Whose job is it anyway partnership for public service webinar 06142011


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Whose job is it anyway partnership for public service webinar 06142011

  1. 1. Call to Serve Effective Hiring Workshop and Webinar SeriesWhose Job Is It Anyway?: Roles andResponsibilities in Job Analysis and Assessment June 14, 2011
  2. 2. Today’s Plan Determining “Whose Job Is It Anyway?” For Your Agency Straight from the Source • Department of the Treasury – Job Analysis • Department of Labor – Applicant Assessment Practical Tips for Hiring Mangers (and Reminders for HR) Next Steps for YOU!
  3. 3. Whose Job Is It Anyway? I don’t have time for I have no hiring and recruitment control over activities. how our automated system is Why am I not getting screening higher quality candidates? candidates.
  4. 4. Whose Job Is It Anyway? In Job Analysis? Collect Tasks and Competencies (Joint Effort between Drop Low-rated HR and Hiring Manager or tasks or Supervisor) competencies (HR) Rate tasks and competencies (Hiring Manager or Supervisor) Consensus and Documentation
  5. 5. Whose Job Is It Anyway? In Assessment?Remember, good assessments: improve quality of hire; enhance satisfaction of hiring manager; and increase speed with which the right person is chosen and hired.
  6. 6. Whose Job Is It Anyway? In Assessment? Review Job Analysis and Discuss Provide AssessmentRecommendations Situation andto Hiring Manager Factors (HR) (Joint Effort) Confirm Job Identify Analysis Appropriate (Hiring Manager) Assessment Tools (HR in Consultation with Hiring Manager)
  7. 7. Resources for Your Agency: ADT OPM’s Assessment Decision Tool (ADT): • An interactive system for developing customized assessment strategies • Presents assessment methods based on competencies targeted for assessment and situational factors relevant to the hiring situation OPM’s Assessment Decision Guide: • Contains additional information on assessment options and considerations http://apps.opm.gov/ADT
  8. 8. Resources for Your Agency Delegated Examining Operations Handbook: http://www.opm.gov/deu/Handbook_2007/DEO_Handbook.pdf O*Net Online: http://www.onetonline.org/ Personnel Assessment and Selection Resource Center: http://apps.opm.gov/ADT Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures: http://www.uniformguidelines.com/uniformguidelines.html
  9. 9. Resources for Hiring Managers Bite-Size Training for Hiring Managers: http://golearn.gov/HiringReform/index.htm Hiring Reform Training and Information for Hiring Managers: https://max.omb.gov/community/display/HumanCapital/OPM+Manag ement+Development+Centers+-+Hiring+Reform+for+Managers+- +Finding+and+Keeping+Talent
  10. 10. Straight from the Source:U.S. Department of the Treasury Tools used in the Lean Six Sigma process that can be implemented anywhere: • Listen to ALL customers and stakeholders: use the positive and negative feedback to isolate/identify root causes and determine how to address them. • Find ways to measure success: determine metrics in order to measure and monitor performance, assess the current system, create new tracking systems or reform old methods, and utilize qualitative measures such as surveys or focus groups in order to prove success. • Test ideas before full implementation: assess what has/hasn’t worked and make adjustments before full rollout.
  11. 11. Straight from the Source: U.S. Department of the Treasury Identifying roles and responsibilities was one of our chief struggles with the job analysis process: • We first clarified the communication process through a “plain language” checklist for service center HR specialists. • We then engaged managers through a recruit action email that included their role in supporting the process and next steps. • We are further defining the responsibilities of all parties including policy HR, service center HR, and hiring managers.
  12. 12. Straight from the Source:U.S. Department of the Treasury Strategic Conversations: guided communication
  13. 13. Straight from the Source: U.S. Department of the Treasury Top Tips for Hiring Managers: • Start with your workforce planning needs, so you hire Use a staff plan not just for today, but for the future of your staff as well. • Determine what you need before entering the recruit action. Is it a mid-level position or a developmental Plan ahead role? Do they need analytical skills more than technical skills? How do you want to recruit for this position? Answering these types of questions beforehand will make discussions with HR more meaningful Stay engaged • Don’t assume that everything will go as planned. Ask about different assessment methods, competency questions, etc. in order to ensure success. Be proactive!
  14. 14. Straight from the Source: U.S. Department of the Treasury Lessons Learned and Helpful Tips: • Involve process owners in idea generation and decision making • A strong project sponsor plays a large role in the success of the project • Gain buy-in from key stakeholders throughout the process, especially in the beginning • Maintain consistent, informative communication • Make sure that stakeholders understand how data is going to be used
  15. 15. Straight from the Source:U.S. Department of Labor Agencies have great flexibility with assessments. Make sure your work emphasizes results. Do you feel the urgency?
  16. 16. Panelists Tara Ricci • U.S. Office of Personnel Management Allison Merkley • U.S. Department of the Treasury C.C. Christakos • U.S. Department of Labor
  17. 17. Practical Tip for Hiring Managers - #5 Improve your time to hire metric by “playing the hot potato game”. • Plan to take action within a set period of time. • Be creative in communicating timelines and deadlines.
  18. 18. Practical Tip for Hiring Managers - #4 Take advantage of your agency’s hiring manager training and use it as an opportunity to build rapport with your HR staff. • It’s always more productive (and enjoyable) working with people who know more than your name, and who you know more about than their name? • The door then opens for you to provide feedback to HR on the process. • Apply this in a “down the hall” setting or in interactions with HR staff on the other side of the country.
  19. 19. Practical Tip for Hiring Managers - #3 Know the end goal is having a good hire! • Be educated about the position you’re hiring for since you’ll be working with the person who is hired into the job.
  20. 20. Practical Tip for Hiring Managers - #2 Arm yourself with information! • It’s best to know what other sectors and agencies are doing to assess their candidates. • Ask HR what data is available to help craft your job analysis together.
  21. 21. Practical Tip for Hiring Managers - #1 There is no need to “recreate the wheel” in a resource-constrained environment (or, ever, really). • USAJOBSrecruit • Partnership Connect • Ask!
  22. 22. Upcoming Opportunities Effective Hiring Webinar SMEs to the Rescue, August 9, 2011, 2-3pm (Online) OPM’s Meeting of the Minds with Sodexo on August 24, 2011, 1-3pm (In-Person and Online)
  23. 23. thanksfor their support of this webcast.