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Time Management Made Easy: Parkinson's law

Length: 45 minutes

Former rocket scientist Peter “The Time Man” Turla will show you how to: meet tight deadlines; get and stay organized; de-clutter your life; finish your to-do list every day; deal with multiple and conflicting priorities; handle unexpected job emergencies; improve your work life balance; avoid time crunches; manage chaos; and salvage hectic days.

In this time management CareerShorts™, you will learn how to:
• Get more done and have more free time
• Accomplish high-payoff priorities and goals
• Avoid time crunches
• Finish long-term tasks while dealing with unexpected emergencies
• Avoid procrastination and get the important things done
• Stay organized, focused and productive
• Use innovative time management techniques to work smarter—not harder

Instructor: Peter Turla, former NASA rocket-designer and current president of the National Management Institute is listed in Who's Who Worldwide. He's an internationally acclaimed author and speaker who has appeared on more than 200 radio and TV shows. Peter was a key member of the NASA Apollo rocket design team that successfully put a man on the moon. While with NASA, he helped design many of the critical elements used in the propulsion system of the Saturn 5 moon-rocket. He also developed and applied innovative time-management techniques to solve problems dealing with fast-changing priorities, frequent interruptions, stress, and tight deadlines.

His exciting, innovative ideas about improving management effectiveness have been featured in dozens of publications including Industry Week, The London World News and USA Today. Because of his entertaining and informative style of presenting time management concepts and strategies, he is in great demand as a speaker. Many of his clients have found his ideas so significant they have invited him back several times a year for the last 15 years.

Time Management Made Easy: Parkinson's law

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