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Newsletter December


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Newsletter December

  1. 1. NEWSLETTERCareer Options in the SportsIndustry December 2011HMRC Presentation Career Options in the Sports IndustryEGGS In October the Guardian hosted a Live Q&A session on ‘Career Options in the Sports Industry’. The panel was comprised of professionals in the sector whose roles vary from Marketing Manager to the Head of Education and Training atCompetitions and more IMSPA, from Managing Director of a Sports Company to the Head of HR for Everton Football Club. We’ve extracted some tips from the session.Graduate Schemes Your sport credentials: ‘Go easy on overplaying sport credentials. People love to list their sporting CV - Captain of x, Winner of County YPopular Resources Champs etc. and think that this will guarantee them an interview in a sports related field. They make the same mistake when they secure an interview, talking directly about their participation in sport as though it gives them a competitive edge (it doesnt). The skill set required for the role is far more important - demonstrating leadership, personal skills, creativity etc. Use your sport to demonstrate these qualities and you will achieve much more’. (Michelle Leavesley, Citydesksport) Networking: Networking is crucial – i.e. who you know! All students should take networking seriously and get involved in their local Regions Have you attended our events/ groups to grow their network of contacts. The Institute for the EGGS introductory Management of Sport & Physical Activity should be the first port of call if workshops? You can find you want to be proactive and set a brand new group. Social media is out more about the great for networking too but….. scheme: Social Media: The experts suggested that ‘social media is a great tool for developing networks and identifying key individuals within the sector. It must be handled professionally if it is used as a virtual face to promote yourself. ‘ (Melissa Barlow, The Institute for Management of Sport and Physical Activity (IMSPA)) Sports Industry in the Recession: ‘The sports industry is proving quite resilient to recession. People haven’t stopped going to sports events, and with the Olympics there is a real momentum and buzz. Now might be a really good time to get a job with a company looking for more manpower around the Olympics, even if it is just a short term contract. There will be a contraction after the Games I think, but hopefully there will be some legacy. We then have the Rugby World Cup 2015 to look forward to in the UK, and were bidding for the 2017 World Athletics
  2. 2. Championships. I think there are jobs out there to be had, although its always been competitive and you may have to be prepared start as anPopular resources intern’ (Lisa Norman from Benchmark Sports International)  Destinations® - More about your qualifications: ‘Qualifications are important in that they show potential employers that candidates have attained a minimum contains all the standard of attainment. For me they set a baseline. Sport specific degrees resources you need to are helpful in that they are specifically geared towards the sector. After plan your career, this however, it is really about the relevant experience that people have, including videos, paid or voluntary. If people have attained a number of practical industry interactive tools, based skills, then this is what sets applications apart. Any contacts that downloads and answers you can make whilst studying can prove invaluable. As an employer, I am really interested in wider skills, once I know qualifications are there to to frequently asked support this’. (Steve Amos, Head of National Network at England Squash careers questions. & Racketball) Applying for roles in the sports sector:  Useful Downloads – here you can download * Competition is fierce so a really strong CV on no more than 2 pages is key our useful guides on * Relevant work experience is key so whilst working in a bar may job hunting and bring in useful money it wont help you find a job applications, vacancies * Youre better to focus on a few job applications in areas which websites by sector and you are really interested in and can demonstrate interest and watch videos experience in, rather than send hundreds of applications for jobs youre not really interested in - it shows! * Dont send the same letter/ CV to various employers and forget to change the name of the company or type of work youre  Gradsouthwest – for looking for the latest jobs and * Ensure that each letter and CV is tailored to reflect the job opportunities, notified youre after to us. * Tell us what you can contribute to us and not what we can do for you * Finally, do make sure everythings spelled correctly, the grammar is correct and youve addressed it to the right person (Catherine Eastham, Four )  Prospects - the official graduate careers website packed with ` information about jobs, sectors, postgraduate study and more
  3. 3. Employer Presentation by HMRC Proves Popular 26 interested students recently attended a presentationHunting for the UK’s most given by representatives from HM Revenues and Customs.talented undergraduates The session, organised by the Careers & EmployabilityWin big prizes from big recruiters! team, was all about the graduate scheme offered by thisThere are 12 Awards up for grabs to employer - the Tax Professional Development Programme.identify the top undergraduates in Open to graduates from any subject, it is a four year programmeIT and Computer Science, structured to identify and develop potential so that trainees are ready toManagement, Law, Arts and take up a senior tax position once qualified.Humanities, Business and Finance,Engineering, Social Sciences, Those who attended the presentation heard about the broad range ofConstruction, Engineering and career paths this work can lead to and learned from current trainees onDesign, Low Carbon, Accountancy the programme about the challenges and rewards this opportunity bringsand Economics plus two special with it. The lively session was based around small groups, givingawards: the ‘Future Business attendees plenty of chances to put their own questions about all sorts ofLeader’ Award open to students aspects, including the recruitment process for the scheme and the detailsfrom any discipline and the ‘First of training and exam schedules during the course of the programme.Year’ Award open toundergraduates from any course Look out for future employer presentations by staying in touch with us onwho have just started their second our website or on Facebook.year.The rewards are great: winners’prizes include laptops, internships EGGSand all-expenses paid trips to New The Employable Gloucestershire Graduate Scheme – familiarly known asYork, South America, Florida, South EGGS is open to all students of the University and is designed to giveAfrica and continental Europe and formal recognition to all your many and varied achievements outsidethe final ten students in each Award your academic programme. Such achievements are valued by graduatewill be invited to the employers because they show that you are someone who is keen toUndergraduate of the Year Awards explore your potential, develop your skills, take on responsibility,in Canary Wharf London on 13th contribute to your community and reach your personal goals.April, 2012 where the winners will Participation in the EGG scheme will enable you gather evidence of yourbe announced to national press achievements and reflect upon the skills you have gained through them –coverage by The Rt. Hon Michael then have your achievements verified by the University.Portillo.If you make the final 10, not only You will then be able to include information about your EGG certificate inwill you be very close to a fantastic your CV and in application forms for postgraduate study or employmentprize, you will have proved yourself and talk persuasively about what you have done in interviews. If theto be amongst the best and most activity you have been involved in has been University-based, you willemployable students in the country. also be able to include your EGG in your Higher Education AchievementEnter at Report – your formal record of all that you have achieved through your university career.Closing date for entries: 31 January2012 The EGG scheme is designed to be very flexible, enabling you to decide which EGG best matches with your activities and achievements. You can
  4. 4. start working towards an EGG whenever you like and you can work towards more than one if you are keen! Detailed information about how the scheme works is included on our Moodle site, but we alsoAmazon Studios: Open recommend that you attend a workshop to talk to a member of theWriting Assignment Careers and Employability team, to ask questions, to find out what other students are doing and to plan your EGG strategy!Amazon Studios is offering writersa chance to pitch their ideas and Graduate Schemesget hired to create a full-length Find some coming deadlines to graduate schemes commencing in 2012:movie script. This open writingassignment — which will pay up British Council English Language Assistants – 1 December 2011to $75,000 — is based on a Microsoft IT Graduate Programme - 2 December 2011project called Original Soldiers, a Four Communications Graduate Recruitment offering opportunities in PR,short created by the Amazon Public Affairs, Marketing and Media – deadline 31 January 2012Studios team.The competition is open to Other opportunitieswriters from all over the world.Writers may submit pitches of Want to become a BLOGGER?about 1,500 words detailing the IMSPA are looking for students and young professionals in the Sportsscript they’d like to write based sector to become bloggers for them. Send them links to show the workon the premise for Original youve done and how you can promote the needs of the new entrantsSoldiers — the story of an old- into the workplace -!/imspa_ukschool strike force that has tosave the day when the humans’droid army is disabled. Global Premier Soccer Recruiting forPitch submissions are due by 14 2012December 2011. For more detailsabout the competition, please Global Premier Soccer (GPS) is the elitevisit their website. organisation for dedicated players in America. They are currently looking to recruit graduatesGood luck! and placement students for 2012. They are offering various positions in Coaching and Sports Management and this is supported by a generous package that includes: competitive guaranteed salary, money towards your air travel, accommodation during your employment, staff development and the opportunity to take US licence courses. If you are interested in this, please contact the Staff Recruitment Coordinator Amy Walsh ASAP at to set an interview or apply online at: