8 Tips for managing your professional brand - Part 2 (career advice - tips and tricks - insider information - job help)


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8 Tips for managing your professional brand (Part 2), from Boston tech insider CareerEncore. We'll help you land you next ideal job. More info: http://www.CareerEncore.com

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8 Tips for managing your professional brand - Part 2 (career advice - tips and tricks - insider information - job help)

  1. 1. 8 Tips for ManagingYour Professional BrandBoston High-Tech RecruiterPresents…Connect With Us:www.CareerEncore.comRecruiter@CareerEncore.com( Part 2 of 2 )
  2. 2. Intro – Part 2• Many job seekers think their resume is the only thing to considerwhen seeking an interview• Job seekers must support their resumes’ through thedevelopment of a professional brand• Here are the final 4 of the Top 8 Essential Steps for Managingyour Professional Brand…
  3. 3. Step 5:Stay in the Loop• The best job opportunities often come through networking• DO NOT keep your job search a secret, if possible• Discuss your career plans with professionals & family members– They will casually broadcast your candidacy as they go about their days– They may know of openings that fit your goals & expertise
  4. 4. Step 5:Stay in the Loop• Choose your references with care– Provide people who can vouch for you & are relevant to the opening– If seeking a programming role, praise from a dry cleaner means far lessthan praise from a Director of Engineering• Let your references know you plan to use them– Fill them in on the position & why it’s right for you– References will have time to mentally prepare• Will not be caught off guard when the phone rings, or an email arrives
  5. 5. Step 6:Show Off Your Trophy Case• Condense achievements to convey the story you want to tell• Ask yourself:– Am I showcasing relevant skill sets & specialties?– Am I illustrating a consistent career direction?– Are these highlights timely; not outdated?– Do these highlights tell a complete story?
  6. 6. Step 6:Show Off Your Trophy Case• Numerous, unrelated accomplishments can imply a pattern ofshort-lived successes in a disjointed career– Be sure achievements relate to a handful of specialty categories• Ensure cited accomplishments tie to & are supported by…– Your resume– Your references– Your interview
  7. 7. Step 7:Don’t Dilute Your Brand• Ensure your brand is clearly identified– Make statements; NOT allusions• Don’t assume all words & phrases are universally understood.– Acronyms used in one industry may not translate to another• Verify via several sources– Terms used at your current firm may have different meanings elsewhere
  8. 8. Step 8:Be Who You Are, Not What You Do• Your brand should represent…– What you accomplished - Past– What you can do - Present– Where you intend to go - Future• You must display your overall demeanor & personality– Understanding personality is often difficult for hiring managers– One of the most subjective parts of the evaluation process• Talk about hobbies, interests, & goals as appropriate– Especially when unique, such as sky diving or searching for a rare book
  9. 9. Step 8:Be Who You Are, Not What You Do• Ask a third party to review you resume & other support materials– Are your skills & goals clear?– Do you make any contradicting claims?– Are your start/end dates, past job titles, etc., consistent?– Do you stand out as a unique & capable candidate?
  10. 10. Conclusion• Your resume is far from the only thing to consider when trying toland a new job• All job seekers must support their resume through thedevelopment of a professional brand• Applying for a job requires a significant amount of upfront work– This saves time in the long-run by increasing your odds of getting hired
  11. 11. Need a Job Search Partner?• Looking for personalized assistance finding a job?• Contact: CareerEncore, Inc.– A boutique recruiting firm serving Greater Boston-area tech companies– Seeking candidates from tech-driven companies• Regardless of functional experience• (Development, Systems, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Operations,Executive Suite, etc.)– We’re always looking for software engineers, programmers, & developers– Our commitment & experience enable us to match talent with opportunitywww.CareerEncore.comRecruiter@CareerEncore.com(617) 242-4443
  12. 12. Sources• Adapted with help from:– Michelle Stute, http://bit.ly/PohK5f– Alison Doyle, http://bit.ly/NZAjIK– Farra Trompeter, http://bit.ly/NZAq78
  13. 13. Thank You for Viewing Our PresentationBrought to You By:Boston High-Tech RecruiterConnect With Us:www.CareerEncore.comRecruiter@CareerEncore.com(617) 242-4443