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Unusual Ways to Enhance your Resume


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Join us Saturday June 23 from 1:30 -3:00 in the ALA Placement Center in Anaheim. Questions?

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Unusual Ways to Enhance your Resume

  1. 1. UNUSUAL OPPORTUNITIES THAT WILL ENHANCE YOUR RESUMEThis session will feature the different ways others have taken advantage ofopportunities such as practicums, fieldwork, independent studies, and specialprojects in order to enhance their resume and impress hiring officials.Come to this session to meet with students, recent graduates, and federallibrarians to learn about opportunities available to you that if taken, will How can you make yourselfget you job offers. stand out when all otherUse this opportunity to network with federal librarians, and get advice from speakersworking in various federal libraries. candidates have an MLS? What will impress the person doing the hiring? Did you know? The average salary of a Federal librarian is over $80,000 a year. JOIN US SATURDAY, JUNE 23 FROM 1:30-3:00 IN THE ALA PLACEMENT CENTER QUESTIONS? CIFL2008@GMAIL.COM