? I’M SDR LIGHTHOUSE HOMES—30+ YEARS OF EXPERIENCE.TWICE AS GOOD AND CHARGE MUCH LESS!!! Upfront estimates, HIGH STANDARDS AND QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP. WE BUILDno more surprises! I’ll upgrade your system so it’s faster than new: eliminate DECKS AND ALL OUTSIDE STRUCTURES. WE DO REMODEL, AD-Spyware, Pop-Ups, Viruses and other difficult problems. New computer setups, DITIONS AND REPAIRS AND NEW CONSTRUCTION. WE ALSO DOfile transfers, networking and failed Hard Drive data extraction too! Simple or ROOFING, PAINTING, PLUMBING AND ELECTRICAL. APRIL SOUNDcomplex. I come very highly recommended and will return your system when RESIDENT. STEVE ROBERTS 936-718-3166. FREE ESTIMATES. (1003)promised. I’LL INSTALL EFFECTIVE ANTI-VIRUS PROTECTION ATNO CHARGE WITH ANY SERVICE! CALL ME NOW!!! $35.00/hr. or bythe project for A/S residents. Joseph 936-788-8412 CREDIT CARDS Home Computer Guy: SOLVING YOUR COMPUTER PROBLEMS FORACCEPTED. WWW.MONTGOMERYTXCOMPUTERREPAIR.COM (845) 8 YEARS. Most computers fixed in 1 hour. In home service Mon.-Sat. Spe- cializing in Viruses, Data Recovery, Hardware Problems. I do networking, computer setup, moving your files to your new computer and computerI LIVE HERE IN APRIL SOUND. I WILL PAY CASH FOR ANTIQUE clean-up to get your computer running as fast as it can. DON’T LEAVEAND COLLECTIBLE ITEMS. I WILL BE HAPPY TO LOOK AT ANY YOUR COMPUTER AT RISK WITH FREE ANTI-VIRUS SOFTWARE.ITEMS YOU MAY HAVE. OF SPECIAL INTEREST IS OLD JEWELRY, I’m an April Sound Resident with a reputation that is second to none. $40/WATCHES, PAINTINGS, LAMPS, POTTERY AND GLASS, GUITARS, hr. 1hr. minimum. Call Charles at (936) 588-0362. (1004)CLOCKS AND FURNITURE.CALL STAN SIMPSON AT 936-321-3333(OFFICE) OR 936-447-2688 (HOME) (907) KMF Foster Painting Co. Owner: Kevin FosterPet Chaperones Professional Pet Sitting. Let your pets remain in the Cell: 936-499-4796comfort of their own home while you’re away. In-Home Pet sitting/ Office: 936-539-8708Mid-Day Walks,/Pet Taxi. Please contact Katren Coumbe at 936-523-0511 kevinm.foster@yahoo.comor visit our website at www.petchaperones.com. We are bonded and Hello, April Sound residents. We’re looking forward to another great year.insured. AS references available upon request. (951) I want to thank you for all the support you have given us for the past seven years!!! Our goal is to produce the best painting experience for you and your home. We strive to do the best job possible and make every customer 100%TAXI SERVICE: April Sound Resident offers Transportation to and from satisfied. No one can match our quality and willingness to do every job theMedical Appts., Shopping, Airport etc. (Personal shopping available on right way. We guarantee that you will be completely satisfied or our servicerequest). Will also pick children up from school and/or transport them to will be FREE! Our services include: sheetrock repairs, power-washing, andactivities. Local references available. Shirley— 936-588-1510 / 281-831-4001 interior/exterior painting. Now, we are also offering flooring and countertopcell. (952) estimates. Call for a free quote today. For more details, see our ad in the Con- solidated phonebook. (1008)PHILIP EVANS PIANO SERVICE, PIANO TUNING, AND REPAIRSINCE 1971. Hello April Sound! I am a SECOND GENERATION piano NORTH HOME HEALTHCARE....Caring for Those Who Cared for Us!technician who has recently moved to this beautiful community of April DO YOU FEAR THE LOSS OF YOUR INDEPENDENCE? Home Health-Sound. I have many piano teachers, professional musicians, churches and care focuses on promoting and prolonging independence. Our goal isschools as my clients, and I will give YOUR piano the very same high to prevent Emergency Room visits and hospital and nursing home staysquality customer service, tuning, and repair that such professionals expect. by achieving optimal wellness. Often Home Health is thought of as aMy experience is second to none! Let me help your piano be the musical service for people confined to their bed; this is NOT true. It is for anyoneblessing it was meant to be for you and your family. As always, your whose medical issues are impacting their way of life. By utilizing Homesatisfaction guaranteed! *No extra charge for pitch raises or minor repairs. Healthcare you have a team of clinicians that will function as a medicalPlease call me any time at 281-444-8863. (966) support system. These clinicians focus on education and therapy related to medications, disease processes, increasing strength and stability, safety in the home and activities of daily living in coordination with your physi-PROFESSIONAL HOUSE PAINTING SERVICE, INTERIOR AND cian. Provider services are also available for cleaning, cooking, errands andEXTERIOR.PRESSURE WASHING AND HOME REPAIR SERVICES. daily assistance. Services are customized for your specific healthcare needs.OVER 25 YEARS EXPERIENCE. CALL FOR FREE ESTIMATES. Home Health is covered by most insurances...Providers are covered by VA,APRIL SOUND RESIDENT. 936-444-6952. GLEN MARTIN Medicaid, Amerigroup, Evercare & private pay. Employment positions alsoENTERPRISES L.L.C. ( 970) available. Call April Sproull for more info @ 936-522-7984 (April Sound resident since 1989) (1015)MONTGOMERY COUNTY HOME & LAWN MAINTENANCELANDSCAPING & DESIGN. Lawn care, painting, pressure washing,mulching & gutter cleaning. WE DO IT ALL! April Sound resident. LAKE CONROE HOME BEAUTIFICATION. Painting and pressureFree estimates. 936-444-6952. “Beautifying Montgomery County one washing specialist. Call me for all your home remodeling needs. We arehome at a time”. (971) experts in all phases of refurbishing, including front doors, siding replace- ment, matching sheetrock texture and more. I use only quality products so my bid will not beat the cheapest. Please call me if you do not want toPROFESSIONAL TREE SERVICE. TREE REMOVAL, STUMP call someone next year for the same project to be redone. Let me save youGRINDING, TREE TRIMMING, MULCHING AND UNDERBRUSH money in the long run by doing it right the first time. 10% Spring spruceCLEARING, INSURED AND BONDED, SENIOR DISCOUNTS, up special; just mention this ad after my bid. 936-444-3639. (1020)FREE ESTIMATES, APRIL SOUND RESIDENT, GM ENTERPRISES936-444-6952. (972) PLEASE SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISERS 14
  15. 15. Classified AdsGARDENER/HANDYMAN. Let me update your yard! With 6 years CARLOS J. GARCIAexperience in April Sound, cleaning gutters; trimming branches and palm WWW.CUSTOMPAINTINGDECORATORS.UStrees; edging and planting; collecting leaves; plus small house repairs and 832-647-3165painting; high pressure washing decks, patios and sidings; preference start- INTERIOR & EXTERIORing early morning work. Reliable workmanship. References provided. REFERENCES AVAILABLECall Manuel at 936-537-9536. (1022) RELIABLE SERVICE FREE ESTIMATES (1061)April Sound Housecleaning Services. Over 15 years of commercial andresidential cleaning experience. Available on short notice Monday throughSaturday. Extremely competitive rates. References available upon request.Please call me for a quote. Lilia Angeles, 936-697-0474 (1027) *PROPERTY FOR SALE:**April Sound* Capetown Drive townhome lot $3,000. Directly across the street from the lake and close to the marina. *Bentwater* Wyndemere Drive corner lot $17,000 and adjacentGARDEN WORLD would like to assist you in making this Arbor Day a lot $12,000 OBO. Near church and parks in The Meadows near the Westmemorable event for your family. Whether it is an ornamental or shade Entrance. Call 713-822-6638. (1062)tree, we can help with selection and planting. Call owner Kay Mathis, alongtime April Sound resident, at 936-443-2176 or 936-539-6399.- (1030) APRIL SOUND WATERFRONT LOT: 209 Dawn’s Edge. Bulk headedHandyman 936-662-9954. Electrical, Plumbing, Roof repairs, Carpentry, and Boat House. $325,000.00. Call Jack Duffy at 713-528-2961, ext. 10.Decks, Hang TVs, Gutters, Sheetrock, Painting, Tile, Doors, Windows, & (1063)More...Licensed/Bonded/Insured. Local and Reliable. Call Danny936-662-9954. (1032) PILATES @ THE P.O.A. Mon-Wed-Fri @ 7:30 a.m. For InformationHOME REPAIR SERVICES. 20+ years experience. Attention to detail. call: Cheryl Clemens 936-443-9413. (1064)Types of work completed: Door Replacement, Windows, Painting, Base-boards, Ceiling Fans, Lighting, Fencing, Replacing Rotten Wood, FaucetReplacement, Drywall Repair. Free Estimate. No Job Too Small. Refer-ences available. Family man; clean cut. Montgomery and Conroe. Call HOUSE CLEANING SERVICES “A Clean House is a Happy House”.Mike 936-689-1165. (1033) 15years experience Up-front estimates...thorough cleaning; satisfaction guaranteed. Commercial, residential, offices, move-ins and move-outs. Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. If interested, call for Angelica AlvaradoNEED CARPET REPAIR OR RESTRETCH...20+ Years Flooring Experi- 832-814-2708 or 281-259-1461. (1065)ence. Local resident. FREE ESTIMATES. Call Bart 832-515-2727. (1034)Pet Sitting Services: Don’t want to leave your pets in a cage at your FOR SALE: Ladies’ 26” 6-speed Huffy bicycle. Excellent condition. Usedlocal vet or kennel while you are away? I am a resident of April Sound. only by an adult. 936-588-1058. (1066)I will take care of your pet(s) in your home while you are away. I willfeed them, walk them and give them their medicine plus any otherspecial request. My cost is a fraction of what your vet or kennel would FOR SALE: Staghorn ferns. Plants installed on cedar frames ready tocharge, and your pet will feel happy and secure in their home. References hang. Great gift for Mother’s Day or any other special occasions.are available. Call Patricia at 936-588-6429. (1044) 936-588-0071. (1067)For Rent: 2-bedroom, 2-bath condo on Lakeview Terrace. Large patio, CHARLIE’S LAWN SERVICE...Landscaping, fountains, stoneW/D, DirecTV with premium movie channels, use of Country pathways, exterior lighting, planting, tree removal, laying grass,Club membership, view of the lake from patio. $950.00/month for edging, hedge trimming, blowing, weeding, rocks, mulch, powerless than 1-year lease; $850.00 for more than 1-year lease. wash, flagstone, and sprinkler system repairs, and remodelingPlease call 281-755-3136. (1058) porches, siding, windows and doors addition, gazebos, storage, decks and renewal. Thank You! Free Estimates. Call Pascual Lopez 936-672-3205. Email: pascual_lopez66@yahoo.comHands Free Cleaning. One Call Cleans ‘Em All. Mandie: 936-777-2274. (1068)Licensed and Bonded. Residential and Business. Basic, Spring, and MakeReadys. handsfreecleaning25@yahoo.com. (1059) BUILDING LINE CONSTRUCTION. We build to the highest standards!! 20 years of experience, quality craftsmanship, and excellent customerVacation Rentals in April Sound and Lakeway. Many of our customers service. We build decks, arbors, summer kitchens, patios, cabanas,are people with families who are coming for an extended stay. bookcases and even home additions. We also do roofing, painting,Our minimum rental is 2 days. You can see pictures and make an siding and small repairs. April Sound references, 1-year warranty oninquiry for the April Sound House at http://www.homeaway.com/ all craftsmanship, serving Montgomery County for 8 years,vacation-rental/p398637. Lakeway at http://www.homeaway.com/ Walden resident, CALL today for a free written estimate.vacation-rental/p279439 Dale Faltysek 936-648-1794. (1069)Phone 512 970 3231 or email marlysdenison@mac.com (1060) PLEASE SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISERS 15
  16. 16. The Woodlands Lake Conroe Magnolia 21 Waterway • Suite 100 15320 Hwy 105 W Suite 104 32619 FM 2978 The Woodlands, TX 77380 Montgomery, TX 77356 Magnolia, TX 77354 281-298-8389 936-588-4004 281-252-4122 www.c21realtypartners.com April Sound Community News BULK RATE 100 April Park Drive US POSTAGE PAID MONTGOMERY, TX Montgomery, TX 77356 PERMIT NO 300 Printing • Signs • Banners • Copies • Apparrel RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED We Can Now COPY from dwg, pdf, tiff, jpg files for Blueprint Copies Just send by email, memory stick, cd, or bring in a hard copy! New Wide Format Copier We can copy blueprints any sizeDo you Need to enlarge, reduce, or scan We Can Do It! 936-447-1869 jkgraphicsinc@gmail.com www.jkgraphicsinc.com