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Career Gym UKCAT

  1. 1. Career Gym UKCAT Practice Tests Planning on becoming a doctor or a dentist?Heading to universities from Kings College London to the University of Aberdeen? Good for you, but that means youll have to nail the UKCAT test, allfour components of it: abstract reasoning, decision analysis, quantitative reasoning and verbal reasoning. Career Gym UKCAT Edition
  2. 2. Career Gym UKCAT Edition
  3. 3. The Purpose of the TestThe test measures your aptitude rather than your knowledge. This means that you dont need tostudy or learn anything special to be successful at the test – the key is practice, practice, pratice. Career Gym UKCAT Edition
  4. 4. Career Gym UKCAT Edition
  5. 5. UKCAT Abstract ReasoningThe UKCAT Abstract Reasoning test measures your fluid, or non-verbal reasoning skills: you must look at two sets of figures and decide about abunch of shapes if they belong in one or the other set. Career Gym UKCAT Edition
  6. 6. Career Gym UKCAT Edition
  7. 7. UKCAT Decision Analysis The UKCAT Decision Analysis tests measureswhether you can decode encrypted information -simulating, for instance, making diagnoses as adoctor with limited information: sometimes youwill need to make the best decision with the info you have. Career Gym UKCAT Edition
  8. 8. Career Gym UKCAT Edition
  9. 9. UKCAT Quantitative Reasoning The UKCAT Quantitative Reasoning tests willassess whether you can solve problems based onnumbers. This doesnt mean that you simply need to be good at math - Instead, you will need to become really good (and fast) at extracting information from tables, charts, bullet lists and more. Career Gym UKCAT Edition
  10. 10. Career Gym UKCAT Edition
  11. 11. UKCAT Quantitative ReasoningJust because you read something, it doesnt mean you necessarily understood it: this is what the UKCAT Verbal Reasoning tests aims to measure. Upon reading a text and a statement, youll need to decide: Is it true? Is it false? Or maybe you cannot say? Career Gym UKCAT Edition
  12. 12. Career Gym UKCAT Edition
  13. 13. Career Gym UKCAT Practice Tests With many UKCAT practice tests andsimulations, all you get is the questions and the correct answer. Thats not very helpful. CareerGym tests come equipped with detailed solutionsand explanations so you get the most out of the time spent practicing. Career Gym UKCAT Edition
  14. 14. Career Gym UKCAT Edition
  15. 15. Career Gym UKCAT Statistics So you score really high? Youre satisfied with yourself? :) Lets see how you perform againstothers and your old self. We provide statistics that show how you hold up against others and how much you improved. Career Gym UKCAT Edition
  16. 16. Career Gym UKCAT Edition
  17. 17. UKCAT EditionHundreds of Practice TestsDetailed SolutionsFREE Demo