Congressional Research Service Hiring flyer


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Sunday January 22 in the ALA Placement center during ALA 2012 Midwinter, hearing from Jennifer Manning, CRS, about various opportunities for MLIS candidates

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Congressional Research Service Hiring flyer

  1. 1. i The Congrerrtonol R"r"or.h Service (CRS) worl<s exclusively for Ìhe U.S. Congress, providing policy ond /ego/ onolysis to commtllees snd Members of bofh fhe House ond Senofe, regord/ess of parly aff¡l¡ot¡on. As o /egis/ofive bronch ogency within the Librory of Congress, CRS hqs been o valued ond respecfed resource on Copitol H¡ll for neorly o century. CRS is we//-known for onoþis thal is outhorilative, confidenlial, obiecfive ond nonporfison. /ts highest priorily is fo ensure thof Congress hos 24/7 occess fo the notions besl think¡ng.Permoneni Positions Temporory PositionsCRS moy fill permonent posilions os needed vio one or CRS occosionolly offers lemporory positions to meelmore of lhe {ollowing: speci{ic ogency needs. Voconcy onnouncements for oll temporory posilions will be posfed on the CRS Coreers ¡ Librory o{ Congress Merit Selection website. CRS merit selection positions ore posted on, where oppliconls con opply using lhe I nternship Opportunities Librorys electronic opplicolion system, Monsler Governmenl Solutions. Posilions ore olso linked to A limited number of poid summer iniernships will be lhe CRS ond Librory o{ Congress coreer websites. offered, ond volunleers will be ploced throughoui the ì,1.,,,.,.ì..,, {.t ìr ii,ri :r;. it,,. yeor 1o meel division qnd of{ice requesfs for ossistonce. . CRS Groduoie Recruit Progrom ,Summer iniernship opportunities: The progrom recruils fhe notions top groduote sludents for coreer opporluniiies with CRS. lnitiol o CRS Groduoie Recruit Progrom oppointments ore {or 120 doys. Selectees who Students enrolled or groduoting {rom occredited perform successfully ond hqve fulfilled the groduote schools, ond current Librory o{ Congress requiremenls of o mosters or dociorote degree sloff enrolled in o groduote progrom or olreody moy be considered for permonenl plocement. possessing o groduote degree, ore eligible to opply .,,.,.,,,.7 11 ¡, tl, r,,ri .,: rrír r ¡ CRS Student Diversiiy lnfernship Progrom (SDIP) . U.S. Office o{ Personnel Monogement (OPM) CRS porlners with o network o{ hisforicolly block Presidentiql Monogemenl Fellows (PMF) Progrom colleges qnd universities ond oiher student-serving CRS positions idenlified for PMF {inolisis will be orgonizolions to offer poid internship opportunifies posled on the PMF Projecled Positions System (PPS) lo oulstonding undergroduote, groduole ond posl- website. More informotion obout becoming o PMF gruJuule sludcrrls. {inolist is ovoiloble of : ,,,t rÍ Yeo r-rou nd internship opportu nilies : r Hisponic Associolion of Colleges ond Universities (HACU) Cooperotive Educotion Progrom o CRS Volunteer lnfernship Progrom Sludents ore iniliolly hired os lemporory employees. CRS occepts opplicolions for volunteers on on Selectees who perform successfully ond hove ongoing bosis ond ploces volunleers io meel {ulfilled lhe. requirements o{ the progrom moy be speci{ic ogency needs. Iniernships ore offered yeor consirJered for permoneni plocement. Appliconis oround, generolly for periods between three monlhs musl contocf the HACU progrom directly lo opply. ond one yeor. ,.....,,.iìrr r ¡rlrl For more informotion, pleose visit the CRS Coreers website: CRS is on equol opportunìly employer commifted to workforce diversily. Women, rninorifies ond persons with disobi/ities ore strongly encouroged to opply All oppliconts rnusf be U.S. crfizens. ,.¿- LIBRARYOF ;:JiJi CONGRESS