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Opportunities May 2011


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Awards, scholarships, students, post graduate, internships, fellowships, Presidential Management Fellows, practicums, and more

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Opportunities May 2011

  1. 1. Opportunities for Library School Students and Graduates Internships, Practicums, Field Experiences, Student Employment, Fellowships, Awards, and Scholarships (May 2011)Types of OpportunitiesPracticums, Field Experiences * Short-term projects typically performed as part of a college curriculum * Students may be awarded college credit but are typically not paid * Faculty advisor acts as a facilitator * Typically unpaidInternships * Students may be awarded college credit if the internship is unpaid * May be paid or unpaid * Varies in length of time (a few weeks to several months) Examples of short-term projects recently completed by students include: * create a document of a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for a particular task in an organization * design an orientation video or tutorial on library services * create a wiki or blog or web resource * document a process for identifying Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) * validate the routing process for an Ask a Librarian or another Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applicationStudent Employment *long-term employment on a part-time basis (while a student is in school) *or short-term employment on a full-time basis (during the summer for example)Fellowships This may be a paid fellowship opportunity for post MLIS work such as offered by the National Library of Medicine or an awarded status as a fellow such as offered by the Presidential Management Fellows program (PMF) through the Office of Personnel Management.Awards & ScholarshipsFederal Librarians Adelaide Del Frate Conference Sponsorship AwardThe Federal Librarians Adelaide Del Frate Conference Sponsorship Award is given to alibrary school student who has an interest in working in a Federal Library. The student will receivean award of $1,000 for annual conference registration fee, transportation, and other expensesrelated to attendance at the next ALA Annual Meeting. Students who are currently enrolled in anyALA-accredited library school, who do not already have an ALA accredited degree, and who haveexpressed an interest in some aspect of Federal librarianship are eligible. Applicants must be full
  2. 2. or part-time students at the time of application. Students nominate themselves for this award and a letter of reference from a Federal librarian, a library school professor, etc. may be sent to the Awards Committee Chair in support of an application. Online nomination form here. FAFLRT Cicely Phippen Marks Scholarship The Cicely Phippen Marks Scholarship is given to a library school student who has an interest in working in a Federal library. The student will receive a scholarship award of $1,500. Students who are currently enrolled in any ALA- accredited library school, who do not already have an ALA accredited degree, and who have expressed an interest in some aspect of Federal librarianship are eligible. Applicants must be full or part-time students at the time of application. Students nominate themselves for this award and a letter of reference from a Federal librarian, a library school professor, etc. may be sent to the Awards Committee Chair in support of an application. Online nomination form here Virginia Library Association Scholarship (if you work or live in Virginia, there are two $2,500 scholarships) Information including the forms can be found on the VLA website. If you have questions, please contact Sandra Shell Chair - VLA Scholarship Committee _________________________________________ Directory of Federal Agencies that take Volunteers Federal Agencies take volunteers sometimes. Its an opportunity to learn more about the workings in a federal agency information center and add to your resume Volun teer Phone AdditionalName Title Agency Location Email or Number Information Inter n Send resume to inquireEfteland, VA Medical CA - West V about information onSusan Library Los Angeles volunteer opportunities US Courts San Diego Library, US Send resume to inquireRailey, Branch Court of CA - San Valerie_Railey@LB9.usc 619-557-5066 V about information onValerie A. Librarian Appeals Diego volunteer opportunities Ninth Circuit Library System Library, 970-242-0731 Veterans Send resume to inquireBragdon, CO - Grand x2256 Manager Affairs V about information onLynn Junction or 970- Medical volunteer opportunities 244-1310 Center
  3. 3. Inquire about information on CRS Congression volunteer opportunities Volunteer al ResearchAnzures, DC - at CRS Volunteer Internship Service, VRosafelina Washington Internship page; Send Coordinato Library of resume to inquire about r Congress information on volunteer opportunities SeniorBarnes Send resume to inquire Legal Law Library DC -Craig, 202-707-3804 V about information on Research of Congress WashingtonPamela volunteer opportunities Specialist Archive volunteers US Naval wanted; Send resumeBosken, DC - sally.bosken@usno.nav Director Observatory V to inquire aboutSally Washington Library information on volunteer opportunities Natural Interest in cataloging Serials History and/or serials; inquireSmithsonian Cataloging Library, DC - about information on 202-633-2987 VLibraries Coordinato Smithsonian Washington volunteer opportunities r Institution at Behind the Scenes Libraries Volunteer Program Law Libraries; Send Dept. ofHansen, DC - resume to inquire about Justice 202-616-9393 VMaggie K. Washington information on Libraries volunteer opportunities POC for information for Informatio Dept. of volunteer opportunities; DC -Waugh, Tom n Services Veteran 202-461-5669 V Send resume to inquire Washington Librarian Affairs about information on volunteer opportunities Cataloging or Serials Geography & Experience required; Cataloging Map DC - U.S. citizenship; SendZhang, Min Team Division, 202-707-2131 V Washington resume to inquire about Leader Library of information on Congress volunteer opportunities USHaun- Send resume to inquire Government DC - rhaun-Mohamed, Director V or I about volunteer Printing Washington mohamed@gpo.govRobin opportunities. Office
  4. 4. DEA Library Send resume to inquireRusso, and DC - Rose.M.Russo2@usdoj. 202-307-8936 V about information onRoseMary Information Washington gov volunteer opportunities Center Wilmington Send resume to inquireGarverick, Library VAMC & DE - Jeffrey.Garverick@va.g 302-994-2511 V about information onJeff Manager Regional Wilmington ov volunteer opportunities Office Send resume to inquire FL - BayAkins, Diana VAHCS 727-398-9366 V about information on Pines volunteer opportunities James A. Chief, Send resume to inquireSchneider, Haley Janet.Schneider@va.go Library FL - Tampa 813-972-7531 V about information onJanet Veterans v Service volunteer opportunities Hospital experience in a medical library; librarian is Medical LA -Purvis, Lola Chief 318-466-2546 V Eastern Shawnee with a Library, VA Alexandria particular interest in Indian Health Services USDA/ AgNIC Send resume to inquireGardner, National MD - Coordinato 301 504-6207 V about information onMelanie Agriculture Beltsville r volunteer opportunities Library National Send resume to inquireKopman, MD - anita.kopman@ars.usda Agriculture 301-504-5765 V about information onAnita Beltsville .gov Library volunteer opportunities National Technical Center for Send resume to inquireHarris, Informatio Standards MD - 301-975-8409 V about information onPatricia n and Gaithersburg intern opportunities Specialist Certification Information
  5. 5. Volunteer application: Research Library & V/Stu md/staffing/svp.htm Information dent Employment Group Group, MD - Temp application:Liu, Rosa 301-975-2787 Leader National Gaithersburg orary Institute of Emplo md/staffing/step.htm Standards & yment Send resume to Technology inquire about information on volunteer opportunities Send resume to inquireBurns, VA Medical MO - Kansas 816-922-2315 V about information onElizabeth Center City volunteer opportunities Online Department Send resume to inquireBostwick, Resource NH - 603-624-4366 of Veteran V about information onJoan Coordinato Manchester x 5890 Affairs volunteer opportunities r Send resume to inquireMaloney, VA Medical maryJo.Maloney@va.go NY - Albany V about information onMary Jo Library v volunteer opportunities Knowledge/ interest in Computer Systems;Steever, VA Medical Chief NY - Bronx 718-741-4229 V Send resume to inquireJudy Center about information on volunteer opportunities VA NY Chief, Send resume to inquireWinterfeldt, Harbor NY - New 212-686-7500 Library V or I about information onLori Healthcare York ext. 7675 Service volunteer opportunities System Possible distance learning projects with MedicalScannell, PA - kristine.scannell@va.go 717-272-6621 ILS system; Send Library, VKris Lebanon v x4746 resume to inquire about VAMC information on volunteer opportunities
  6. 6. Send resume to inquireTaylor, Mary Chief VA Medical TN - MaryVirgnia.Taylor@va. 901-523-8990 V about information onVirginia Librarian Center Memphis gov x5884 volunteer opportunities Send resume to inquireCampbell, Shirley.Campbell2@va. VA TX - Dallas 214-857-1251 V about information onShirley gov volunteer opportunities Interest in gaining technical services experience and Supervisor Fort Meyer VA - Fort, Patricia 703-696-0062 V reference knowledge; y Librarian Library Meyer mil Send resume to inquire about information on volunteer opportunities Federal Highway Administratio n (FHWA) Research Send resume to inquireBoteler, Contract Library, Jennifer.Botelier.CTR@d VA - McLean 202-493-3071 V about information onJennifer Librarian FHWA volunteer opportunities Turner- Fairbank Highway Research Center Ike Skelton Send resume to inquire Library, JointNicula, Gail Director VA - Norfolk V about information on Forces Staff volunteer opportunities College Gradu ate Library of Stude the Marine Send resume to inquireRamkey, VA - ramkeyce@grc.usmcu.e nt Director Corps, 703-784-4409 about information onCarol Quantico du Intern Marine Corps volunteer opportunities s University (unpai d) Send resume to inquireBernard, VA Medical WY - Beverly.Bernard@va.go V about information onBeverly Library Sheridan v volunteer opportunities
  7. 7. Send resume to inquireTraylor, WY - VAMC V about information onReba Sheridan volunteer opportunities Sample listing of Internships, Fellowships, Practicums, more See below for the agency name, type of opportunity, description, and contact information Library of the Marine Corps, Marine Corps University (unpaid internships) Carol Ramkey, Library Director,, 703.784.4409 National Library of Medicine (practicums, internships can be arranged; Associate Fellowship details below) (post MLIS opportunity) The National Library of Medicine (NLM) is accepting applications for its Associate Fellowship program, a one-year training program for recent MLS graduates and librarians early in their career. In the first half of the year, a formal curriculum offers exposure to library operations, research and development, intramural and extramural research, development and lifecycle of NLM’s web-based products and services and the extensive outreach and education program reaching consumers, special populations, health professionals and librarians. In the second half of the year, Associate Fellows have the opportunity to choose projects based on real-world problems proposed by library divisions and work with librarians and library staff over a six-seven month period. Successful projects have led to peer-review publications and to services that have become a regular part of library operations. The September through August program also offers professional development and an introduction to the wider world of health sciences librarianship that may include: Supported attendance at national professional conferences, often including the Medical Library Association’s annual meeting, the American Medical Informatics Association annual meeting and others; One week Spring Practicum at a health sciences library in the contiguous United States Additional brown bags, seminars, field trips and learning opportunities available on the National Institutes of Health campus; Opportunities to meet and interact with senior management at the National Library of Medicine; Experienced preceptors from National Library of Medicine staff; Potential to compete for a second year fellowship at a health sciences library in the United States The Fellowship offers: A stipend equivalent to a U.S. Civil Service salary at the GS-9 level ($51,630.00 in 2011); Additional financial support for the purchase of health insurance; Some relocation funding; Assistance in finding housing Who is eligible? All U.S. and Canadian citizens who will have earned a MLS or equivalent degree in library/information science from an ALA-accredited school by August of the year applying are eligible. Both recent graduates and librarians early in their career are welcome to apply. Priority is given to U.S. citizens. Applications and additional information are available on the Web at Feel free to contact me for further information. Kathel Dunn, Associate Fellowship Coordinator, National Library of Medicine, Bldg 38, Rm 2N-19 8600 Rockville Pike, Bethesda, MD 20894,
  8. 8. U.S. Forest Service (student practicums at multiple locations)Contact the head of the Forest Service libraries for more information on locations andopportunities. Ms. Carol Ayer, National Program Manager National Forest Service Library,240 West Prospect Rd. Fort Collins, Colorado 80526-2098. Telephone (970) 498-1310Email: cayer@fs.fed.usFort Lewis Library System (student practicums)Library school students can contact Marganne to discuss arrangements for student practicums.Not offered every semester. Marganne Weathers, 253-966-1321,, Fort Lewis Library System, Bldg 2109 Box 339500 MS 15Fort Lewis, WA 98433-9500GPO Federal Depository Library Program (student practicums onsite or virtual)The Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) is a network of approximately 1,200 depositorylibraries throughout the United States and its territories. The mission of the FDLP is to provide no-fee ready and permanent public access to Federal Government information, now and for futuregenerations. Library Services and Content Management administers the program which offersopportunities for students using emerging technologies, creating web based tutorials, catalogingand technical services, and more. Contact Robin L. Haun-Mohamed, Director, CollectionManagement and Preservation, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington DC 20401 ( 202-512-1434) for information about opportunities with GPO and the FDLP.Library of Congress Junior Fellows Summer InternshipsEach year the Library of Congress has a summer intern program for undergraduate and graduatestudents interested in working with the staff, curators, and the collections. Interns will be exposedto the broad spectrum of library work: preservation, reference, access standards, informationmanagement, the U.S. copyright system and gift collections. Note the applications are due eachyear around March.National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA)Marine Science Library experience at the Northeast Fisheries Science Center labs for credit,independent study, or as a volunteer. Where? On the Atlantic Ocean in Woods Hold, MA orHighlands, NJ. When? Any semester, quarter, or season. How? Email us early with yourquestions --- 3 to 4 months ahead of your planned session.Jacqueline Riley, Librarian NMFS NEFSC Jacqueline.Riley@noaa.govGeneral Accountability OfficeGAO offers 10-16 week student internships which are normally held during summer months. Theyadvertise in late fall and early winter of each year at . To beeligible for an internship, students must be enrolled on at least a half-time basis as determined bytheir college or university. GAO student interns are appointed on a nonpermanent basis and maybe eligible to be converted to a permanent position after completing 400 hours of service andafter meeting degree requirements. These internships are open to both graduate andundergraduate students. Bonnie Mueller MuellerB@gao.govSmithsonian LibrariesThe Smithsonian Institution Libraries (SIL) offers internship opportunities to graduate students,library professionals, and undergraduate students interested in exploring a library career in libraryand information science. Learn more information here Internship coordinator, Smithsonian Institution
  9. 9. Census Bureau Student Practicums for creditThe Census library is offering special short-term projects for library school students to earn creditthrough their school curriculum. Students must be able to obtain a security clearance from theCensus Bureau. The U. S. Census Bureau is the primary source of basic statistics about thepopulation and economy of the Nation. These statistics assist the Congress, the executive branchof the Federal Government, state and local governments, the public, and the private sector in thedevelopment, and evaluation of social and economic activities. The BOC Library hasapproximately 200,000 volumes, with approximately half of the volumes located in the U.S.Collection on the first level, and half in the International Collection located on the second level ofthe BOC Library, at the Suitland Federal Center. The Census Bureau Library houses about114,000 foreign language volumes, and a special collection containing historic U.S. censuses.The facility is located in a new one year old complex immediately adjacent to the Green linemetro stop.Catherine Earles, MLS, Project Manager, U.S. Bureau of Census Library, 4600 Silver Hill Road,Suitland, MD, 301/763-2507, catherine.m.earles@census.govHACU InternshipsMultiple internships are offered during the year at several federal agencies. Management Fellows (PMF) program