Using Twitter in your Federal Job Search


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Tiffany Jane Brand provided a wealth of tips on using Twtitter for job searching, networking, promoting, and marketing yourself. Her presentation in the ALA Placement Center during the ALA 2012 Midwinter conference in Dallas was well received on the Careers in Federal Libraries program.

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Using Twitter in your Federal Job Search

  1. 1. Using Twitter to Optimize Your Federal Job Search Tiffany Jane Brand (@tiffanybrandlib) Careers in Federal Libraries GroupUtilizing Twitter in Your Federal Job SearchBasic search- use quotes or exact phrasing.Ex. Typing From: Smithsonian will return all tweets sent from Smithsonian, including jobopportunities. Typing @smithsonian: All tweets mentioning Smithsonian. Good way to researchevents and holdings as well as any mention of jobs via LIS job search feeds.Advanced Twitter search: Uses keywords or Boolean. With advanced twitter searching you cannarrow your job search to a geographic area. Ex. Charlottesville, VA within 50 gauges the frequency a specific hashtag is provides real time updates on trending topics.Ex. Type in librarian, department of energy for all individuals and organizations uses established hashtags, and is great for finding groups of people with similarinterest: #alamw12. Use to find professional development opportunities, meetings at variousconferences.@TweetMyJobs ( job alerts via twitter, e-mail or Facebook thatmatch your specifications.Promoting Your Work Optimal tweets: short opinion and link to article related to library industry. Ex.digitization of materials at Library of Congress, with relevant hashtags (ex. #archives,#socialmedia).
  2. 2. Post link to blog updates, conference presentations.Ex. Join @CareersFedLib at the ALA Job Placement Center ( #alamw12) for two careersessions: 1/21 & 1/22- Tip to promote work: #libchat. Wednesdays 8:00-9:30, created by @nataliebinder.Participate in #libpitch. @ 9:20pm to promote projects. Ex. #libchat My name is Tiffany. I manage @CareersFedLib for Careers in FederalLibraries #libpitchBitly and TinyURL will shorten links to acceptable twitter length.Integrating Twitter with Facebook, LinkedIn and WordPressHootsuite: can create column for social media that you have, will allow you to post the samemessage to each one. Includes option for scheduling tweets, monitor own twitter feed, respond totweets within application. Individual options:FB: Go to Select connect to Facebook option. Utilize #fb atthe end of your Twitter post.LinkedIn: Select the “Edit My Profile” tab. Click “Add Twitter Account next to the Twitterfield. Verify Twitter account and select method of publishing tweets.Sample posting: @DeptVetAffairs @VeteransHealth Supervisory #jobs #inSmartphone Apps (Android and I Phone): Seesmic, Twitter (for mobile), Facebook (for mobile) and monitor contacts, including scanned business cards. Can upload toLinkedIn & integrate users into your #in network.Managing Social Media AccountsWho’s saying what about you?Find out what your ranking is:, mentioning you. GooglePagerank checker: showing up? Use certification at end of name, degree ranking. Ex. Jane Q. Smith, MLISJobKatch-( tracks your progress for each job lead.