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Newsletter March


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Our latest edition of the newsletter

Published in: Education, Career, Business
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Newsletter March

  1. 1. NEWSLETTERA good degree is not enough... March 2012Graduate Labour Market in2012Employability Fair - feedback A good degree is not enough When you are looking at various graduate trainee schemes, you will thinkCareers Workshops that all these employers want is a 2.1. Well, a recent survey on graduate strengths, conducted by Ernst &Young and the Centre of Applied PositiveNEW – Vacancy portal for our Psychology (CAPP), suggests that students should concentrate onstudents building up the key skills which will make them stand out amongst hundreds of other candidates with the same excellent academicGraduate schemes – ongoing achievements. This is in line with what our Careers Consultants haverecruitment been advocating – build on your extra-curriculum activities, develop skills outside the academic programme, volunteer, experience part-time jobs – from all these you can develop valuable and crucially transferable skills. The survey questioned over 1, 000 UK graduates and found out the key skills of Generation Y, who are now applying for graduate jobs. The top five students’ skills that came out of the survey were: taking pride in work,Do you want to be an problem solving, being true to themselves, building relationships andEmployable having a sense of humour. The students were weakest in: resilience, timeGloucestershire Graduate? optimisation, showing courage at overcoming their fears, taking risks, andTo produce the standard ofCV and application form making themselves the centre of attention.which will get you an interviewwith a graduate employer, you The students were quite positive about their chances of securing jobs andneed to think about how your while this is good, one should remain aware of the difficult labour marketextra-curricular activities are and the strong competition.helping you to develop theskills which employers value -and to build up your Following on the survey, Ernst & Young share their top ten tips forconfidence in presenting this students:information effectively on 1. Take some risks and make mistakes - employers are happy topaper. The Employable hear about when things go wrong, as long as you have learnt lessons.Gloucestershire GraduateScheme helps you to do just 2. Do something that makes a difference - dont just focus on yourthis – so come along to this studies. Employers want to see that youve used your drive and initiativesession on FCH & well tell to do more than the all about this award &what you need to do next.Come to our presentation 3. Shout about your part-time jobs - if you work on a checkout youon 12 March from 12pm – are delivering client service, in a business and working in a team1.15pm – for more 4. Develop your commercial awareness - if you want to work for a commercial organisation you need to show you are interested in business.
  2. 2. 5. Study hard - your academic results demonstrate your intelligence,Graduate work ethic and ability to solve problems.Labour Market 6. Find out what you are good at - different jobs require differentin 2012 strengths and you will be much more motivated and successful if you are playing to your strengths.During the 2010-11 7. Learn to work to deadlines - we dont live in a perfect world andrecruitment season you will have to deal with time, budget and resource constraintsemployers reported that effectively.they received an average of48 applications per 8. Develop people skills - rarely does anyone work in a silo, you needgraduate vacancy. The to show you can work well with others and deliver results collaboratively.predictions are that in 2012 9. Be positive - organisations want people who can deal withthe application rate could be setbacks and overcome challenges.even higher. 10. Become self-aware - if you know what your strengths andThe biggest increase in weaknesses are, your likes and dislikes, you can grow and developapplications in 2012 is for effectively.the consulting sector,followed by an increase in They survey received a wide coverage in Personnel Today, GradPlus,applications for jobs in TargetJobs, Prospects, RecruitingBlogs, FreshBusinessThinkingaccounting and professional If you would like to discuss your skills and get advice on how to talk aboutservices. them in your applications, get in touch with our team of professional Careers Consultants now:Starting graduate salaries in2012 are expected to Call 01242 714795remain at a median of Chat to us£29,000. The most Come in to FCH, Clegg Building, next to the Student Helpzonegenerous salaries are thoseoffered from investmentbanks (£45,000 average),law firms (£38,000 average)and oil & energy companies(£32,500 average).Public sector employersand retailers have thelowest graduate pay ratesfor 2012, with average of£23,000 and £24,000respectively.Source: The Graduate Market in2012, High Fliers Research
  3. 3. Employability FairPopular resources Wednesday 22nd February saw the Multi-purpose hall at Park campus buzzing with activity as it hosted the first cross-campus Employability Fair.  Destinations® - contains all the Approximately 400 students turned up to investigate everything from resources you need to volunteering to graduate recruitment. Representatives from more than plan your career, 30 local and national organisations, ranging from Active Gloucestershire including videos, to Q Hotels, were there to talk to students about the opportunities on interactive tools, offer. downloads and Comments from the exhibitors included: answers to frequently asked careers ‘Very well organised’ questions. ‘Brilliant! We enjoyed meeting your students and staff’ ‘Spoke to a number of good quality candidates’  Useful Downloads ‘Students were very switched on’ – here you can ‘Lots of quality students’. download our useful While the students said: guides on job hunting and applications, ‘Really good as, with the way the market is at the moment it’s vacancies websites really difficult for people to find jobs after they’ve graduated’ by sector and watch ‘GCHQ looks good – they’ve explained everything I need to do if I videos want a graduate job ‘ ‘Talking to someone already in that field helps you to know what is expected of you’  Gradsouthwest – ‘It’s a really good idea – better than trying to find something online’ for the latest jobs and ‘Like every search engine result you could want in one go!’ opportunities, notified to us.  Prospects - the Careers Workshops official graduate careers website The Job Hunting workshop, run this time at FCH on March 5, proved packed with popular. Unsurprisingly, level 6 students made up the majority of those information about attending. However, the workshops are very much open to all levels and a jobs, sectors, number of level 4 and 5 students also joined us for this opportunity to postgraduate study learn about the graduate jobs market. The main focus was on identifying a variety of ways to track down jobs to apply for, using the ‘hidden jobs and more market’ as well as the more obvious recruitment websites. Careers fairs, social media and networking were just a few of the things covered. Attendees rated the workshop ‘very helpful’, and said it gave ‘really useful links and advice for obtaining work after graduation’.
  4. 4. This was one of the workshops that run in February and in March. Others covered CVs and interview techniques. For which the attendees say: £1,000 Shell LiveWIRE ‘I learned a lot of practical things to do (and not do!) at interviews- Grand Idea Awards I’ve now got a good understanding of interview procedures, body Have you started your own language etc.’ business and been trading for ‘Useful tips and techniques to apply in interviews, including good less than 12 months? Shell tips for presenting a portfolio’. LiveWIRE are giving away 4 awards of £1,000 for your The Careers team are planning more workshops for April, so if you’d like bright ideas. The closing date to attend, keep a look out on the Current Students page, the Career’s for applications is 31 March team’s website or the university’s Facebook page for news of the next and for terms and conditions, run! please refer to their website. Graduate Training Brand New Vacancy Portal` Schemes – Ongoing University of Gloucestershire Opportunities (UGO) Recruitment UGO is a new service specifically for Don’t fret over past graduate schemes deadlines; there are a University of Gloucestershire students number of graduate employers and graduates. Opportunities are with ongoing recruitment in 2012. being added on a daily basis. You will Some examples: need to use your university login Abercrombie & Fitch details. We would also recommend ( visiting Gradsouthwest and nf/careers) – looking for Prospects. talented graduates from any discipline all year round Change Agents – Early Years Professional Status – The opportunities in Graduate Entry Pathway (GEP) environment, greener living, auditing, The pathway is for candidates already holding a procurement, behaviour degree awarded by an UK university and who change; ongoing online have limited experience of working with children recruitment at from birth to five but who are also looking to pursue a career working in early years. This .uk course is run by the University of Graduate Recruitment Bureau – opportunities in Gloucestershire and is rigorous and challenging. Candidates will no bear various sectors, send your any costs related to the course and will also receive a £3,500 bursary to CV to or support their travel and training. For more information, please contact visit their website: Lorna Meredith at