Stephen Ayre CDG2012 Collaboration to show impact of training


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'Collaboration to show impact of information skills training ' - Stepen Ayres, of the George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust, spoke to the CDG National Conference in Birmingham on 18 July 2012 about how NHS Library trainers in the Midlands overcame the problem of small sample sizes in research projects by combining their research activities and aggregating results

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Stephen Ayre CDG2012 Collaboration to show impact of training

  1. 1. Collaboration to show impact ofinformation skills trainingStephen Ayre, Clinical Librarian, George Eliot HospitalNHS Trust.
  2. 2. Background: The NHS in England• Variety of organisations – Acute Hospital Trusts – Community Services – Mental Health Trusts – Commissioners – General Practice• Variety of professional groups
  3. 3. Background: Libraries in the NHS 1• 2008 Hill Report* identified four key functions of NHS Libraries: – clinical decision making – commissioning decisions and policy making – life-long learning by all NHS staff – research. *Peter Hill. Report of a National Review of NHS Health Library Services in England: From knowledge to health in the 21st Century.
  4. 4. Background: Libraries in the NHS 2• Small services – George Eliot Hospital • 4 staff • 1422 registered users • 138 users received training in 2011-2 – Derby Hospitals • 15 staff • 2384 registered users • 441 users received training in 2011-2
  5. 5. The Problem• Need to demonstrate impact…• …small sample sizes.
  6. 6. The Solution• Collaborate with other Library Services!
  7. 7. NHS Midlands Regional Trainers’Forum• Informal support network of librarians in training roles in the NHS.• West Midlands Group set up in 2009.• West and East Midlands groups joined together in 2012.• Annual conference• Project groups•
  8. 8. Training Impact Project• Aimed to devise a survey tool that could be used across several library services• Data to be collated• Questions combined from existing surveys in use by NHS libraries in Birmingham, Solihull and the Black Country and Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  9. 9. Impact of Education:Kirkpatrick Hierarchy (modified) Source: Working in Partnership Programme [11.7.2012] Crown copyright.
  10. 10. Methodology• Survey Monkey questionnaire link sent a few weeks after training (Kindly provided by NHS South Central)• Adopted as part of the impact toolkit of NHS Library Services England• Used LIS-MEDICAL Jiscmail list to recruit libraries outside West Midlands base.
  11. 11. Results• As of 6th July 2012, 392 responses from people trained by 42 NHS Library services across England• SurveyMonkey allows: – Aggregation of results – Individual organisation reports
  12. 12. Applications• Working together we have obtained more representative and robust data than if we had worked on our own.• Plan to continue to collect data and write up for publication.
  13. 13. Group membership• Stephen Ayre, George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust• Colin Engel, Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust• Trish Lacey, Dudley Primary Care Trust• Anita Phul, Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust• John Barbrook, Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust• Suzanne Toft, Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust• Paul Stevenson, Airedale NHS Foundation Trust
  14. 14. Any questions or comments?